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Veterans and Patriots Call for Action in D.C., 11.11.11| The Post & Email

Veterans and Patriots Call for Action in D.C., 11.11.11| The Post & Email:


by JB Williams, �2011

The U.S. Patriots Union (USPU) was founded in 2010 by Timothy Harrington and JB Williams

(Oct. 20, 2011) — On October 5, 2011, the following national call was released to the public –

“An undisclosed number of American Veterans and former service members have come together to prepare and present this Call-to-Action on behalf of the U.S. Constitution, the Republic, the Rule of Law and equal justice for all freedom loving citizens of the United States of America. Acting together as one, via The Veteran Defenders of America, co-sponsored by civilian patriot group The Unites States Patriots Union, LLC – we issue the following CALL for peaceful disobedience.

We CALL upon every member of federal, state and local government, legislative, judicial, law enforcement and military, who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitutional Republic from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to act upon those oaths for the stated purpose of restoring the Constitutional Republic......

Congressional Investigators Target FBI Over Fast and Furious

Congressional Investigators Target FBI Over Fast and Furious:

Congressional investigators probing the botched federal gun-trafficking program known as Fast and Furious are now setting their sights on the FBI.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, the ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, sent a letter Thursday to FBI Director Robert Mueller demanding answers about the guns found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.....

The Battle of Broken Hill

The Battle of Broken Hill:

The Turkish flag flown, and rifles used, by Gool Mohammed and Mullah Abdullah during the Battle of Broken Hill, January 1, 1915.

The war seemed a very long way away to the citizens of Broken Hill that January 1.

It was the height of the southern summer, and the Australian silver-mining town baked in the outback desert heat, 720 miles from Sydney and half a world away from the mud and blood of the Western Front.

The First World War was less than five months old, and only a fool would have accused the hardened miners of Broken Hill of lacking patriotism, but on that first day of 1915 they wanted nothing more than to enjoy a rare holiday with their families and forget about their troubles—not just the war, which Australia had joined alongside Britain on the day it was declared, but also the grim economic times that were closing mines and putting miners out of work.....

Trump on Gadhafi death:'Big deal. What do we get out of it?'

Trump on Gadhafi death:'Big deal. What do we get out of it?':

Moammar Gadhafi’s death is not enough for Donald Trump, who says the United States did not get enough for the kill.

On his YouTube page on Thursday, the one-time prospective Republican presidential candidate said, “So the reports are that we caught Gadhafi. Big deal. What do we get out of it? They have the oil. The rebels would have given us everything if we had some leader that knew how to negotiate. The rebels were being routed four months ago — absolutely routed by Gadhafi and his men.”

Trump went on to lament the outcome as a missed opportunity and doubted that the so-called Libyan rebels would give the United States any of the oil for our assistance in unseating the long-time Libyan dictator.

“If we would have said, ‘We want 50 percent of the oil,’ they would have said, ‘Absolutely, you have a deal. Help us, help us. Please, you have a deal,’” Trump said. “What do we get? We get nothing.”

Trump went on to suggest that if President Barack Obama had backed the Iranian protesters in 2009 the same way he has backed the Occupy Wall Street movement, Iran would be in different hands now.

“Instead, he abandoned those people and you know what the result is,” Trump said. “Iran has only gotten stronger. The man doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Presidential Candidate: The Others Won’t Touch Obama’s Eligibility Question| The Post & Email

Presidential Candidate:

The Others Won’t Touch Obama’s Eligibility Question| The Post & Email: The Media spotlight of the GOP Debates and Republican Campaigns for President are sizzling with excitement.

The pendulum key of our National Security and Economy that is given to the President by order of our U.S. Constitution’s demand for a natural born citizen has been forsaken by all of these spotlighted Candidates and their Campaigns except for one.

The Political arena has succumbed to the richness and the feverish pitch which provides the attention and hype the 2012 candidates for President have craved and worked for.

With so much attention going to Obama the past couple of years, the debates have provided the balm for the attention deficit disorder; however, they have also provided you with the clear picture upon which the candidates for President in the GOP stand on Obama’s eligibility.

The Cody Robert Judy for President 2012 U.S.C. Eligibility Campaign has accomplished just the opposite; and we’d like to inform you of the political paradigm that makes this campaign the most important one when it comes to our current Constitutional Crisis and the A.D.D. of all the Republican Candidates.....

Hugo Chavez calls Muammar Gaddafi's death an 'outrage'

Hugo Chavez calls Muammar Gaddafi's death an 'outrage':

"They assassinated him. It is another outrage," the Venezuelan leader told reporters in the town of La Grita.

"We shall remember Gaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr," he said.

Chavez had defended Gaddafi since the start of the uprising against the Libyan leader's regime in February, and accused NATO of using the conflict to gain control over Libya's oil.

"The saddest thing is that in its quest to dominate the world, the empire and its allies are setting it on fire," Chavez said, referring to the US by his preferred nickname.

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Rep. Paul Ryan Protects Obama, Ignores the Constitution ~ by Lawrence Sellin The Post & Email

Rep. Paul Ryan Protects Obama, Ignores the Constitution| The Post & Email: DON’T VOTE REPUBLICAN UNTIL THEY ‘FESS UP

by Lawrence Sellin, �2011

Has the U.S. reached its Armageddon with a usurper and traitorous Congress in power?

(Oct. 20, 2011) — The leaders of the Republican Party have only contempt for ordinary Americans, the very people who pay the nation’s bills and fight its wars.

To the political royalty, we are no longer citizens of a republic, but serfs, whose wishes can be ignored and whose views can be treated with disdain.

Like all members of Congress, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been provided evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is an illegal President and has committed felonies both before and after occupying the Oval Office.

Rep. Ryan knows that Obama is not a natural born citizen and, therefore, has never been eligible for the office of President.

Ryan knows that Obama has forged his birth documents and Selective Service registration and uses a Social Security number not issued to him.

When presented with evidence of Obama’s ineligibility and felonies, Ryan completely ignores the issue and dismisses the concern of citizens by recommending that we simply “vote him out of office.”.....

Aiding and Abetting a Real War (Oliver North)

Aiding and Abetting a Real War (Oliver North):

IERRE, S.D. — The good news about Moammar Gadhafi's demise arrived via my cellphone early Thursday morning. A friend from the Reagan administration, remembering the Libyan dictator's attempt to kill my family, called to let me know and added, "You must be very glad to see this day."

But it doesn't seem to be a time for celebration.

Steve Jobs told Obama: “You’re headed for a one-term presidency”

Steve Jobs told Obama:

.....“You’re headed for a one-term presidency”: “You’re headed for a one-term presidency,” he told Obama at the start of their meeting, insisting that the administration needed to be more business-friendly. As an example, Jobs described the ease with which companies can build factories in China compared to the United States, where “regulations and unnecessary costs” make it difficult for them.

Jobs also criticized America’s education system, saying it was “crippled by union work rules,” noted Isaacson. “Until the teachers’ unions were broken, there was almost no hope for education reform.” Jobs proposed allowing principals to hire and fire teachers based on merit, that schools stay open until 6 p.m. and that they be open 11 months a year.....

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Outrage continues over Dowagiac students' decision to fly Confederate flag (Michigan)

Outrage continues over Dowagiac students' decision to fly Confederate flag (Michigan):

DOWAGIAC, Mich. -- School officials at Dowagiac Union High School have banned students from wearing the Confederate flag. Now students are fighting back!

There has been outrage, hurt feelings, and death threats after a student was suspended last Friday for wearing a belt buckle with the Confederate flag on it.

On Monday, a handful of students wore Confederate flag T-shirts in retaliation, and they too were suspended.

On Wednesday, dozens of students went to school in protest, wearing T-shirts with a Confederate flag on them. The students either left school on their own, or were sent home for fighting back against the school. School officials say wearing anything with the Confederate flag on it is violation of the dress code.

The school stands by its dress code policy and students were again warned on Wednesday that they would face expulsion if they wore anything that displayed the Confederate flag on it.

Still, students says they are not backing down. The students say they want the same rights as everyone else, and refuse to compromise, even with threats of violence surging on the internet.....

Obama whacks another bad guy

Obama whacks another bad guy:

imageWho’d have thought that Barack Hussein Obama, the skinny community organizer from Chicago would turn out to be so butch? First, he goes out and personally hunts down Public Enemy #1, Osama bin Laden, and finishes him off with a nice clean double-tap, making his head explode like an overripe watermelon.

Then he goes after that arch cross-dresser Muammar Qaddaffi and whacks him as well. America hasn’t seen a president this bellicose since Theodore Roosevelt led the charge up San Juan Hill. Never mind Harry S. Truman dropping The Big One on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Obama gets up close and personal with America’s enemies, making them bleed in the streets.

Or at least that’s what the former mainstream media would have its dwindling audiences believe, as they portray the president as a fearless foe of foreign tyrants. There is such a thing as consistency, a commitment to doing the right thing, the same thing, in each and every instance, but Obama’s butchness is strictly situational.

When Bashar Assad’s goons shoot down hundreds of his citizens in the streets Syrian towns, Obama is nowhere to be seen. When Iranian kids protest a rigged election, as they did in July of 2009, Obama was mum for fear of offending the Iranian theocracy.....

Wesley J. Smith: The "Duty to Die" Advances”

Wesley J. Smith: The "Duty to Die" Advances”:

Is there such a thing as a “duty to die?” Some notable voices in bioethics say, yes. They believe that as a matter of distributive justice, when people reach a certain advanced age, severe disability, or very poor health, they owe it to society, their families—and even themselves—to allow life to (or make it) end.

Thus, in 1997, University of Tennessee bioethics professor, John Hardwig, wrote in the prestigious Hastings Center Report, “A duty to die is more likely when continuing to live will impose significant burdens—emotional burdens, extensive caregiving, destruction of life plans, and yes, financial hardship—on your family and loved ones. This is the fundamental insight underlying a duty to die.”

~ GUNNY.G.CONFIDENTIAL ~: Dictator begs for his life after being dragged from a drain

~ GUNNY.G.CONFIDENTIAL ~: Dictator begs for his life after being dragged from a drain: Dictator begs for his life after being dragged from a drain
Dictator begs for his life after being dragged from a drain:

Wounded, weakened and covered in blood and dirt, the fallen dictator was dragged from a truck to meet his unceremonious end. In front of a baying mob, Muammar Gaddafi, the former Libyan leader, begged the revolutionary soldiers for his life.

Becoming increasingly desperate, he asked one rebel fighter: 'What did I ever do to you?' But his pleas fell on deaf ears. The deposed despot was mercilessly shot to death, his spilt blood heralding the end of a terrible 42-year epoch in Libyan history.

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Who killed Gadhafi? Conflicting stories emerge (Does Obama condone what he once condemned?)

Who killed Gadhafi? Conflicting stories emerge (Does Obama condone what he once condemned?):

Related content Biggest killers of Americans now are dead ‘Our martyrs' blood did not run in vain’ Picture apparently shows captured Gadhafi A look at Gadhafi's children Who killed Gadhafi? Conflicting stories emerge NBC correspondent answers questions about Gadhafi With warped vision, Gadhafi maddened Libya, West Captured Gadhafi, bloodied and dazed, shown on TV . .

The exact circumstances of his demise are still unclear with conflicting accounts of his death circulating. But the footage, possibly of the last chaotic moments of Gadhafi's life, offered some clues into what happened.

Gadhafi was still alive when he was captured near Sirte. In the video, filmed by a bystander in the crowd and later aired on television around the world, Gadhafi is shown being dragged off a vehicle's bonnet and pulled to the ground by his hair.

"Keep him alive, keep him alive!" someone shouts. Gunshots then ring out. The camera veers off.

"They captured him alive and while he was being taken away, they beat him and then they killed him," one senior source in Libya's ruling National Transitional Council told Reuters. "He might have been resisting."

(Excerpt) Read more at ... - Banker Explained "Occupy America" Scam - Banker Explained "Occupy America" Scam:

Asked why bankers would back Bolshevism, a system supposedly inimical to private ownership, Kahn took a pull from his enormous cigar and explained that the Illuminati Jewish bankers create apparent opposites to "remake the world" according to their satanic specifications:

"You say that Marxism is the very antithesis of capitalism, which is equally sacred to us [Illuminati Jewish bankers.] It is precisely for this reason that they are direct opposites to one another, that they put into our hands the two poles of this planet and allow us to be its axis. These two contraries, like Bolshevism and ourselves, find their identity in the International." [Presumably, he means the Comintern.]

"These opposites ... meet again in the identity of their purpose and end in the remaking of the world from above by the control of riches, and from below by revolution.

Our mission consists in promulgating the new law and in creating a God, that is to say in purifying the idea of God and realizing it, when the time shall come.

We shall purify the idea by identifying it with the nation of Israel, which has become its own Messiah. the advent of it will be facilitated by the final triumph of Israel..."

Video From Inside Citibank Branch Shows Arrested Protesters Refusing To Leave

Video From Inside Citibank Branch Shows Arrested Protesters Refusing To Leave: Video from inside the Citibank where 23 Occupy Wall Street protestors were arrested appears to show demonstrators yelling at bank employees and ignoring warnings by security to take their protests outside.

“We were asked to leave by management, but chose to keep on talking,” Elana Carroll told Gawker‘s Max Read. “Our talk was slowing down and coming to a close. We had been inside probably between 10 and 20 minutes total when suddenly we heard “doors are being locked now!” from one of the men who’d been standing in the doorway.”

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Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?

Is the US Declaration of Independence illegal?:

Was the Declaration of Independence legal?

In Philadelphia, American and British lawyers have debated the legality of America's founding documents.

On Tuesday night, while Republican candidates in Nevada were debating such American issues as nuclear waste disposal and the immigration status of Mitt Romney's gardener, American and British lawyers in Philadelphia were taking on a far more fundamental topic.

Namely, just what did Thomas Jefferson think he was doing?

Legendary DeLorean used in Back to the Future re-launched as electric vehicle

Legendary DeLorean used in Back to the Future re-launched as electric vehicle: Mr Wynne's DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) has teamed up with eco-experts Epic Electric for this newer model, taking a standard DMC12 model and ripping out the V6 petrol engine before fitting it with an electric powered version that produces the equivalent of 260bhp.

Once on the road it will accelerate from 0-60mph in just 4.9 seconds.

Mr Wynne said he 'got the idea for the battery-powered DeLorean after seeing the success of the Tesla Roadster, and think it would be a fitting tribute to the movie version of the car which famously needed 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to travel through time.'

Its 'Flux Power' battery takes 3.5 hours to charge with DMC claiming it will be able to travel around 100 miles.

And in a nod to the classic films starring Michael J Fox, the vehicle's interior has a docking station for the driver to connect their iPhone and Flux Capacitor app.

Electricity is supplied to the car through.....

Don't Know Much About History (Republicans and Black Americans - a better story than you've heard)

Don't Know Much About History (Republicans and Black Americans - a better story than you've heard): OK, I get it. White conservatives and Republicans (not entirely coterminous categories) aren't really sore with O'Barnum for ballooning the national debt by $4 trillion and making national bankruptcy a real possibility, or for nationalizing one-sixth of the economy through Obamacare and generally trying to push as much as possible from the private to the public sector. It's not about setting federal agencies on a jobs-killing regulation binge, or for traveling the world apologizing for America's alleged sins and bowing before tyrants. It's not his rejection of American exceptionalism and total ignorance of the importance to world stability of a militarily strong America either.

No, no. These items are just trifles. What conservatives are really sore with our community-organizer-in-chief about is that he's not Caucasian. And isn't that just like those racist Republicans?

[Frantz] Kebreau, whose parents immigrated to America from Haiti, is having none of this. Since 2009 he's been on the news, talk shows, and speaking circuit making the point that, though few Americans know it, the record of the Republican Party for a century and a half has not only been more supportive of Black Americans than that of the Democratic Party has, but much more so.

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Prison � U.S. Predator Drone Fired on Qaddafi Convoy, Official Says

Prison � U.S. Predator Drone Fired on Qaddafi Convoy, Official Says: A U.S. Predator drone, along with a French fighter jet, fired on the convoy said to be carrying Muammar Qaddafi in the moments before his death, a U.S. defense official told Fox News on Thursday.

The official said the drone and French jet fired on a “large convoy” leaving Qaddafi’s hometown of Sirte. A French defense official earlier said about 80 vehicles were in the convoy — the official said the strike did not destroy the convoy but that fighters on the ground afterward intercepted the vehicle carrying Qaddafi.

President Obama said Thursday that the death of Qaddafi ends a “long and painful chapter” for the Libyan people.

Full story here.

Prison � U.S. & Israel Launch New Phase Of Cyber Warfare

Prison � U.S. & Israel Launch New Phase Of Cyber Warfare:

The re-emergence of the Stuxnet virus in a virtually identical form to its previous incarnation heralds a “new round of cyber war,” and given the fact that the last version was created by the U.S. and Israel, it’s obvious where the finger of blame should be pointing once again.....

Chuck Baldwin -- A Suggested Survival List

Chuck Baldwin -- A Suggested Survival List:

The potential for an escalation of cataclysmic events, however, is very real. Only a “blooming idiot” would call someone who attempts to prepare for “the day of adversity” a Chicken Little now. Anyone who does not see the storm clouds on the horizon isn’t paying attention.

For example, can one imagine what would happen if terrorists nuked a major American city or cities? (Once again, I encourage readers to watch the CBS TV series “Jericho” to get an idea of how quickly life, and even civilization, could change.) Imagine if there was another 9/11-type event.

What would happen if some form of Zimbabwe-style inflation hit the US? What would happen if anything disrupted the distribution of Welfare checks, or food to local grocers? Imagine a Hurricane Katrina-style natural disaster in your town. I think people everywhere are beginning to awaken to just how vulnerable we all really are.

As a result, people from virtually every walk of life have asked my thoughts on how they should prepare. Therefore, I will, again, attempt to share with my readers some of the counsel I have given these folks.....



“America’s political system as set up by our Founding Fathers had no political parties or factions. It wasn’t that they didn’t know about political parties, but that they were unwelcome. When looking at the factions of Europe, our Founders didn’t like what they saw – political intrigue, conspiracy, and hostile divisions. They were afraid that such a system would rip apart the Union.

They hoped that in free elections it would be natural for the best men to rise to the top and be elected to office. That is why before the rise of political parties (which made necessary the Twelfth Amendment), the man with the most votes was president and the man with the second most was vice-president.

While in a fallen world it might be a bit unrealistic to expect that factions would not appear among diverse peoples, what rule tells us that we must work within a two-party system rather than voting for the best individuals? We have been propagandized into believing that there are only two viable parties because it is much easier for the enemies of a free America to exercise control within a two-party system than to deal with individuals.”

“Americans have been propagandized.....

Dave Daubenmire -- Abortion Will End When Pastors Get A Backbone

Dave Daubenmire -- Abortion Will End When Pastors Get A Backbone:

The courts have done it before, you know. Jews were considered “non-humans”, blacks were considered “property” and eventually 6/10’s of a human being, and courts denied women the right to vote because they were not “persons.” in the eyes of the law. The easiest way to deny one rights is to argue that they are not “persons.”

Dr. Seuss taught us better, “A Who is a Who no matter how small.” Pre-born babies are persons too!!

Even our law recognizes it, schizophrenic as it may be. Scott Peterson went to prison for killing his unborn baby. He was charged with two cases of murder, one for his born wife Laci, and one for his “preborn child” Conner. (How can a non-person have a name?) He was found guilty by a jury of his peers and now sits on Death Row waiting execution for having killed a non-person.....

“If You See Something, Say Something™”| The Post & Email

“If You See Something, Say Something™”| The Post & Email:


by Gary Stevens

The Department of Homeland Security operates the E-Verify program, a screening tool for identity fraud which Obama cannot pass given his Connecticut-issued Social Security number

(Oct. 19, 2011) — The program that Janet Napolitano kicked off as the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security has wonderful prospects. As law-abiding and freedom-loving Americans, we fully support this program. We love our country so much that we actually did not need the prompting to act on things criminal, suspicious, or threatening to the USA. The continued vigilance to our American way of life and the vast exponential growth of true patriots to Constitutional adherence will insure the program is a success.

However, it may not be as promoted by the DHS. Very soon, the cooperation by citizens in reporting “something” to the program should reveal the context of what Janet Napolitano meant. So far, the reporting to authorities of plenty of criminal acts goes unabated. The effectiveness of this “see & say” is being tested as I type.

So far, for nearly three years.....

Today's Toons 10/20/11

Today's Toons 10/20/11: Today's Toons 10/20/11
GOP Briefing Room ^ | 10/20/11 | pookie18

Posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011 7:00:51 AM by pookie18

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First came Stuxnet computer virus, now there's Duqu

First came Stuxnet computer virus, now there's Duqu: Computer virus similar to Stuxnet detected in Europe; designed to capture keystrokes and gain remote access; US issues public alert.

WASHINGTON - First there was the Stuxnet computer virus that wreaked havoc on Iran's nuclear program. Now comes "Duqu," which researchers on Tuesday said appears to be quite similar.

Security software firm Symantec said in a report it was alerted by a research lab with international connections on Friday to a malicious code that "appeared to be very similar to Stuxnet." It was named Duqu because it creates files with "DQ" in the prefix.

The US Department of Homeland Security said it was aware of the reports and was taking action.

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Despite warning signs, Romney declines to reach out to major tea party groups

Despite warning signs, Romney declines to reach out to major tea party groups: Two of America’s most active national tea party organizations say former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has made no effort to win them over, despite his apparent need to attract more grassroots support.

“As far as I am aware, we’ve had no contact with Romney’s campaign, nor have any of his representatives reached out,” Mark Meckler, co-founder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, told The Daily Caller.

Meckler, however, acknowledged: “We haven’t had a lot of contact with the candidates in general, though [congresswoman Michele] Bachmann, [businessman Herman] Cain, and [former House Speaker Newt] Gingrich have all spent a lot of time attending and speaking at a variety of local tea party events.”

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Over-60 bedroom blockers 'should be taxed out of their homes' to encourage them to leave

Over-60 bedroom blockers 'should be taxed out of their homes' to encourage them to leave:

Older people should be taxed out of their family homes to free up space for younger generations, says a report backed by Labour.

It argues that 'empty nesters' in their 60s are taking up too much room and should be 'encouraged' by a new 'land tax' to downsize to smaller homes.

The call comes from the Intergenerational Foundation, a left-leaning think-tank that aims to 'promote fairness between generations'.

Labour MP Tessa Jowell sponsored the report's launch in a Commons hospitality room yesterday, saying the current situation ran against Ed Miliband's vision for Britain.

But the 'bedroom blocker' plan drew condemnation from Tory ministers and pressure groups for older people.

Tory housing minister Grant Shapps said: 'We do not agree that people should be taxed or bullied out of their homes.'

The Intergenerational Foundation says there are 25million unused bedrooms in the country and eight million ‘under-occupied’ homes....

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