Sunday, November 09, 2003


I just wanted to let folks know about this place. I helped my 80 year old father move into the Home on Capitol St, Washington, DC, this week. This is one of the least known secrets around. For 1/3 of his income, they gave him a room, all he can eat, all the medical treatment he needs, all the pharmaceuticals he needs, and even has beer vending machines placed all over the place.

There is a bowling alley, craft shop, library, huge movie theater (with first runs and classics), and anything else you may think you needed. AND, it is in DC, where there are lots of places to investigate, and browse, from Smithsonian Museums, to the National Zoo. Theater, art, politics, and most any other subjects can keep you busy for the rest of your life.

When you are no longer able to get around, they have a place for invalids, with personal care. I was impressed. To qualify for this UNDER-USED facility, you must be a retired veteran, or have spent time in a war zone. (Curious, I asked if I qualify... I have 2 years in VN, as navy reserve on active, AND QUALIFY) If you have friends in need of a good place to make new friends, this is the place.

The staff is warm, and courteous. The facility is clean. The management is fab. (A new administrator came in last year and cut the staff by 1/3, when he saw people working 4 hours a day, but getting paid for 8. The cuts made NO DIFFERENCE in services, or facility maintainance!) They take men, women, and married couples (though I do not know what happens to the survivor in the end)

They have a website at

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