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Zbigniew Brzezinski's Enemies List

Zbigniew Brzezinski's Enemies List:

Social Justice: The former national security adviser wants to compile a list of the evil rich who don't spend their money as the left wants. It comes with the ultimate threat: We know where you live.

Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to America's worst ex-president, Jimmy Carter, has something for the angry mobs of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) to do once they're done trashing New York City's environment and demanding that those who, as Jefferson Starship sang, "built this city" pay off their student loans and otherwise support them.

They can make house calls on the rich.

On Monday, Brzezinski appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, which his daughter Mika co-hosts with Joe Scarborough.

He was there to discuss his winning the 2011 Jury Du Prix Tocqueville prize, and his daughter noted that in his acceptance speech he made a plea for what the likes of Van Jones and the loony left call "social justice."

In that speech, Brzezinski spoke of "a country of socially ominous extremes between the few super-rich and the increasingly many who are deprived."

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Patrick Henry's Warning: The Tax-gatherers on the Rampage

News Link  •  TAXES: FederalPatrick Henry's Warning: The Tax-gatherers on the Rampage
10-1702011  •  The International Libertarian 
This excerpt is from Patrick Henry's greatest speech, "Shall Liberty or Empire Be Sought?" where he argued against adoption of the Constitution. Absolutely prophetic, he knew what a strong national government would do. It is past time  
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They Still Hate Senator McCarthy

They Still Hate Senator McCarthy:

The Southern Poverty Legal Center, which might be interested in innocent Americans enduring state-sponsored sexual harassment in airports or the coercion on college campuses faced by Christian students, has found another grave danger which merits its interest — the rehabilitation of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

There is a powerful vested interest that many in America have in keeping the reputation of Senator McCarthy soiled, whatever the historical evidence shows. Supposedly, McCarthy abused his vast powers as a senator to destroy innocent reputations. Rarely do his opponents stop to consider, even in passing, the obvious facts of his career.

Raised a Roosevelt Democrat, Judge McCarthy could have avoided military service because of his office. He volunteered. Although McCarthy probably could have found a safe office job stateside, he flew missions in one of the most dangerous combat roles in the Second World War — tail gunner on a B-17.

When Joseph McCarthy returned to Wisconsin, he ran as a Republican and broke ranks with other Wisconsin politicians by actively campaigning in black neighborhoods and shaking hands with black voters.

He also supported civil rights legislation that ended de jure discrimination against blacks.....

Days Before His Death, JFK Asked CIA About UFOs

Days Before His Death, JFK Asked CIA About UFOs:
.... that he thought it wise to cooperate with the government of the Soviet Union on mutual outer space endeavors.
It is in this context, that of U.S.-Soviet relations, that Lester believes JFK’s interest was piqued.

"One of his concerns was that a lot of these UFOs were being seen over the Soviet Union and he was very concerned that the Soviets might misinterpret these UFOs as U.S. aggression, believing that it was some of our technology," Mr Lester told AOL News.

"I think this is one of the reasons why he wanted to get his hands on this information and get it away from the jurisdiction of NASA so he could say to the Soviets, “Look, that's not us, we're not doing it, we're not being provocative.'"

Despite such a plausible explanation of the president’s interest in outer space, the information revealed by the CIA in these memos has renewed interest in the so called "burned memo" that was allegedly leaked to a UFO hunter in 1999 by a CIA agent.....

Ron Paul as an Anti-communist Cold Warrior

Ron Paul as an Anti-communist Cold Warrior:

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul is most distinguishable, on the debate stage alongside fellow GOP contenders, for his opposition to the U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Libya.

The Texas Congressman advocates the withdraw of U.S. troops from not only Afghanistan and Iraq, but also elsewhere in the world, such as Germany, Japan, and South Korea.

Rep. Paul has also distinguished himself from other candidates in his consistent statements and beliefs. Unlike most other candidates, he has not flip-flopped — saying now what he has been saying for decades.

Once considered as one of 12 potential leaders of the conservative movement after the age of Reagan, according to the March 1983 issue of Conservative Digest magazine, Ron Paul is now regarded as the Godfather of the Tea Party movement.

Still, despite his popularity on the right, and among libertarians, independents, as well as disenfranchised Democrats, Paul is attacked by many due to his foreign policy stance.

The attacks come not from the Left, but rather from fellow Republicans. The insinuation is that he is weak on defense because he supposedly supports Iran’s quest to build a nuclear weapon. Congressman Alan West (R-Fla.) recently came out against Paul, saying:.....


By TERRI CARRIO on September 02nd, 2009


By TERRI CARRIO on September 02nd, 2009

This had better scare us to our knees!!

From Naval Aviator, Commander Jerry Wilson

We lived in California during the winters of 2007 and 2008. We became addicted to Fox News and watched OReilly and Hannity and Colmes every night. When we got back home, we upgraded our cable to get Fox. I watched the Presidential campaign very closely. Initially because I thought the Democrats would nominate Hillary Clinton and then in astonishment when they chose an even more hard-left candidate. All of last year I told everyone I could that Obama was not a
Democrat, he was a Marxist. He is far to the left of any European leader and even our far left party, the NDP.

I read Saul Alinsky when I was in University. I studied him and his writing carefully. When Bill Ayers and his idiot wife were bombing and killing people at random in the Weather Underground. Weather Underground and the Black Panthers were closely allied. I read David Horowitzs account of changing from a Marxist to a conservative after seeing that the government was afraid to prosecute members of the Panthers for murdering his personal assistant. He suddenly understood the evil that Marxism really was.

After the student radicals failed in creating a Marxist revolution in the United States by violent means, they embraced Alinsky. You would be wise to read Rules for Radicals because it outlines how Hillary and Obama planned to get into power, and what they intended to do when they got it.

Socialism is not the correct descriptor for what Obama and the Democrats are doing. They are going to be much more far reaching than anything Sweden has ever been able to do. Obama is following Alinskys plans, those set out in Rules for Radicals and his other writing. The Democrats are attempting to create one party rule in the U.S. and in achieving that, will create crisis after crisis by their own actions and use those crisis to nationalize the means of production in the U.S. You are in the middle of a communist revolution and few in the U.S. can actually see it for what it truly is.

Alan Stang -- Ron Paul v. Foxy News: We Reveal, You Deride

Alan Stang -- Ron Paul v. Foxy News:

We Reveal, You Deride: I am receiving heartfelt messages from some fine folks who say they were thinking of voting for Ron Paul, but now they will not because they have discovered one or another Paul position they do not share.

For just one instance, broadcaster Tucker Carlson is supposed to be a Dr. No fan. He had me fooled because recently he brought a man to a Dr. No appearance in Nevada.

The man turned out to be Dennis Hof, proprietor of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a local brothel. Hof was accompanied by two of his hookers, who apparently are still politically uncommitted, but Dennis made a substantial contribution and vowed to put a collection box outside the door of his whore house where customers can do their part for Dr. No on the way in or out.

A minor debate erupted about whether Tucker was trying to sabotage Ron or is just stupid.....

Alan Stang -- My Language is Not For Sissies

Alan Stang -- My Language is Not For Sissies:

Some forty five years ago, when I first became aware of the conspiracy for world domination, took up my sword and shield in the battle for America and sallied forth to arouse others, I discovered two kinds of prospects. Race, sex, ethnicity and education did not seem to matter. The difference between the two kinds cut through them all.

The first kind would tell me that he or she had long suspected something was wrong but couldn’t identify it. Now that I had, everything came into focus and they could.

Now they could easily predict what would happen, simply because they knew what had happened before. Even today I can still do that and mystify people, but it is so easy, so obvious, I don’t even think of it as predicting.

Indeed, from time to time I still get messages from people who say that when they first heard me talk, the shock was so great they knew I was crazy, but now that sufficient time has passed they realize that they are crazy too. One lady actually said that. “Guess what? Now I’m crazy too!”.....

Alan Stang -- The Communist Plan For Women

Alan Stang -- The Communist Plan For Women:

We have established that many of today’s women are a lot crazier than nature meant them to be, and we are searching for the reason.

Our thesis of course is that the disorder is not accidental, that it is the product of a carefully orchestrated plan. Let’s begin by looking at that plan and then comparing it to what we know is happening.

In the Manifesto of the Communist Party, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote that with the introduction of Communism, “The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course.” The authors explain that the “bourgeois claptrap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parent and child,” is “disgusting.” The Communists “desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalized, community of women.”

Why have the Communists been so hostile to the family from the beginning? Because, politically, the family is a rival center of power. Communism is totalitarian and tolerates no rivals.....

Mountain lion, house cat stare-down captured on camera

Mountain lion, house cat stare-down captured on camera:

BOULDER, Colo. -- Mountain lion encounters in Colorado aren’t exactly rare, but they don’t usually produce such great photo opportunities.

Gail Loveman, who lives in Boulder’s Pine Brook Hill neighborhood, snapped a handful of photos of a standoff involving a mountain lion and her Maine cook [sic] cat, Zeus.

It happened last Thursday evening when the cougar walked up her porch and peeked through a sliding glass door.

Don't miss the slideshow!!!: http://www.kdvr.com/news/kdvr-slideshow-mountain-lion-vs-house-cat-20111018,0,964756.photogallery

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Obama's stolen teleprompter recovered, national silence averted

Obama's stolen teleprompter recovered, national silence averted:

First, the bad news: They recovered President Obama's teleprompter.

So, anybody going to his speeches on the current Darth Vader armored bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia is still going to get the full 22-minute monty about how he's there to listen.

The Real Good Talker's top speech aide was in a truck stolen from a Richmond hotel parking lot early Monday morning and recovered in another hotel parking lot about 12 hours later.

The truck, actually belonging to the Defense Department that handles presidential communications, contained the "Now Say This" machine as well as nearly a quarter-million dollars in communications gear and the all-important presidential seal.

Anybody who's ever attended a presidential speech has noticed the seal. It's a big perk of the job. A guy with a large gun under his suit coat walks out onto the stage just before POTUS is introduced and places the seal on the front of the podium.

That way we all know for sure who is going on and on about people in Washington not listening when he isn't in Washington listening either.

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By: Alan Stang
From GyG Feb 27, 2008

I would not be at all surprised were the totalitarian monsters who presently run our government to give Jessica Lynch the Medal of Honor. They tell us that the feisty teenager fired everything she had and killed as many as she could before she was captured. So far, they haven’t told us how she acquired her curious wounds, so many broken bones including spinal injury. They haven’t told us whether the Saddamites gave her the treatment they routinely gave females they didn’t like. Remember that rape was one of the lesser reasons, after Weapons of Mass Destruction, why we needed to effect “regime change” in Iraq.

The buildup already has begun. If the totalitarians decide to do as we expect, they would use Jessica as the symbol of the new, genderless, interchangeable military; she would be perfect for the job because she is so petite and appears to be so feminine. Substantial female enlistment would thereby be encouraged, which would make it easy to include women when the military draft is resumed. Soon, we could see Jessica, rather than Uncle Sap, pointing at us from the nation’s billboards, saying, “I want you.”

So the time is right for another look at women in combat. Of course, we have had women in the military since World War II. Each branch had its own separate women’s units: the WAC, Women’s Army Corps, the SPARS, the WAVES and so on. The work these women did was crucially important, because it was work that fighting men would otherwise have had to do.

That isn’t what we are talking about; it isn’t an issue. We’re talking about women in combat.


By: Alan Stang

Regular readers of these diatribes are aware that one of the conspiracy for world government’s persistent goals is a massive reduction of the earth’s population. There are just too many people out there for the conspirators to control, so they want to eliminate some of them. The “ideal society” that results would include the few conspirators at the top and the rest of us slaves at the bottom to serve them. 

Over the years, they have concocted many spurious justifications for the purpose, including the “ecology movement,” Zero Population Growth, phony energy “shortages,” etc. That is one of the reasons the birth rate has fallen among bamboozled American women – and especially among European women – while it booms among illegal aliens.  
The idea is that there are just too many people for the planet to sustain. Indeed, the Communist UN is hawking a program called Agenda 21, which includes a scam called “sustainable development.” It means total, totalitarian control of the environment and is presently being implemented here in these united States

Mike Garbageoff is one of the conspiracy factotums assigned to supervise this program, probably because as “former” Soviet dictator and KGB boss he has hands-on experience in exterminating large groups of humans. Mike is the man with the mark of Cain on his head, who says in his book about perestroika that Communism remains his goal, from which he will never deviate. 

Debate chief raises issue of McCain’s eligibility – again! � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

Debate chief raises issue of McCain’s eligibility – again! � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL): The co-chairman of the private organization that organizes the debates between the major presidential candidates has raised the issue of Sen. John McCain‘s eligibility during the 2008 race – again.

But Frank Fahrenkopf of the Commission on President Debates, during an interview on the Fox News Channel, did not mention the numerous questions surrounding then-Sen. Barack Obama‘s qualifications for the same office

And today, a spokeswoman for the organization flatly refused to comment to WND on the dispute over Obama’s eligibility.....

FEMA Communication Takeover Test Scheduled for November 9 � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

FEMA Communication Takeover Test Scheduled for November 9 � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

FEMA, the FCC, and Homeland Security plan to commandeer the airwaves next month. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be tested at 1 PM EST on November 9. EAS alerts are transmitted over radio and television broadcast stations, cable television and other media services.

Local and state EAS components are tested weekly and monthly, but this will be the first national test of the system. It is significant that FEMA will conduct the mandatory test.

FEMA was created by executive fiat. EO 12148 was signed into law by a stroke of Jimmy Carter’s pen on July 20, 1979. FEMA is described as a federal agency designed to coordinate government response to natural disasters that overwhelm the resources of local and state authorities.

In fact, the federal agency was established as part of a martial law mechanism.

FEMA plans on suspension of the US constitution exposed during.....

The Full Alinsky

The Full Alinsky:

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, what’s going on in Washington and across the country is the Full Alinsky, brought to you by the same malcontents who have been awaiting this moment for more than 40 years. It’s been a long time wandering in the desert for the Sixties Left, but this is their moment, this is their time, as somebody or other from Punahou once said.

The Great Man himself was already there, agitating and “organizing” for two years by the time I got to Rochester, N.Y., in the fall of 1967 to attend the Eastman School of Music. His target was the Eastman Kodak Co., and his human battering rams were members of the city’s black community, which had exploded in a riot in 1964.

In the wake of the unrest, Rochester was already visibly on the slide when Alinsky got there, whipsawing both the black neighborhoods (which had largely been the old Jewish neighborhoods) and the useful idiots of the Rochester Area Council of Churches to hack away at the city’s then-prosperous business community and its WASPy leadership......

The Occupiers find their "hero" Marine

The Occupiers find their "hero" Marine:

The DUmmies and the Left Wing are all hyperventilating over this Marine Sgt., Shamar Thomas, who chastises the NYPD for "picking on" the OWS hippies.

This guy has already been on Olbermann's "show," as well as O'Donnell, and I'm sure they've thoroughly vetted him to make sure he is legit. Maybe.

It's just interesting how the only time the Commies have anything nice to say about a Marine is when he supports their anti-American activities.

Rush Limbaugh is right about Ron Paul � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

Rush Limbaugh is right about Ron Paul � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

I became a conservative because of Rush Limbaugh. In fact, only three contemporary American political figures have had a real life-changing influence on me: Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan during his presidential runs in the 1990s, and Ron Paul, for whom I remain a humble servant as his 2012 campaign’s official blogger.

But first there was Rush.

In the summer of 1992, my mother would often fold laundry in the family kitchen while listening to Limbaugh’s radio program. Regularly listening with her, usually over lunch, quickly my interest went from curiosity to ardent devotion. By the time I was 17, I considered myself a hardcore conservative, scheduling my days around Limbaugh’s program, which I would eagerly listen to for all three hours.

I devoured his books “The Way Things Ought to Be” and “See, I Told You So,” and I watched virtually every episode of his television program. When Rush appeared on the cover of Time magazine in 1995, I arrived at the store as the clerk was turning the key to get the first copy, which asked: “Is Rush Limbaugh Good for America?”..........

Mystery of the West Wing hole: Is Obama building a super-bunker under the White House?

Mystery of the West Wing hole:

Is Obama building a super-bunker under the White House?: It is a huge hole in one of the world's most famous gardens - but nobody knows what it is for.

Workmen have torn up an enormous section of the lawn in front of the White House for a mysterious, top secret project.

Official explanations have ranged from an update of the air conditioning system to something 'security' related.

But that has not stopped speculation that the President is installing something else entirely - from a swimming pool to a spa.

(Excerpt) Read more at dailymail.co.uk ...

CNN Republican Debate: Are Republicans Getting Dumber?

CNN Republican Debate: Are Republicans Getting Dumber?:

Republicans who agreed to this debate on the theory that Cooper and CNN will be on their good behavior and dispense with the junior high school-level vulgarity need to wake-up and take a look at just how liberals like Anderson Cooper make Republicans look bad.


Any Republican candidate who is smart enough to be President ought to be smart enough to see that the way to defeat Obama is to stop letting liberals like Anderson Cooper set the agenda through these debates and to get out on the stump to sell conservative policy solutions to the crisis facing our country.

(Excerpt) Read more at conservativehq.com ...

Is Herman Cain the Next Ronald Reagan?

Is Herman Cain the Next Ronald Reagan?:

Cain possesses the Reaganesque ability to “turn a phrase,” causing people to stop and think. Cain’s “9 - 9 - 9” economic plan, for example, has captured the attention of friend and foe alike. It is the economic piece de resistance plan on the campaign trail. Mitt Romney’s proposal may be more intellectually crafted, but the street-smart Cain captures the public’s attention with “9- 9 - 9.”

Americans have always liked Horatio Alger rags to riches stories as embodied by Abraham Lincoln’s rise from a log cabin to the White House.

Cain, like Reagan, offers such a story. He does not just talk the lingo of conservative economics, which Republicans dearly love, but he has lived it, working his way up by the proverbial boot-straps from an impoverished childhood to significant leadership positions in corporate America.

Reagan, of course, came from a poor family in rural, downstate Illinois, graduating from the little-known Eureka College, and then rising to Hollywood stardom and the California governorship.

(Excerpt) Read more at foxnews.com ...

Presidential hopefuls' spouses come under scrutiny

Presidential hopefuls' spouses come under scrutiny:

NEW YORK (AP) — Ann Romney is a smiling presence at her husband's side. Gloria Cain doesn't campaign at all. And Anita Perry raised eyebrows with her claim that her husband had been "brutalized" for his faith.

The wives — and one husband — of the 2012 presidential contenders are still learning to manage the unforgiving scrutiny that comes with their role. A spouse can be a priceless asset, validating and humanizing the candidate in voters' eyes. But an absent spouse can raise questions, and a provocative comment from a spouse can wound the candidate or pull him or her off message at a critical juncture.

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Administration to Obstruct Climate FOIA Request

Administration to Obstruct Climate FOIA Request:

The Obama administration is conspiring with the scandal-ridden UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cover up official correspondence and screen it from national transparency laws, according to breaking news from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).

Writing for the climate website Watts Up With That?, CEI Senior Fellow Christopher Horner (left) announced his institute has today requested records from Obama's Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) that reveal a "backchannel 'cloud' established to hide IPCC deliberations from" Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

He stated that a federal inspector general confirmed that the correspondence is subject to FOIA.

(Excerpt) Read more at thenewamerican.com ...

The Real DiLorenzo: A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview..."I'm sort of a libertarian, although Clyde Wilson would say "Jeffersonian.""

A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview: More and more, as I read about Lincoln, I realized he was a tyrant. He was all about money and power. He was the political water-carrier of the Northern big business interests. Of course, he was a centralizer.

I'm sort of a libertarian, although Clyde Wilson would say "Jeffersonian."

Jeffersonian is pretty much the same thing to me. Most people hear the word "libertarian" and think of people who advocate taking drugs, and that sort of thing. Jeffersonian is more like it.

It really struck me that the War destroyed the Jeffersonian ideal of government. I started writing a few articles about this, and turned it into this book.


Robert Taft: Misremembered Conservative | FrumForum

Many Republicans like to believe that the torch of conservatism has been passed along undimmed through the decades, and that those who now guard the sacred flame can trace their conservative lineage directly to past giants like Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and Robert Taft.

In fact, the meaning of conservatism has changed drastically with each handoff. The conservatism of Senator Taft – son of President William Howard Taft, leader of the GOP’s right wing during the ‘40s and early ‘50s, three-time unsuccessful contestant for the Republican presidential nomination – had little in common with the current version of conservatism.

Indeed, “Mr. Republican” (as Taft was widely known) likely would have failed the ideological litmus test too many Republicans now seek to apply to would-be party members.....

REAGAN On CONSERVATISM and LIBERTARIANISM…Inside Ronald Reagan – Reason Magazine

REASON: Governor Reagan, you have been quoted in the press as saying that you’re doing a lot of speaking now on behalf of the philosophy of conservatism and libertarianism. Is there a difference between the two?

REAGAN: If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals–if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories.

The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.

Now, I can’t say that I will agree with all the things that the present group who call themselves Libertarians in the sense of a party say, because I think that like in any political movement there are shades, and there are libertarians who are almost over at the point of wanting no government at all or anarchy.

I believe there are legitimate government functions. There is a legitimate need in an orderly society for some government to maintain freedom or we will have tyranny by individuals. The strongest man on the block will run the neighborhood. We have government to insure that we don’t each one of us have to carry a club to defend ourselves. But again, I stand on my statement that I think that libertarianism and conservatism are travelling the same path.

REASON: Governor, could you give us some examples of what you would consider to be proper functions of government?

REAGAN: Well,.....


Paul’s program would eliminate the Transportation Security Agency and all foreign aid, abolish five cabinet-level agencies, and freeze most mandatory spending at fiscal 2006 levels. “We get rid of five departments, and that’s a start,”

Paul’s program would eliminate the Transportation Security Agency and all foreign aid, abolish five cabinet-level agencies, and freeze most mandatory spending at fiscal 2006 levels. “We get rid of five departments, and that’s a start,” he joked in his October 17 press conference.

The Paul proposal would eliminate the Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education, but would transfer some operations — such as Pell Grants and management of national parks — to other cabinet-level agencies. Paul said he would accomplish the cuts without federal…..


Replacing Big Government with Bigger Government

Replacing Big Government with Bigger Government:

The media is on a full court press to bring Occupy Wall Street (OWS) to the fore. They are even tying Greek protests to OWS, even though the Greeks have been marching practically every day for the better part of a year.

In other countries of Europe, people have been marching as well. The prospect of changing government programs is driving European people into the streets. Clearly, the big government model hasn’t worked.

Is that what Occupy Wall Street protestors want here in the US?.....

Martial Law in America: No Longer Just a Possibility! by Gary D. Barnett

What else has to occur before the masses of bondservants in this country understand what is happening right before their very eyes? What new form of forced government bondage will finally cause them to wake up? Will Martial Law on a national scale have to be solidly in place before the sheep attempt to escape the slaughter?

Certainly, Martial Law has happened on a localized basis already; in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and most recently in the small town of King, North Carolina due simply to a snowstorm. These events, and many more I might add, should cause great concern, but only a few defenders of liberty seem to grasp the serious implications of these isolated abuses.

In January of this year, President Barrack Obama, the professed “leader” of the free world, signed Executive Order 13528.

This order, which establishes a “Council of Governors,” these appointed directly by the president, is for the expressed purpose of building a national/domestic police partnership. The opening statement of this order reads:.....

Joseph Robinette Biden to become 45th President of the United States (Obama's Teleprompter Stolen)

Joseph Robinette Biden to become 45th President of the United States (Obama's Teleprompter Stolen):

Joseph Robinette Biden will be sworn in today at noon as the 45th President of the United States. This succession follows the theft of President Obama's teleprompter.

This resulted in Obama's inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office as outlined in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

When asked about the sucession Obama was quoted as saying, "um..er..um..I..bill..pass."

CFP: Shovel Ready Means Never Ready

CFP: Shovel Ready Means Never Ready:

READER RESPONSE: Gunny G...see full article, responses, etc. @ link...

I prefer my own term, "Flush-Ready"!
It's a natural applied to politicians.

Politicians: Flush-Ready for We The People (Flush twice)!

Semper Watching!
Gunny G
aka: Dick Gaines
Posted by Gunny G

Occupy Wall Street, how it will end and mortally wound the Democrats � Coach is Right

Occupy Wall Street, how it will end and mortally wound the Democrats � Coach is Right:

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

All clever subversive plots start with a kernel of truth. The blackest of Black Ops always rests on something people can accept and relate to in order to get it up and running.

Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is no different. Of the tens of thousands of people who are camping out in the streets of our cities, some may have legitimate grievances.

Some actually have been screwed over unfairly and want the “system” to do something about it. Nevertheless, as blinded liberal true believers they don’t understand they should be marching on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave because that is the actual wellspring of their misery.

Notwithstanding the small number of actually aggrieved participants in their midst, the majority of OWS “protester” need only look in a mirror to see who they should blame for their misery. They voted for Obama and every Democrat they saw now these and we are paying for their greed stupidity and or evil intentions.

It is within this faction that the seeds of OWS’s destruction will fester like a vile boil. Those with nothing to loose will soon act out and show themselves as the new core of the Democrat Party.

By contrast.....

New Book Claims Hitler and Eva Braun Fled Berlin and Died (Divorced) of Old Age in Argentina by Rick Dewsbury, Allan Hall, and Eleanor Harding

New Book Claims Hitler and Eva Braun Fled Berlin and Died (Divorced) of Old Age in Argentina by Rick Dewsbury, Allan Hall, and Eleanor Harding:

Mr Williams said he and Mr Dunstan - an author, film-maker and photographer who specialises in military history - carried out their research on the ground in Argentina, interviewing eyewitnesses to Hitler’s presence there.

He added: ‘It’s only now that Argentina is once more a thriving democracy that the real stories are beginning to come out.

‘Even so, two of our eyewitnesses received death threats from persons unknown while working with us on this book.’

The sensational claims have already been ridiculed by historians, including Mr Walters, who has studied Nazi Germany extensively and written a series of books about the war.

He labelled the idea that Hitler lived in South America until the 1960s as the ‘worst sort of junk history’ that relied on ‘dubious secondary sources.’

Rage at Wall Street rises as its cash rains on candidates

Rage at Wall Street rises as its cash rains on candidates:

Anti-Wall Street protests are growing in number across the country and around the globe, but their political impact remains unclear and will likely depend upon their staying power.

At a minimum, the protests have become a channel for public anger over rising economic inequality and Washington's ineffectiveness.

"They are a pretty good thermometer for the level of discontent in the country," said John Green, director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron. "But the connection between Republicans and Wall Street and the banks will surely be an election issue next year."

Romney used to run Bain Capital, a private-equity firm that bought and sold businesses. Wall Street's largesse might say as much about its comfort level with the possibility of having a former financial-industry colleague in the Oval Office as it does about the sluggish economy and concerns over Obama's policies.

(Excerpt) Read more at twincities.com ...

If the Tea Parties Were Any Good They'd back Ron Paul, says Jack Kerwick.

If the Tea Parties Were Any Good
They'd back Ron Paul, says Jack Kerwick.

Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!


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Ron Paul – Government Is not a Business � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

Ron Paul – Government Is not a Business
October 18, 2011 Gunny G

Ron Paul – Government Is not a Business

US Army to fly 'kamikaze' drones

US Army to fly 'kamikaze' drones:

A miniature "kamikaze" drone designed to quietly hover in the sky before dive-bombing and slamming into a human target will soon be part of the US Army's arsenal, officials say.

Dubbed the "Switchblade," the robotic aircraft represents the latest attempt by the United States to refine how it takes out suspected militants.

Weighing less than two kilos, the drone is small enough to fit into a soldier's backpack and is launched from a tube, with wings quickly folding out as it soars into the air, according to manufacturer AeroVironment.

Powered by a small electric motor, the Switchblade transmits video in real time from overhead, allowing a soldier to identify an enemy, the company said in a press release last month.

"Upon confirming the target using the live video feed, the operator then sends a command to the air vehicle to arm it and lock its trajectory onto the target," it said.

The drone then flies into the "target," detonating a small explosive.

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Today's Toons 10/18/11

Today's Toons 10/18/11: Today's Toons 10/18/11
GOP Briefing Room ^ | 10/18/11 | pookie18

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 4:30:34 AM by pookie18

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Obama's podium, teleprompter and audio equipment stolen!

Obama's podium, teleprompter and audio equipment stolen!: Obama's podium, teleprompter and audio equipment stolen!
NBC12 ^ | 10-18-11 | NBC12

Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 6:23:17 AM by Average Al

Wizard of WH exposed