Thursday, September 24, 2009


#main#main#main#main#main: "Barack Obama's own website admits he was a Citizen of Kenya! On his campaign website, 'Fight The Smears,' there is, of course, some self-serving material, and a copy of the 'Certification of Live Birth' (COLB) which Obama first gave to the far-left website, 'Daily Kos,' before publishing it on its own website. (There is a controversy regarding how and why the Obama campaign would give 'Daily Kos' the COLB before the campaign itself adopted and posted it.) This is the very 'Certification of Live Birth' that has been the subject of much controversy with some forensic experts concluding it is a fake. Regardless of its authenticity, in and of itself, a COLB proves nothing - in Hawaii, it can be issued on behalf of children born out-of-state or out-of-country.*
But, the Obama campaign website also contains the following shocking disclosure from which provides:"

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Why I Do Not Trust Glenn Beck By Devvy Kidd

THE "G" WEBLOG @N54 by R.W. "Dick" Gaines: Devvy - Why I Do Not Trust Glenn Beck By Devvy Kidd

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Devvy - Why I Do Not Trust Glenn Beck
By Devvy Kidd

Fox's $50 million dollar man.

Rupert Murdoch is a zealot for one world government. Murdoch is Beck's boss.

Formerly CNN's mouth piece.

I have actually received death threats from looney birds telling me to "lay off" Glenn. "He's the best thing Ameria has going for us."

This stems from questions I asked in my column: Thomas Paine video: falsehoods and propaganda

These are three very short video clips. Right out of Beck's own mouth:

"It took me about a year to hate the 9/11 families."

Yes, he said that and wants them to shut up.

Glenn Beck: "I hate 9/11 victims families for asking questions"


A few severe cuss words here... I wish people wouldn't do it, but they do:

From Judge Andrew Napolitano. 3:20 seconds.

Listen to Beck's take on the same issue: