Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kelleigh Nelson -- The Constitutional Convention Con, Part 1

Kelleigh Nelson -- The Constitutional Convention Con, Part 1:

The John Birch Society will be in attendance to present the dangers of a Constitutional Convention and what could happen to us. The JBS understands there are newly written constitutions waiting in the wings for just this opportunity.

Here is a look at one of them written over a period of 10 years at a cost of $25 million by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. It is called, The New States Constitution. It is written in an "obverse" style which means "forming a counterpart

As an example, Article I, Section 11 states, "Education shall be provided at public expense for those who meet appropriate test of eligibility." The "obverse" of this statement is just as important as the statement itself and means, "All education shall be at public expense."

In other words, all education will be government controlled and funded by taxpayer dollars, there will be no private schools that are not controlled by the federal government..................

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