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Devvy Kidd -- Columnist, American, Patriot

"The Israeli government slaughtered 34 Americans with malice and intent. To this day, they refuse to apologize to families of the dead, the injured and the American people.

How many more lies?

Israeli Pilot Speaks Up

'Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role.

According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack.

He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.'"

The Impeachable President| The Post & Email

The Impeachable President| The Post & Email:
"by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Is it treason when the U.S. Constitution is not upheld by those entrusted to do so?

(May 27, 2011) — The next president of the United States, the 44th (sorry, the Obama clown is not the 44th LEGAL president), if he does the job the way it should be done, which is to protect and defend the Constitution and, consequently, you and me, will be impeached.

But don’t go away sad, or mad; hear me out. This person will, by doing an exemplary job, really make a lot of powerful people ticked off which will, eventually, lead to impeachment proceedings. So what? The next president will resign as soon as the Constitution is restored anyway.

After all, being the President has to be the world’s number one thankless job.

You say “What?” and I couldn’t agree with you more. You see, at this time in the life of our Constitution, we have no time, nor patience, for a politician to “wheel and deal” with the opposition.

Before now, it was fun and games, sometimes referred to as “politics as usual.” But nowadays, it’s not “usual to trash the Constitution,” is it?"
Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!

Gunny G: BLOGGER 1984 +



FBI Steps Up Harassment of Political Activists � ~ BLOGGER.1984.GUNNY.G ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

FBI Steps Up Harassment of Political Activists � ~ BLOGGER.1984.GUNNY.G ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

"Under COINTELPRO, the FBI illegally entered and trashed homes and offices, arrested countless activists, sent libelous letters to the media and employers, falsely prosecuted and withheld information in trials, and engaged in violence and assassination against the government’s political enemies. From 1943 until 1963 the FBI paid an estimated 1,600 informants $1,680,592 and used 20,000 days of wiretaps to undermine legitimate and entirely legal political organizing

(see America’s Secret Police).

Laws enacted after the attacks of September 11, 2011, are not designed to protect us from cave-dwelling Muslims, as we are repeatedly told. The high-tech police state now going into place around us is designed to prevent political resistance to a tyrannical state.

FBI Steps Up Harassment of Political Activists 150709banner2

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via FBI Steps Up Harassment of Political Activists."

A Country I Do Not Recognize

A Country I Do Not Recognize:

"Of all the manifold aspects of cultural decay, one of the most difficult to recognize is the corruption of constitutional law. When one thinks of the Supreme Court, or even of the judiciary overall, the image that comes to mind is a procession of old, graying men in black robes, blowing their noses into crusty handkerchiefs as they read dusty legal tomes.

They sit on their lofty benches, refusing to budge from ancient precedent and the letter of the law. Humorless curmudgeons, they are capable of mercy only if the accused implores them, crying his eyes out in the process.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The persistence of this myth is one of the reasons why so much of the population is unaware that the Supreme Court has systematically raped the Anglo-American legal tradition as expressed in the Constitution.

The Court, along with its enablers in the government, the media, and the law schools, has helped pave the way for the politically-correct, socialist nightmare that is now staring us in the face."..................

Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!

Gunny G: BLOGGER 1984 +



Heads Up! The Way You Are Sleeping May Be Killing You

Heads Up! The Way You Are Sleeping May Be Killing You:

"Every one of us has a mysterious double life. For about two thirds of the time we are conscious beings, thinking about the world within and without, and negotiating our ways through the obstacles of life. For the other one third of the time we are nearly lifeless lumps of flesh, unconscious to everything but our own fantasies, as we lie flat in bed asleep. We all know that sleep is important for health. But for an activity that consumes about 8 hours of everyday of life, surprisingly little is thought about the act of sleeping, or the way our culture teaches us to sleep. Sleep behavior, like all human activities, is defined by our culture.

Sometimes, the practices taught by our culture can impact on the way our bodies function. As medical anthropologists, we research ways our cultural practices may be affecting our health. And we have found that the way we have been trained to sleep may be one of the most important causes of various diseases plaguing our society.

Of course, when you consider the culture of sleeping, it includes such isues as the length of time to sleep, and time of day for sleep. Do you take frequent naps or do you sleep 8 hours straight? Do you sleep at night or during the day?"...........................


The Court of Last Resort

The Court of Last Resort:

"Clearly and simply the tenth amendment limits the powers of the Federal Government to only those powers delegated in The Constitution and reserves all others to the States and the People. However, for over a Century the Federal Government has been expanding its power at an alarming and ever increasing pace until now there is absolutely no resemblance between what exists in Washington today, and what was set forth in The Constitution by the founding fathers. In its expansion the Federal government has encroached upon and literally seized powers from the States and the people that it is specifically forbidden to have and has done so in outright defiance of The Constitution.

The expansion of the Federal Government has reached a point in this country where individual liberty is no longer a protected Right as expressed in the Declaration of Independence but rather a privilege to be doled out to those in the favor of what has become a self appointed “ruling class”.

We are fast losing the position of a nation governed by laws to one governed by those in power. It is time for the citizens of the United States of America to once again declare themselves to be free individuals and retake control of government, starting at the Federal level."..................................

Poll: almost half of Georgia GOP think state would be better off seceding | Veterans Today

Poll: almost half of Georgia GOP think state would be better off seceding | Veterans Today:

"When asked if Georgia would be better off as an independent nation or as part of the United States, 43 percent of Republicans in the state selected independent nation, according to a poll published Friday.Asked, “Would you approve or disapprove of Georgia leaving the United States?” 32 percent of Georgia Republicans said they would approve.

State wide, just 27 percent think Georgia would be better off independent of the U.S. and a mere 18 percent would approve of secession.

The General Assembly of Georgia recently passed Senate Resolution 632 in support of the state sovereignty movement, by a vote of 43-1; an act Atlanta writer Jay Bookman characterized as accidentally threatening the state’s ties to the United States.

“In fact, Senate Resolution 632 did a lot more than merely threaten to end this country,” he wrote. “It stated that under the Constitution, the only crimes the federal government could prosecute were treason, piracy and slavery.

“’Therefore, all acts of Congress which assume to create, define or punish [other] crimes … are altogether void, and of no force,’ the Georgia Senate declared.”"

UK Scientists: Obama "Obsessed with his Street Cred"

UK Scientists: Obama "Obsessed with his Street Cred":

"he intentionally avoids things to keep it high.
(Reader Remark)
This is the key aspect of his personality. It's the narcissism.

Obama seems to make a good first impression on people. He shows up and gets accepted at the school of his choice. People shake his hand and immediately say 'You're brilliant!'
After a few years, people start saying 'Have you ever actually seen that guy do anything?' And at that point Obama moves on to new territory.

Did he accomplish anything at Occidental? At Harvard? At Harvard Law Review? As a community organizer? As a college lecturer? As a state senator? As a US senator?

He constantly runs to a new position where he will show 'great promise' before anyone catches on that he is a complete empty suit. Now that he's president, he has no where to run, so he just avoids engagements where people might say, 'My ... you're quite an ordinary person, aren't you? Actually, you are sort of below average, I think.'"

Mr. Obama history

Mr. Obama history: "Has no one figured out that Mr. Obama is a mole, planned many years ago and put in place at the right time to be elected by the people?

Everything about the man is a question. Placed by who I don’t know, but it’s the only way to take down the most successful country known to man, from the inside and from the top. No human in his right mind, raised with all the benefits offered by our country would work so hard and unmolested to destroy it unless they were directed to do so.

Mr. Obama and his handlers have faced and put aside without any real explanation people like Donald Trump who should be afraid of no one, left with his tail between his legs, hands up saying it was a mistake, sorry.

Can anyone see Trump quitting so fast about anything? We’re talking one of the most successful men alive today which is the only thing anyone could stop him, with a serious and well delivered threat to his life. Search on SSN 042-68-4425, one of many SSN’s associated with our president and the one in use now. He is a mystery, he does not exist not as you and I do and has spent $1.4 million to date to hide his past. Why? After this I may not be here tomorrow.

A mole placed by high powered, determined, and secret to death kind of people and organizations. We are not even pawns in their plan of things. Get used to it, plan for the worst it has yet to come."

(My title) It's now YOUR fault that Obama is percieved as an idiot.(Chicago Tribune Opinion Article)

(My title) It's now YOUR fault that Obama is percieved as an idiot.(Chicago Tribune Opinion Article):

"Excerpt...) But consider this: It's not that Obama can't speak clearly. It's that he employs the intellectual stammer. Not to be confused with a stutter, which the president decidedly does not have, the intellectual stammer signals a brain that is moving so fast that the mouth can't keep up. The stammer is commonly found among university professors, characters in Woody Allen movies and public thinkers of the sort that might appear on C-SPAN but not CNN.

If you're a member or a fan of that subset, chances are the president's stammer doesn't bother you; in fact, you might even love him for it (he sounds just like your grad school roommate, especially when he drank too much Scotch whisky and attempted to expound on the Hegelian dialectic!).

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Are Our Leaders Really Incompetent … Or Just Pretending?

Are Our Leaders Really Incompetent … Or Just Pretending?:

"People want to assume that when someone in power messes up – especially someone who appears incompetent – it was just a mistake.

For example, folks can’t believe that an incompetent president could carry out scoundrelly deeds.

But as I wrote 5 years ago:

As noted social historian and author Michael Parenti writes:


Restraining Obama Congress works to limit the President’s options.

Restraining Obama Congress works to limit the President’s options.:

"Congress has been running around and installing child-safety locks on various aspects of the Presidency over the past few days. First, House Republicans announced they would not be sending an adjournment resolution to the Senate for the Memorial Day break.

“We will remain in pro forma session,” explained Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), who urged the House to take this remarkable step. “No controversial nominees will be allowed to circumvent the confirmation process during the break.” No recess means no recess appointments. Neat. ((READ ON))

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Black People Politically Extinct, Unless They Become Republicans | ATLAH Media Network

Black People Politically Extinct, Unless They Become Republicans | ATLAH Media Network:

"Black People Politically Extinct, Unless They Become Republicans"
Rev James Manning...

We've Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret

We've Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret:

"Preface: Some defendants are no longer allowed to see the 'secret evidence' which the government is using against them. See this and this.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that judges can throw out cases because they don't like or believe the plaintiff ... even before anyone has had the chance to conduct discovery to prove their case. In other words, judges' secret biases can be the basis for denying people their day in court, without even having to examine the facts.

Claims of national security are being used to keep the shenanigans of the biggest banks an corporations secret, and to crush dissent.

But this essay focuses on something else: the fact that the laws themselves are now being kept secret.

America is supposed to be a nation of laws which apply to everyone equally, regardless of wealth or power."

Rep. Graves questions Obama's autopen signing of Patriot Act [confirm that he saw the law prior...]

Rep. Graves questions Obama's autopen signing of Patriot Act [confirm that he saw the law prior...]:

"Rep. Graves questions Obama's autopen signing of Patriot Act By Daniel Strauss - 05/27/11 11:17 AM ET

Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) is questioning President Obama's use of an autopen in signing an extension of the Patriot Act.

In a letter Friday, Graves asks Obama to confirm that he saw the law prior to its autopen signing.

'Mr. President, I write to request your confirmation that S. 990, as passed by Congress, was presented to you prior to the autopen signing, as well as a detailed, written explanation of your Constitutional authority to assign a surrogate the responsibility of signing bills passed into law,' Graves wrote.

Obama signed the bill into law late Thursday night. The autopen was used because the president was in France, meeting with G8 leaders, and the bill's provisions expired at midnight.

Graves cited Article 1 Section 7 of the Constitution, which says that the president must sign a bill to approve it into law.

'Every bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a law, be presented to the President of the United States; If he approve he shall sign it,' the article reads.

Read Graves's letter below:"

Trump denies reading book he signed agreement to get � ~ BLOGGER.1984.GUNNY.G ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

Trump denies reading book he signed agreement to get � ~ BLOGGER.1984.GUNNY.G ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

"WASHINGTON – Donald Trump today issued a written statement to the leftist Mother Jones magazine and other news outlets denying he told Jerome Corsi, author of a new bestselling book about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility, he suspected the birth certificate released by the White House is fraudulent.

Trump also said he had not read Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President,” despite having his staff sign a non-disclosure agreement to get the book three weeks before it was released May 17.

Trump does not deny calling Corsi this week but claims in his statement it was only to congratulate him on the sales of his book.

However, Corsi says Trump repeated a conversation he had weeks ago in a conference call with WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah in which the building magnate said he is concerned about the validity of the document released April 27 by the Obama White House.

Farah confirms Trump questioned the authenticity of the birth certificate and said others around him do as well."

On Thursday, Congress passed a four year extension of the PATRIOT Act. Lawmakers rejected all attempts to moderate aspects of the legislation that weaken the Fourth Amendment.

On Thursday, Congress passed a four year extension of the PATRIOT Act. Lawmakers rejected all attempts to moderate aspects of the legislation that weaken the Fourth Amendment.
Obama used an auto pen machine from France to sign the extension. Provisions of the PATRIOT Act were set to expire at midnight.

Congress would have signed the extension earlier if not for the efforts of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who opposes the extension on constitutional grounds, specifically its violations of the Fourth Amendment.
In addition, Paul proposed an amendment that would have placed restrictions on the government’s ability to obtain gun purchase records. It was defeated 85-10. His second amendment, limiting banks on their reporting of suspicious financial transactions, was rejected 91-4.

Obama Signs PATRIOT Act Extension 150709banner2

“We dissolve from within when we give up our liberties,” Paul warned. “Millions of innocent citizens are having their records looked at.”
“It’s an important tool for us to continue dealing with an ongoing terrorist threat,” Obama said after a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) agreed to strip the extension of any amendments.
“The Speaker supports this common-sense proposal because this law has been crucial to detecting and disrupting terrorist plots and protecting the American people,” Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in a statement.

Why Obama MUST be defeated

Why Obama MUST be defeated:

"Why Obama MUST be defeated
The Constitution Club ^ | 05-26-11 | Zazu

Posted on Friday, May 27, 2011 11:30:55 AM by TheConservativeCitizen"

Statement of Vanessa Guerena (wife of Marine killed by AZ SWAT.)

"Victim's wife statemeet right after AZ SWAT kills her husband.

Part 2 at:

U.S. Congressman Says The Obama Administration Materially Supporting Terrorists

"But the bombshell came when the Congressman helped the Hannity listening audience put the pieces together with regards to the comments by the President at the State Department and the fact that Mohammed Majid, ISNA’s President, sat in the front of the audience of that speech.

Congressman Gohmert quoted the President in the speech with, “The recent announcement of an agreement between Fatah and Hamas raises profound legitimate questions for Israel,” and Gohmert responded with: ”It doesn’t. It raises profound questions and issues for this administration, because under our criminal law you can be indicted for providing support to Hamas. And in fact one of the convictions was over providing funds, goods, and services to Specially Designated Terrorist organizations, and that’s Hamas. So it’s not just an issue for Israel, it’s an issue for our United States, and particularly this President and his administration.”

For those of you paying attention, at least one sitting U.S. Congressman understands the depth of the Muslim Brotherhood penetration inside our government, and the reality that government leaders who work with known Muslim Brotherhood leaders need to be held accountable – criminally.

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Alex Jones talks Texas secession

Alex Jones talks Texas secession: "Talk of Texas seceding from the US has always existed, and radio host Alex Jones, speaking from Austin, says the sentiment is very strong as of late. The Lonestar State can pull out from the Union whenever it likes, he says, and he argues that the oil-rich state would be much better off if it broke off from the USA.

Alex Jones talks Texas secession 150709banner2

Who Can Beat Obama?

(Reader Response)
"Gunny G: 
“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. 
Joseph Stalin “

 ('A Constitution changed from Freedom, can never be restored; Liberty, once lost, is lost forever...)"

Al Duncan -- Democracy Or A Republic?

Al Duncan -- Democracy Or A Republic?:

"In 2001, Dr. Stanley Monteith and I co-authored an article that was published in the Lake County Record Bee entitled, America: Democracy or Republic, and what does it matter? Today, most Americans mistakenly believe that our form of government is a democracy. In the above referenced article, I examine that belief. I have herein included excerpts from that article that substantiate the original intent of America’s founding fathers.

Dr. Stan and I wrote, “If you asked 100 people whether we are a democracy or a republic, the overwhelming majority would say that we are a democracy. What is more disheartening, the overwhelming majority would not have a clue as to what a republic is.”"

Laurie Roth - Dictatorship transformation almost complete

Laurie Roth - Dictatorship transformation almost complete:

"Though the evidence proving the latest birth certificate was a fraud and screamed from the roof tops, even to the point of Dr. Jerry Corsi filing criminal charges against Obama and the White House, the congress is AWOL. The media is asleep and complicit in the crime as well. The self righteous big dogs in the media and on Fox are busy cashing their checks and avoiding the real news…..hiding behind ‘no spin’ and the ‘ratings god’ as usual. Where does this leave America? Do you like the swirl of the toilet bowl water?

Obama has managed to create motes surrounding his Presidency which have caused the media, Hollywood elite, and congressional leaders to look the other way, committing fraud, betrayal and crimes in their own right. What are these motes that allow the continued rape and betrayal of our nation?

The alligator infested mote of racism."

JB Williams -- Which GOP Candidates Really Care About the Constitution?

JB Williams -- Which GOP Candidates Really Care About the Constitution?:

"For over two years now, a mountain of evidence has been collected and released on the Internet proving numerous ways that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “natural born citizen” eligible for the office of President and Commander-in-Chief.

Every member of congress knows it and so does every member of the U.S. Supreme Court. But nobody, not even the newly elected Tea Party candidates of 2010 have raised a finger to do anything about it. The precedent stands, anyone from anywhere, loyal to foreign entities can be President of the United States now, without even having to provide the basic background information that is required every day in low level jobs across the country and around the globe.

Obama could never pass a standard FBI background check or high level security clearance. Yet, if this issue in not addressed, the precedence has been established.

Anyone, loyal to any foreign entity, can be president and nobody can even question that individual."

TSA Thug Grabs Crotch of Injured Vet

TSA Thug Grabs Crotch of Injured Vet: "wo injured US military veterans traveling to a ceremony to honor the lives of fallen friends who gave their lives to protect the rights enshrined in the Constitution were harassed by TSA thugs, with one of them having his crotch grabbed, according to David Bellow, an Army National Guardsman and a State Republican Executive Committeeman.

“One of the wounded warriors, a friend of mine who personally told me what happened, has bullet fragments in his leg. The other wounded warrior has shrapnel in his face,” wrote Bellow on the Texas GOP Vote website.

The TSA agents responded to the men having set off metal detectors by interrogating them about what they were hiding in their bodies. “What are you hiding in your face?” screamed one.

“My friend told me that one TSA agent came up to him and asked what he was hiding in his leg, but before my friend could answer he said that the TSA agent grabbed him, without notice, right in the crotch area as if trying to find something hidden,” writes Bellow.

When the TSA goon grabbed his crotch and didn’t let go, the veteran felt inclined to lash out violently but was somehow able to control his fury.


Senator Rand Paul slams GOP for blocking efforts to amend PATRIOT Act

Senator Rand Paul slams GOP for blocking efforts to amend PATRIOT Act: "Freshman Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) lashed out at the leadership of his own party, blaming them for preventing debate on the extension of the PATRIOT Act, which the Senate passed Thursday.

“I’ve been working for two long days filibustering the PATRIOT Act in hopes that we can have a constitutional debate over certain provisions of it and we can try to reform it to take away some of the encroachments on our freedoms,” Paul told CNN.

“Unfortunately, what we’re finding now is that the Democrats have agreed to allow me to have amendments but my own party is refusing to allow me to debate or present my amendments.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Paul (R-KY) introduced an amendment to the PATRIOT Act on Monday that attempted to safeguard American’s civil liberties by increasing oversight of government surveillance powers.

The Leahy-Paul amendment [PDF] would have required an expansion of public reporting on the use of surveillance powers granted by the PATRIOT Act. It would also require the government to prove a suspect was linked to a foreign group or power before being able to obtain highly sensitive records.

Full article here"

Ron Paul House Floor Speech: Republic Almost Completely Dead

Ron Paul House Floor Speech: Republic Almost Completely Dead: "The Defense Authorization Act or H.R. 1540, aka The Forever War Act of 2012, was overwhelmingly approved by the House of Representatives earlier today on a vote of 322 to 96.

The Senate will now vote on its own version and then the two bills will need to be reconciled before going to Barry Obama for his signature into law.

The law authorizes the United States to use military force anywhere it says there are terrorists, including within the borders of our own country. It represents the largest hand-over of unchecked war authority from Congress to the executive branch in modern American history.

The founders were seriously opposed to handing this much power over to executive, fearing tyranny. If enacted into law, this provision will make Obama a dictator who can wage war without the consent of the American people.

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SWAT attorney said video speaks for itself(Tucson shooting of Marine)

SWAT attorney said video speaks for itself(Tucson shooting of Marine): "'You're saying they only yelled SWAT after the shootout?' Waldman continued. 'Oh, yes, yes!' responded Guerena.

We sat down with lawyer Mike Storie to watch the video shot by SWAT. And, he pointed out something completely contrary to Guerena's wife's claims, 'The person is now knocking on the door, and giving verbal commands as far as announcing in Spanish and in English who they are, you see him (SWAT officer) knocking,' explained Storie.

'The breacher moves in; they move in, the shield and now we hear the shots,' pointed out Storie.

And, lots of them, SWAT admits to firing 71 shots in just seven seconds. After the shooting, the Pima County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Michael O'Connor explained that number of shots, 'They're going to fire until the threat is over. (SWAT) fired in seven seconds.'"

College is a scam — Let’s make some money off it. Debt creates a generation of indentured servants.

College is a scam — Let’s make some money off it. Debt creates a generation of indentured servants.:
(Reader Response: GyG
"It’s a scam in more ways than one!

Indoctrination—political, social, economic, etc.—in effect a system where those able to sit on their butts in a classroom all those years, eventually gets to go to the head of the employment line, ahead of others who may be in effect as qualified.

In the meantime, the ivory tower education (so-called) industry/establishment has grown to gubmint proportions or more.

On and on....

 ('A Constitution changed from Freedom, can never be restored; Liberty, once lost, is lost forever...)"

..Title Postal worker who defecated in yard gets to keep his job

..Title Postal worker who defecated in yard gets to keep his job: "The incident happened last month at a home in southeast Portland and a neighbor, Don Derfler, captured the man in the act with his camera.

Derfler had been waiting for his babysitter when he saw his mailman acting odd at his neighbor's house across the street. The postal worker then pulled down his pants and that's when Derfler began snapping pictures.

'We trust people like the postal service and meter readers and people of that nature,' Derfler told us when we interviewed him in April. 'To come on to our property and to defecate - it's just wrong.'"



This message is intended for those posters on FR who seem to have missed my prior statements in this regard and insist on advocating for these bastards.

I'd rather shut the place down than be involved in any effort to install abortionist/gay rights pushing RINOS like Romney or Giuliani into the White House!!

Do NOT push this crap on FR. Take your business elsewhere!! And I don't care how long you've been here!!"

SWAT Helmet Cam Captures Shooting of Jose Guerena (Pima Co SWAT Raid)

SWAT Helmet Cam Captures Shooting of Jose Guerena (Pima Co SWAT Raid): "Iraq War Veteran Jose Guerena, 26, was shot and killed on May 5 by a Pima County SWAT team that fired 71 bullets through Guerena's front door. The video of that raid, captured on a SWAT helmet cam, is below.

Video via The Agitator. See Reason's coverage of Guerena here."

Sheriff releases video of SWAT shooting into house of ex-Marine

Sheriff releases video of SWAT shooting into house of ex-Marine: "The Pima County Sheriff's Department released a video Thursday that shows a SWAT team shooting into a suspect's house. He died after being shot 60 times.

Jose Guerena, 26, was shot and killed May 5 when Pima County authorities served a search warrant on his home.

The Sheriff's department says five SWAT team members fired more than 70 rounds in less than 10 seconds after the former Marine pointed an assault rifle at officers. His wife contends the family thought the officers were robbers. He was shot 60 times

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

President Obama is told by London mayor Boris Johnson: 'When am I going to get my �5 million?’

President Obama is told by London mayor Boris Johnson: 'When am I going to get my �5 million?’: "At the end of the state banquet in the president’s honour at Buckingham Palace, the Mayor of London took the opportunity to have a quick word. “Could you please write me out a cheque for �5 million?” Johnson asked him.

The request for the president to settle the congestion charge bill that his country has run up was made with charm. The president smiled broadly. If he was about to reach for his chequebook, however, the swift intervention of Louis Susman, Obama’s ambassador to London and his former fund-raiser, put paid to that."

Tucson SWAT shooting of former Marine

Tucson SWAT shooting of former Marine: "Tucson SWAT shooting of former Marine
The Arizona Daily Star ^ | 5/26/2011 | azstarnet

Posted on Friday, May 27, 2011 3:23:06 AM by petitfour

This is video of the SWAT raid on Jose Guerena."

Today's Toons 5/27/11

Today's Toons 5/27/11: "Today's Toons 5/27/11
The Right Reasons ^ | 5/27/11 | pookie18

Posted on Friday, May 27, 2011 4:56:38 AM by pookie18

Click on link."

So where's the real birth certificate?

So where's the <i>real</i> birth certificate?:

"WASHINGTON – It was a billboard campaign that put the eligibility question on the front burner of American politics, says Joseph Farah.

And it's a revised version of that campaign that will bring it back before the 2012 election, he says.

Two years ago, Farah launched the original outdoor advertising program that simply asked, 'Where's the birth certificate?'

It was more controversial than Farah ever imagined. Five major outdoor advertising companies banned it. The outdoor advertising trade association denounced it. Farah's regular news media appearances evaporated.

Yet it captured the imagination of a nation skeptical about Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility for the presidency.

When the White House attempted to answer the question with the release of what it touted as Obama's original long-form birth certificate, the campaign was suspended. But when that document posed more questions than it answered, in Farah's words, he decided to revise and extend the campaign.

(Story continues below)"