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How Unique Is Your Web Browser? (You're being tracked based on how unique your browser settings are)

How Unique Is Your Web Browser? (You're being tracked based on how unique your browser settings are):

"Abstract. We investigate the degree to which modern web browsers are subject to 'device fingerprinting' via the version and con figurtion information that they will transmit to websites upon request. We implemented one possible fingerprinting algorithm, and collected these fingerprints from a large sample of browsers that visited our test site,

We observe that the distribution of our fingerprint contains at least 18.1 bits of entropy, meaning that if we pick a browser at random, at best we expect that only one in 286,777 other browsers will share its fingerprint. Among browsers that support Flash or Java, the situation is worse, with the average browser carrying at least 18.8 bits of identifying information. 94.2% of browsers with Flash or Java were unique in our sample.

By observing returning visitors, we estimate how rapidly browser fi ngerprints might change over time. In our sample, fingerprints changed quite rapidly, but even a simple heuristic was usually able to guess when a figerprint was an 'upgraded' version of a previously observed browser's fingerprint, with 99.1% of guesses correct and a false positive rate of only 0.86%.

We discuss what privacy threat browser fingerprinting poses in practice, and what countermeasures may be appropriate to prevent it."

Drudge Drives TSA Controversy To Viral Status

Drudge Drives TSA Controversy To Viral Status:

"Much to the chagrin of the establishment media, Matt Drudge is still the king of Internet news, a title proven once again by Drudge’s ability to single-handedly drive the TSA controversy to the heights of viral success.

When the New York Times reported that “is now more powerful in driving news than the half-billion folks on Facebook,” it may have been done through gritted teeth. Many people have tried to dethrone Drudge from the top of the perch by word of mouth alone, claiming that he no longer holds sway in an increasingly populated news arena – and that many people have been proven wrong time and time again.

The latest example is illustrated by this morning’s’s What’s Hot section, which ranks the most popular news stories that are generating the most traffic across the entire world wide web.

Appearing second on the list behind only"

James Arness: Last Western Hero Dies, 88

James Arness: Last Western Hero Dies, 88:

"The fact is, ' Arness' and John Wayne could entertain us without sex, vulgarity or extreme visual violence. They still helped us to use imagination. Westerns today depend on sex, vulgarity and extreme visual violence for viewers to tune in or pay for a ticket.

Encore Western Channel and TV Land still play reruns of the 'Gunsmoke' series. On the official James Arness website, Jim was extremely pleased that it was still running."

The Right to be Wrong| The Post & Email

The Right to be Wrong| The Post & Email:

"ONE HUNDRED MILLION people in the last century is irrelevant to those dedicated souls who always want one more chance to prove that they are the best and brightest. These lunatics believe that the problem isn’t the system itself, but that the people implementing it haven’t done so correctly. It is this human failure that has led to the killing fields, the mass starvation, the Nazi genocide, etc, not communism itself. When Marxist in Chief Barack Obama said “We are the ones we have been waiting for!” it wasn’t some empty-headed slogan as most conservatives made it out to be.

It was the self-absorbed, arrogant ranting of a mad man that at long last the revolution would succeed because he and his drones are the ones who will get it right. This time there won’t be any death camps and no need for authoritarianism on mass scale. Just sunshine and lollipops!

Pay no attention, slave, to the FEMA camps and the new “American” Gestapo.

But let’s get real for a moment. Marxism always fails because"

Tucson Murders and the Modern American Political Culture by William L. Anderson

Tucson Murders and the Modern American Political Culture by William L. Anderson:

"Men like Ron Paul, who speak out against this evil are vilified in the press and marginalized even by their own political parties. Conversely, the CIA sends out death squads around the globe and the former 'civil libertarians' who condemned such actions suddenly find them necessary because Barack Obama is in the White House and must be supported no matter what atrocities he commits.

The government goes on rampages to destroy productive entrepreneurs while spending hundreds of billions of dollars to promote political entrepreneurship and to prop up failed – but politically-connected – enterprises.

No decent society can survive this kind of multi-pronged assault. A political culture that holds up Clarence Dupnik as an example of 'goodness' and 'civility' is a political culture at war with the truth. When a good and decent man like Ron Paul is vilified and that same political culture praises Clarence Dupnik, who supports what at this time sure looks like a cold-blooded execution of a man not charged with any crime, then we have to understand that America the Decent no longer exists. America has decent people, but they increasingly are being overwhelmed by the Dupniks and others who see killing of innocents as a legitimate political tool."

Black teens pull gun over woman in Confederate flag bikini | JAMES EDWARDS

Black teens pull gun over woman in Confederate flag bikini | JAMES EDWARDS:

"According to a report filed with the Rock Hill Police Department, 20-year-old Christopher Gainey reported the incident to police on Sunday around 7 p.m.

Gainey told police he was with friends at a pool party at 1807 Paces Rivera Avenue when a group of black teenage males approached.

Gainey told officers the men began calling the group in the pool “racists because a female in his group had a bikini depicting a ‘stars and bars rebel flag.’”

The report states the men surrounded Gainey “causing him to stand up believing that they were about to fight him.” One of the men in the group allegedly pulled out a weapon described in the report as a “very small semi-automatic pistol.” Gainey told officers the"

But He's Our Imperial President! | Gene Healy | Cato Institute: Commentary

But He's Our Imperial President! | Gene Healy | Cato Institute: Commentary:

"On Tuesday, we examined the vast powers President Obama wields abroad; on Wednesday, we looked at how he's turned the Imperial Presidency inward, extending executive control over the private sector. Let's recap:

Abroad, Obama claims the power to start wars at will; scoop up your email and phone records without answering to a judge; assassinate you via drone strike far from any battlefield, and — should your relatives complain — keep the whole thing secret in the name of national security.

At home, Obama has summarily fired the CEO of General Motors, America's largest automaker; flouted bankruptcy law to shaft Chrysler's creditors and pay off his union allies; pressured half-nationalized car companies to produce pokey little electric cars, had his National Labor Relations Board assert veto power over a private company's decision to move a factory to a 'right to work' state; and, via imperial edict, began restructuring the industrial economy by imposing restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions despite Congress' refusal to pass cap-and-trade legislation.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that the presidency was supposed to be a constitutionally limited office."

Donald Trump Spotlights Media Bias Favoring Obama

Donald Trump Spotlights Media Bias Favoring Obama:

"Donald Trump continued to dig into Barack Obama during his appearance at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's conference Friday, pointing to a major media bias when it comes to coverage of the president's mistakes.

He also called attention to Obama's gaffs during his visit with Britain's royal family.

'I watched the news the next day and they're saying, 'Isn't that cute?' 'Isn't that wonderful?' 'Oh that was so funny when he said that;' 'oh, oh, he's so smart;' 'It was so funny,'' Trump observed.

He summed, 'That's part of ... the problem that the Republicans are going to have. Nobody is protected [in the press] like Barack Hussein Obama.'

Trump called for new leadership in the White House and said, 'If we have the right leadership this country can be great again.'"

The Boycott Is On! | ATLAH Media Network

The Boycott Is On! | ATLAH Media Network:

"The Boycott Is On!"

Judge Rules Not to Dismiss FOIA Lawsuit Filed over Obama’s Social Security Number | The Post & Email

Judge Rules Not to Dismiss FOIA Lawsuit Filed over Obama’s Social Security Number | The Post & Email:

"The Post & Email was contacted earlier today by Attorney Orly Taitz, who stated the following regarding her lawsuit, Taitz v. Astrue:

The judge did not dismiss my case against the Social Security Administration as the U.S. attorneys wanted, and he therefore ordered that the case will go on.

Also, the Department of Justice had asked to seal all of my pleadings because they contained the social security number which Obama has been using, but Judge Royce Lamberth ordered that I simply refile it, redacting the number, because it has already been out there. They wanted my complaints and my first amended complaint sealed, but Judge Lamberth said it could be refiled.

The Post & Email then asked if Lamberth’s decision took the place of the default judgment which Taitz had requested in May based on the government’s failure to respond within 30 days, and she said that"

Grand Finale: Presidential Eligibility| The Post & Email

Grand Finale: Presidential Eligibility| The Post & Email:

"The following is the conclusion of Joseph DeMaio’s analysis and exposure of the language contained in two memos issued by Atty. Jack Maskell of the Congressional Research Service, apparently prepared with the specific intent of justifying Barack Hussein Obama’s occupation of the White House while failing to meet the constitutional requirement of Article II, Section 1, clause 5 as a “natural born Citizen.”

Both “CRS Memos” discussed previously in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series attempt to define a “natural born Citizen” as one simply born on U.S. soil while obfuscating information which would have made the arguments presented therein moot due to Obama’s foreign father, and, later, his release of what he purported to be a certified copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate.

In CRS Memo 1, Maskell contends that"

Obama’s ineligibility: Picking up the pieces after political Armageddon ~ "It is becoming increasingly likely that Barack Hussein Obama will be forced to resign the Presidency before the 2012 election."

Obama’s ineligibility: Picking up the pieces after political Armageddon:

"It is becoming increasingly likely that Barack Hussein Obama will be forced to resign the Presidency before the 2012 election.

Vice President Biden will also be obliged to resign, as will Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor and Kagan.

All Obama’s appointments and all the legislation he has signed will be null and void.

The crisis we now face is not a failure of the American experiment, but, as citizens, we have, for far too long, been silent and inattentive.

Most of the guilt lies with a permanent political class and a grossly dysfunctional press corps, who, for reasons of complicity, negligence, avarice or cowardice, have contributed to the greatest fraud in the history of the United States.

The permanent political class and the main stream media (MSM) have become a corrupt, incompetent, profligate, selfish and undemocratic American aristocracy.

Even if one considers the Obama Administration as legitimate, which it is certainly not, the results have been a disaster."

Dithering and Caving

Dithering and Caving:

"How did it come about that Congress got so overloaded with Republicans who want to bend over backwards to accommodate a “president” who hates America, and tramples on the Constitution on a daily basis?

It appears they are going to allow the debt ceiling to be raised with only minor cuts in spending, if that. This at a time when what is left of our economy is about to finish the collapse the Democrats have worked so hard to bring about. Our Republican “leadership” can’t choose between dithering or caving. Oh, the tough choices! No wonder they pay themselves four times what the average American makes – plus expenses!

However, so as not to appear to be obsessed with the economy, they also have shown that they can dither and cave on foreign policy, too. It’s truly pathetic when"

June 4, 1914 Dedication of Arlington Monument

June 4, 1914 Dedication of Arlington Monument:

"Let me tell you of the Arlington National Cemetery where this nation honored the men who fought for the Confederacy, the Union and those men and women who fought our nations’ wars since the War Between the States.

Did you know there are 245,000 service men and women, including their families, buried at Arlington?

The world famous Arlington National Cemetery is located in the shadow of the Custis-Lee Mansion (Arlington House) that was home to General Robert E. Lee and family until 1861 at the beginning of the War Between the States. This cemetery is on the Virginia side of the Potomac River across from the nation’s capital.

In 1864, Union soldiers were first buried here and by the end of the war the number rose to 16,000."

Eunuchs of the fourth estate: Sarah Palin and the press

Eunuchs of the fourth estate: Sarah Palin and the press:

"When did the media become a bunch of girly men?

The latest dispatch from Sarah Palin’s Magical Mystery Tour reveals that our tough media are a bunch of pansies who get the vapors when a bus goes ten miles over the speed limit. Politico recently reported that Sarah Palin’s bus is “a rolling menace.”

The evidence? Palin’s bus went 52 mph in a 35 mph zone. That’s, um, 17 mph over the limit. Also, they “flew right past a flashing sign informing them they were going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone.” They also ran a couple red lights as they were pulling into New York. Oh, and they did 70 on I-95. Journalists, reports Politico, describe the experience as “harrowing.”

This is a joke, right? My 80-year-old mother, when her neuropathy isn’t acting up, does 70 on I-95.

Over the last few decades, there has been a slow sea change in the media. In the old days of Hemingway, Mencken, Halberstam and Hunter Thompson, journalists were people who risked their lives. They drank too much. They were beaten up by life as part of their jobs. They sped and ran red lights. Hunter Thompson got his ass kicked by the Hell’s Angels, whom he was covering."

VIDEO: Woman Screams For Help After TSA Molestation

VIDEO: Woman Screams For Help After TSA Molestation:

"Video of an incident recorded over the memorial weekend at Sky Harbor International in Phoenix, AZ, documents how the TSA deal with people who are traumatized by grossly invasive enhanced pat downs.

After a woman refused to go through a full body scanner she was pulled aside and made to undergo the pat down procedure. When the TSA agent touched the woman’s breasts, she broke down into tears and screamed for a police officer.

When police officers arrived on the scene"

Why Oath Keepers Is Dangerous

Why Oath Keepers Is Dangerous:

"Whenever any government in any country is taken over by lawless and power mad traitors they naturally demonize the people and the defenders of individuals freedoms as “terrorists,” and “extremists” to divide and rule the nation.

This is the case in America today, where armed agents of the state have been brainwashed to be on the lookout for “domestic terrorists” and “right wing extremists” in the guise of groups like the Oath Keepers.

The Oath Keepers is a non-partisan, apolitical group of current soldiers, veterans, fire fighters, and police officers who have pledged to honor their oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and disobey officials orders that are clearly in violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Oath Keepers is considered"

An Agent Of The King In Every Home

An Agent Of The King In Every Home:

"The legal concept of citizen privacy from government intrusion is unfortunately a very new one in the long strides of human history. The idea that government can be limited, or restricted in its powers by the people, and that certain realms of life can and should be off-limits to the prying eyes of bureaucracy, is rarely applied in any culture of any era.

This is because most civilizations have been founded and ruled upon the principles of military dominance. There was no separation between the government and the armies it fashioned; the government WAS the military. That is to say, martial law was a way of life for society, privacy was a foolish dream, and daring to contest the fact usually led to one’s death.

The Magna Carta of 1215, which King John was"

Gunny G: Ya Think There Might Be Any More Colonel Jessups USMC Out There?

Gunny G: Ya Think There Might Be Any More Colonel Jessups USMC Out There?

1 Votes

The Damn Few
A Few Good Men


“You can’t handle the truth. Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives.

� The War in Libya Growing More Illegal by the Day :����� Information Clearing House: ICH

� The War in Libya Growing More Illegal by the Day
Information Clearing House: ICH:
"The War in Libya Growing More Illegal by the Day

By Glenn Greenwald

June 02, 2011 'Salon' -- To the extent that the War Powers Resolution (WPR) authorized President Obama to fight a war in Libya for 60 days without Congressional approval -- and, for reasons I described here, it did not -- that 60-day period expired 12 days ago. Since that date, the war has been unquestionably illegal even under the original justifications of Obama defenders, though I realize that objecting to 'illegal wars' -- or wars generally -- is so very 2005. After making clear that they intended to contrive 'some plausible theory' to justify this illegal war, the White House finally settled on the claim that the war in Libya -- despite featuring substantial U.S. military action with the goal of destroying a foreign army and removing that nation's leader -- is too small and limited to be a real 'war' under the Constitution and the WPR."

�An Open Letter to the Troops:� You’re Not Defending Our Freedoms:����� Information Clearing House: ICH

�An Open Letter to the Troops:� You’re Not Defending Our Freedoms:

Information Clearing House: ICH: "Memorial Day — some people asserted, once again, that you are “defending our freedoms” overseas.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Those people are just repeating tired old mantras. The reality is that you are not defending our freedoms with your actions overseas. In fact, it is the exact opposite. Your actions overseas are placing our freedoms here at home in ever-greater jeopardy.

Consider your occupation of Iraq, a country that, as you know, never attacked the United States, making it the defender in the war and the United States the aggressor. Think about that: Every single person that the troops have killed, maimed, or tortured in Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks.

Yet, the countless"

Reaction to Memorial Day Comment Surprises President

Reaction to Memorial Day Comment Surprises President:

"“A lot of people around the world have been abused by American troops,” Obama asserted. “They don’t think American fighting forces are in the least bit ‘fine.’ I put this criticism aside for one day and I get grief. You just can’t please some people.”

“Of course, from a historical perspective, one must acknowledge the achievements of other fighting forces—some of which dwarf anything U.S. troops have accomplished,” the President added. “To cite one example, the Mongols under Genghis Khan were able to conquer Asia, killing an estimated 40 million using only primitive weapons. Better armed American forces haven’t come close to duplicating this feat. And let’s not forget that American troops got whipped by the Viet Cong. On balance, I think I was being generous in my praise.”

read more..."

I’m Willing To Die To Expose That Devil Obama | ATLAH Media Network

I’m Willing To Die To Expose That Devil Obama | ATLAH Media Network:

"I’m Willing To Die To Expose That Devil Obama

Posted on 01 June 2011. Tags: ATLAH, Barack, David, Devil, Die, Expose, Hussein, James, Manning, obama, Pastor
I’m Willing To Die To Expose That Devil Obama

The Honorable James David Manning is willing to die to stop Barack Obama. This message was preached on 14 June 2008. Follow us on twitter Connect with us on Facebook"

Trust or Lust | ATLAH Media Network

Trust or Lust | ATLAH Media Network: "Trust or Lust"

Whatever Happened to the Spare Tire? by Eric Peters

Whatever Happened to the Spare Tire? by Eric Peters:

"Most cars (note: passenger cars, not just big trucks and SUVs) used to come with a full-sized spare tire.

What happened to them? And why?

Two thing led to the near-abandonment of the once-common full-size spare tire:

First, cars got smaller. A 1973 Nova – considered a “compact” when it was new – would be classified as at least a mid-sized, if not full-sized car, by modern car standards. Today’s compact is a car like the Toyota Corolla – a much smaller car, overall. And it has a much smaller trunk. A full-size spare would eat up most of the available space, which is the main reason why cars like the Corolla don’t come with full-size spares anymore.

Even “mid-sized” cars today have fairly small trunks by the standards of what was commonplace a few decades ago.

Meanwhile, wheels and tires have gotten a lot bigger."

Another TSA Crime: Word Disfiguration by Ira Katz

Another TSA Crime: Word Disfiguration by Ira Katz:

"Virtually every minute of every day the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is committing the serious crimes of arbitrary search and seizure (a hunt by law enforcement officials for property or communications believed to be evidence of crime, and the act of taking possession of this property) and assault (an act that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent, harmful, or offensive contact). I contend every minute because international airports that have flights to the US have also been forced to implement TSA procedures. For me, an expat living in France, the formerly cheerful anticipation flying back home is now perceived with dread. My recent trip through the Dallas, Denver and Orlando airports was typically awful, but with what I found to be another crime. In the spirit of Betty Akers I will describe what transpired below."

Constitution Worship Revisited: I’m Still Fed Up! by Gary D. Barnett

Constitution Worship Revisited:

I’m Still Fed Up! by Gary D. Barnett: "Last year I wrote an article titled 'I'm Fed Up With Constitution Worship!' Since that time it seems, I hear more and more every day about 'getting back to the constitution,' mainly from 'conservatives' and those of the Tea Party persuasion. I always wonder not only have any of these people ever read and studied the constitution, but also do they even understand why it was secretly drafted in the first place? All indications show that they aren’t at all familiar with the enabling power of that document to create a strong central governing system that reduced severely the sovereignty of the states.

I have this contrarian view not because I am cynical or pessimistic, but because I have thoroughly studied this set of rules or 'law of the land,' and found them to be antagonist to individual liberty and state’s rights, and sympathetic to big government. W"

Scrupulosity and the Condemnation of Every Existing Business by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Scrupulosity and the Condemnation of Every Existing Business by Jeffrey A. Tucker:

"There’s a growing moral scrupulosity going on in libertarian land, to the point that every really existing business is closely examined for any hint of state involvement (sin!), even when one stage removed (sin!), and then, upon discovery, condemned to hell has yet another example of the terrible things that the state does to the world. How does this work? If you defend WalMart – an amazing company that provides for the world – the scrupulous will cite how it thrives off public road access. Speak about the glories of personal computers, and the scrupulous will point to the vast sales to public schools. Nike has a factory in a foreign land where the World Bank had some involvement and so therefore not even my shoes are creatures of the market; they too are stained with sin."

As hard as they may try, they are not going to silence Edgar J. Steele...

(Preface by Cyndi Steele.  June 1, 2011)

June 1, 2011 - Installment #1 : "Seeing Is Disbelieving"
As hard as they may try, they are not going to silence Edgar J. Steele
Yes, our hopes for justice might have been crushed, temporarily, with the tragedy of my husband’s, Edgar J. Steele, unjust conviction. For his children and I it, has been devastating. In a time when the government has proven itself corrupt, especially in targeting and attacking the innocent who are outspoken, now it touts as a victory, silencing this innocent man who stood up for Freedom of Speech in our once great nation; a nation that is now known as “Amerika: the land of a captive people and home to government cowards”.

Laurie Roth - Neither America or Israel are on their way out

Laurie Roth - Neither America or Israel are on their way out: "Let’s look at growing attitudes

I have talked with too many the last few years who have resigned, who believe America is done, under judgment and on her way out. We deserve to die and be punished, God is ‘getting us’ now. “Occupying” Israel also deserves to be punished and pulled back even more because of her radical cruelty toward the suffering Palestinians. Evil Jews!

What is the truth

America and Israel are under serious attacks, but neither will die or be destroyed. God is getting America’s attention and allowed us to pick an evil leader who has hurt us, but, this has awakened the distracted, sleeping giant. 100 million Tea party people later, folks are waking up to the critical, constitutional priorities and freedom again. We know that Obama and progressive Democrats are wrong for America and must go."

Tucson Murders and the Modern American Political Culture by William L. Anderson

Tucson Murders and the Modern American Political Culture by William L. Anderson:

"When a mentally unstable man murdered six people and severely wounded Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in Tucson, Arizona, last January, Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was quick to blame Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle for the shootings, and others like Paul Krugman also claimed that it was a political shooting orchestrated by the Right. Not surprisingly, Dupnik was the darling of the Left, as he claimed that the 'lack of civility' from non-leftists.

Four months later, Dupnik’s SWAT charges gunned down Jose Guerena as they barged into his house. Guerena allegedly was holding an AR 15 (with the safety still on), and as the video in this article shows, Dupnik’s employees wasted no ammunition, firing more than 60 shots in a few seconds. Guerena was still alive when paramedics arrived, but Dupnik’s ambassadors for 'civility' would not let them tend the wounded man until he was dead.

The reaction of the sheriff is most instructive. In the January incident, he openly blamed people who were not responsible for the killings; in May he denied that his office shared any blame at all in the killing of Guerena even though they fired the bullets. Guerena, according to Mr. 'Civility,' totally was at fault, as Pima County SWAT officers did nothing wrong."

Let's Finally Dispense With 'Hero' Nonsense by Steven Greenhut

Let's Finally Dispense With 'Hero' Nonsense by Steven Greenhut:

"Not only did Alameda firefighters and police stand around, watch and do nothing as a suicidal man, Raymond Zack, spent an hour in the San Francisco Bay, neck deep in water, they didn’t even go into the water to retrieve his lifeless body after he died. They left that work to a bystander. To make this incident even more infuriating, police and fire officials defended the inactions of their employees and blamed budget cuts and city policy for this inhumane behavior by those who often claim to be selfless protectors of the public.

At least we can dispense with all the hero nonsense from public safety 'first responders' who use the hero card whenever they are negotiating for higher pay, better pensions and other bigger budget items. When it comes time to actually act like heroes, they often act like bureaucrats. Certainly, as a deadly fire in San Francisco Thursday that claimed the life of at least one firefighter shows, these jobs can be dangerous (although they don't come near the top of the most-dangerous-jobs list). But the Alameda tragedy is an increasingly common situation as officials put their own safety, comfort and bureaucratic priorities above everything else."

God, civil disobedience and revolution

God, civil disobedience and revolution:

"The news this week was more than bleak. The economy remains in a tailspin and is getting worse; the Middle East remains highly unstable, creating the prospect of a meltdown if oil fields are taken over or destroyed by hostile interests; Germany, our strongest ally in Western Europe, has decided to end nuclear power as an overreaction to the Japan disaster, setting off an eventual energy shortage worldwide; and our nation is governed at the top by a president who not only has no clue how to rule, but who at heart sympathizes with radical Muslims who hate Jews and Christians – which, at least at present, remain the mainstay of our population and cultural base.

There is a sinking unsettling feeling in the air. Any moment I have the impression that the proverbial shoe could drop; one major catastrophic event could create a worldwide economic, social and political collapse. We are hanging by a thread, and the clock is ticking at the midnight hour.

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Veteran Status Debate

Veteran Status Debate:

"Yesterday, the local morning conservative talk show host brought up a question about the status of veterans. He said that words mean things and he's right.

The issue was the Stolen Valor Act (which I disagree with, believe it or not) and whether veterans that never served in Vietnam, but served in the military during the Vietnam War, can be called 'Vietnam Veterans.'"

The Obama Theater Of The Absurd

The Obama Theater Of The Absurd: "To better understand Obama's apparent madness in dealing with the absurd, we must first study concepts that sane rational men rarely consider.

His economic theory denotes nihilism, an extreme radical philosophy or attitude that rejects all traditional and moral values by destroying all prevailing systems in a revolutionary force of action. Dadaism evolved from the nihilism and came to mean anti-rules or total freedom from the restraint of traditions and rational thought. Dadaism was eventually subsumed by surrealism, but its effects have been evident in art and literature up to this time. No one expected to ever see its presence in American politics, especially in the highest office.

The surrealist attempts to express the workings of the unconscious mind and synthesize them with the conscious mind. He wants to delve into an area that is liberated from logic and reason; thus in this state beyond realism, a new knowledge of enlightenment awaits to be discovered.

Obama is providing hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to countries he is borrowing from, according a recent report by Congress's research arm."

SWAT: We said, 'Open up' at least twice

SWAT: We said, 'Open up' at least twice: "The SWAT officers who shot and killed a man while serving a search warrant last month gave at least two commands for someone to open the door before knocking it open, according to documents released Friday.

The officers told investigators that, upon opening the door, they saw a man appear in the hallway holding a rifle before they saw what they thought were muzzle flashes from his gun.

It was later determined Jose Guerena's rifle was on safety and he didn't fire at the officers.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department released hundreds of evidence photos and transcribed interviews with the SWAT officers who fired at Guerena during the raid on his home May 5.

The photos show the interior of Guerena's home - its walls painted a dark gray - and evidence collected at his home and three others searched that day. The photos show guns, ammunition, vehicles, cash, documents, cellphones and other items found at the homes or in the vehicles.

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Why I Don’t Like Sarah Palin Anymore | ATLAH Media Network

Why I Don’t Like Sarah Palin Anymore | ATLAH Media Network: "Why I Don’t Like Sarah Palin Anymore"

I’m Willing To Die To Expose That Devil Obama | ATLAH Media Network

I’m Willing To Die To Expose That Devil Obama | ATLAH Media Network: "I’m Willing To Die To Expose That Devil Obama"