Thursday, September 22, 2011

We the Ruled by Michael S. Rozeff ~ ("And the criminals who dominate us.")

We the Ruled by Michael S. Rozeff:

A government’s laws direct all those within its jurisdiction. They go further. They presume to "speak" for those under control: to say what is right and wrong, to say that this is what you shall do and shall not do, and to say what you may do and what you may not do. Still more, they say that this is what will be taken from you and what will be given to you.

Law-making is a great power, and we can expect that those in government are going to use it to advance their own interests. To some extent, law-makers attend to some complex mixture of our individual interests, but the reflection of what each of us wants as mirrored in the laws they produce is a highly distorted, usually unrecognizable, image. For all practical purposes, their interests are not "our" interests.

Therefore, let’s distinguish them the lawmakers from us the law-takers.

Economists speak of "price-takers". This is a person or company that, in making an exchange, is not influential enough to affect prices. I propose a similar concept in political matters. A "law-taker" is a person or company not influential enough to affect laws.

Most of us ordinary Americans are law-takers. Those who are not I call lawmake.................

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