Tuesday, October 18, 2011

They Still Hate Senator McCarthy

They Still Hate Senator McCarthy:

The Southern Poverty Legal Center, which might be interested in innocent Americans enduring state-sponsored sexual harassment in airports or the coercion on college campuses faced by Christian students, has found another grave danger which merits its interest — the rehabilitation of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

There is a powerful vested interest that many in America have in keeping the reputation of Senator McCarthy soiled, whatever the historical evidence shows. Supposedly, McCarthy abused his vast powers as a senator to destroy innocent reputations. Rarely do his opponents stop to consider, even in passing, the obvious facts of his career.

Raised a Roosevelt Democrat, Judge McCarthy could have avoided military service because of his office. He volunteered. Although McCarthy probably could have found a safe office job stateside, he flew missions in one of the most dangerous combat roles in the Second World War — tail gunner on a B-17.

When Joseph McCarthy returned to Wisconsin, he ran as a Republican and broke ranks with other Wisconsin politicians by actively campaigning in black neighborhoods and shaking hands with black voters.

He also supported civil rights legislation that ended de jure discrimination against blacks.....

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