Friday, November 25, 2011

Assassination studies The real assassination target in Tucson?

Assassination studies The real assassination target in Tucson?

Meet Judge John Roll
“Widely respected.” “A wise jurist.”
The US news media heaped on the praise, but was purposefully vague about who this extraordinary judge was and what he actually did.

The early and oft-repeated media claim “the judge was just in the wrong place at the wrong time” doesn’t ring true for several reasons, the most important being how the heck would they know and know so quickly?

Equally as suspicious, why did they feel the need to repeat this statement over and over again from the very beginning of the reports? Who inserted this into the news stream?

Judge Roll was an opponent of the Federal government overreaching its authority.

1. He ruled against federal imposition on states rights in gun law matters,

2. He ruled against elements of the Patriot Act (the part where federal “law enforcement agents” can seize your bank account without cause), and

3. He ruled against the newly announced FEMA Governor system in which the federal government plans to take the power of elected state Governors and put in in the hands of federally-appointed “regional” governors in the case of an “emergency.”

It’s a rare judge these days that stands up to this BS or shows any interest in the Constitution at all.

And he ended up dead in the parking lot of a Safeway Supermarket at the hands of a “lone nut” who local law enforcement allowed to run wild publicly making violent threats against employers and school administrators.

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Remove the Ineligible Obama from the New Hampshire Ballot| The Post & Email

Remove the Ineligible Obama from the New Hampshire Ballot (Col Sellin)

| The Post & Email:


.....Many of us who would normally vote Republican will not vote, if the Republican Party continues to endorse corruption in Washington, D.C. and not uphold the Constitution.

We are prepared to let Obama win, allow the present corrupt political system to collapse and rebuild the country from the bottom up according to the Constitution and the vision of the Founding Fathers, if the Republican Party refuses to speak out about Obama’s illegal Presidency and his crimes.

Many Republican elected officials have criticized my position stating that we are in a severe economic situation and should focus on removing Obama from office.

It is my contention that we can immediately remove Obama by addressing the issue of his Constitutionally illegal Presidency, his use of a Social Security Number not issued to him, his forged birth documents and his forged Selective Service registration.

Obama and his supporters have perpetrated the greatest fraud in the history of the United States.....