Friday, August 21, 2009

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Some of you folks who have been on my e-mail list and/or who have browsed my websites since about 1998 will recognize the name of Richard Keech. But most of you will not know of him.

Richard was a pre–World War Two China Marine and his unit was sent to the Philippines (from China) a few weeks prior to the fall of Corregidor. When Corregidor fell he became a prisoner of the Japanese along with many others. The remainder of WWII was spent in a POW camp in Japan. After the war, Richard returned home, went to college, married and raised a family, and became a productive citizen, as they say.

In the mid–90s, another turning point occurred in his life when he shot and killed his former son-in-law.
His daughter had divorced her husband, and he, the former husband, had been coming to Richard’s residence to visit his children. Apparently, he had a history of spousal abuse, and he ultimately got into scuffles with both his former wife and then Richard, which led to the above.
Long story short, Richard was sentenced to what amounted to life in a California state prison...