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Eliminating the U. S. Department of Education. Save big money and improve education at the same time

Eliminating the U. S. Department of Education. Save big money and improve education at the same time
American Thinker ^ | 04/16/2011 | Frank Ryan

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 7:18:11 PM by SeekAndFind

Cosmetic budget cuts will not solve our nation's debt woes.  Real change is required to right our county.  Waste must be identified, isolated, and eliminated.

One such change is to abolish the U.S. Department of Education.

The Department of Education was established to promote "student achievement and prepare them for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and insuring equal access."

Since 1979 when the Department of Education was created and with the passage of laws regulating education, such as the No Child Left Behind, the result has been an education system where compliance with laws becomes the rule of the day rather than the primary focus being quality education.

While I am not an attorney nor do I profess to understand our Nation's laws, however confusing and contradictory they may be, I do know that Title 20, U.S. Code regulates education.  It is made up of over 75 chapters!  

No Child Left Behind is so comprehensive that the Table of Contents alone is 28 pages! 

Regulations do not educate children!  Teachers and Parents do!

The real issue involved with the creation of the Department of Education involves trust.  It implies that parents, teachers, local officials, state officials, and the entire community cannot be trusted to provide quality education for our children and students.

The "Father of the Common School Movement," Horace Mann (1796-1859), served as the Secretary of the Mass State Board of Education when he successfully argued for "universal public education as the best way to turn the nation's unruly children into disciplined, judicious republican citizens."  He helped create public schools as we know them today.

Despite his experiences in education at the state level, however, it is interesting to note that when Horace Mann was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1848 he did not introduce one piece of legislation arguing for a federal involvement in education.

Unfortunately, with the mass public education system of the past 50 years, all too often the minimum standard has become the benchmark of success, rather than the cutoff for failure.  No Child Left Behind is hardly a piece of legislation that a politician could vote against.  Just the name of the Act itself is intended to invoke support despite the lack of merit of the bill.

Education directed from Washington, D.C. does not work even if it were Constitutional.   

Virtually every study will tell you that the keys to quality education are:

  • Parental involvement
  • Rewarding education
  • Rewarding teachers and providing local autonomy
  • Minimize Compliance costs
Parental involvement is the key to the success of any education program.  When a child knows that his or her parents are part of their lives, the value of the education they receive increases substantially.  Yet, in so many cases, parental involvement is difficult to gauge, monitor, and enforce.

The longer term solution to getting more parents involved is to back off parents.  That seems contradictory but, in reality, most parents today are at their limits due to very high costs, taxes, and a government that is already intruding into every aspect of their lives.  The answer is not a child care tax credit but to back off on government spending so that taxes can be cut so that one parent can support his/her family comfortably. 

Another crucial aspect of rebuilding America's education system is to reward education.  Making a student with an A average and great test scores qualify for a scholarship mainly due to parental income is silly.  Financial need is but one aspect of a scholarship.  Performance is the most important aspect.  Making all students winners may seem like you we are being kind, but once the student gets into the work force, it is about performance, experience, critical thinking, and abilities.  In an education system in which you cannot fail, it also means that you cannot succeed.

We must encourage superior performance at every level of school from elementary to high school to college.  We need to greatly expand the ability of the school to tailor the education to the student using the judgment of teachers and parents.  That is best done locally and with the parent's involvement.

Our teachers deserve great respect.  They deserve to be paid fairly.  They are a great national asset.  Making teachers spend more time complying with laws rather than teaching seems counterproductive at best.  I trust teachers to do that which is best for the student.  

Giving local autonomy, greater parental involvement, rewarding students for performance, and insisting upon rewarding quality teachers while ridding ourselves of those not qualified, our children will truly succeed.  We will not have to worry about them being left behind, because they will be leading us.

What separates a great nation from one in decline is the quality of the education that its citizens receive.  Our very freedoms, our success, and our wealth are influenced by our students, the education they receive, and the ability to determine for ourselves our future careers.  That is not done from Washington, D.C.  Make a real difference -- eliminate the U.S. Department of Education.  Cosmetic changes will not fix our nation's budget woes.  Only real change will.

Frank Ryan, CPA specializes in corporate restructuring and lectures on ethics for the state CPA societies.  Frank is a retired Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve and served in Iraq and briefly in Afghanistan.  He is on numerous boards of publicly traded and non-profit organizations.  He can be reached at

Obama tells Congress to f*** off

Obama tells Congress to f*** off
Flopping Aces ^ | 04-16-11 | DrJohn

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 7:22:40 PM by Starman417

From Jake Tapper:

In a statement issued Friday night, President Obama took issue with some provisions in the budget bill – and in one case simply says he will not abide by it.
Basically, Obama told Congress to f*** off and not to interfere with the King's rule. This is the same guy who couldn't be bothered to tell Congress he was getting the country into another war.
Compare that to this promise:

Signing statements have been used by presidents of both parties, dating back to Andrew Jackson. While it is legitimate for a president to issue a signing statement to clarify his understanding of ambiguous provisions of statutes and to explain his view of how he intends to faithfully execute the law, it is a clear abuse of power to use such statements as a license to evade laws that the president does not like or as an end-run around provisions designed to foster accountability. I will not use signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law. The problem with this administration is that it has attached signing statements to legislation in an effort to change the meaning of the legislation, to avoid enforcing certain provisions of the legislation that the President does not like, and to raise implausible or dubious constitutional objections to the legislation.
Or this one:
There was no doubt. There was no question. Obama's statement was absolute.
Obama ripped into Bush for using signing statements and he lied outright in doing so. In the Charlie Savage interview, Obama said:
(Excerpt)

Explosive Bill Ayers Interview: John McCain Is a War Criminal & Pentagon Is a Terror Organization

Explosive Bill Ayers Interview: John McCain Is a War Criminal & Pentagon Is a Terror Organization
The Blaze ^ | 4/16/11

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 6:58:18 PM by Libloather
Explosive Bill Ayers Interview: John McCain Is a War Criminal & Pentagon Is a Terror Organization

Posted on April 16, 2011 at 5:39am

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You can Listen to Larry Elders’ entire interview here.

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Trump Warns Cantor Not To Give Up Birther Fight: 'People Love This Issue'

Trump Warns Cantor Not To Give Up Birther Fight: 'People Love This Issue'
TPM ^ | April 16, 2011 | Evan McMorris-Santoro

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 6:49:09 PM by UniqueViews

"I don't think he is really serious when we see a campaign launch on the birther issue," Cantor said.
On Friday, Karl Rove told Fox News Trump is a "joke candidate" because of his birther-centric media cavalcade.

"It's amazing," Trump said. "He's so against me, because I am questioning. All I want to see is the guy's birth certificate."

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A Report on Trump, West at the Boca Tea Party rally today (vanity - Freeper "Untwist")

A Report on Trump, West at the Boca Tea Party rally today (vanity - Freeper "Untwist") ^ | 4/16/2011 | Freeper Untwist

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 6:36:42 PM by SonOfDarkSkies

I was at that rally today and there are a few key points missing. There were several speakers and the lead-in to Donald Trump was none other than Col. Allen West. Cong. West rocked the place when he defended his vote against the budget deal and reminded everyone that the “cuts” were already spent before Obama even signed it. West also rocked Obama as Commander in Chief and the reckless, leaderless attack on Libya. There were many Trump / West 2012 signs in the crowd - very interesting that the 2 were speaking at the same event.

The pre-speech band was a mostly black jazz band that played Route 66 and rocked the place. The lead singer raised a cheer when he said ‘I thought the Tea Party is racist and then pointed to the many black folks at the event, participating fully. Tito Puente jr. played there and is a fantastic drummer like his dad and rocked Santana’s Oye Como Va. The so-called racist white audience rocked to it and there were latins participating as well.
Donald Trump has a very attractive, magnetic speaking style. No political mumbo jumbo, just very straight, easy to follow common sense conversational style. This I think is going to make him very formidable. Although he had some papers with him on the lectern, it appeared to be an outline and not a word-for-word speech. No TOTUS here. He comes across as very authentic and this is speaking to a very smart, no-nonsense tea party crowd. Spoke very bluntly about how he goes to Qatar and they have the most modern airports and infrastructure and then comes back to LaGuardia airport and is embarrassed at the comparison.

Explains very easily how there is no recovery with the price of oil where it is, up 67% since Obama came in and we are not drilling. Notes the impact of inflation on the cotton industry and how this impacts price of clothes. Talks straight about how he knows smart, educated people from Latin America and Europe and other places that come to him for help to get into the country and could help grow our economy and be a credit to America. Very straight - we get the borders and immigration under control and stop bringing in criminals or we have no country.

The crowd shouted for him to talk about Obama’s scandals and very straight talked about how he himself went to Wharton and knows lots of people with kids with straight A’s can’t get into Harvard. He said ‘how did somebody with lousy grades like Obama get into Harvard in the first place?’ Crowd asked about Rezko and Ayers. The Ayers part was probably best and Trump without flinching said he believes Ayers wrote the first book and it was like Hemingway wrote it. The 2nd book he bluntly said he read and no way was written by the guy who wrote that first book.

Flat out said ‘it’s like comparing chicken salad to chicken sh**’. Explained that it used to be when you win a war you win it and get the spoils. With him in charge he will take control of Iraq and that he has friends with knowledge on the situation who assures that once we leave Iran will take Iraq and are planning it already. Blasted Obama on Libya and made it very clear that in Iraq and Libya we will take the oil profits to pay ourselves, our allies and pay us with a profit.

All this and more was very well delivered and I can tell you the Tea Party loved it.

Death by Government: The Missing Chapter by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Death by Government: The Missing Chapter

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Over the past decade a number of researchers have attempted to document the extent to which various governments during the twentieth century committed acts of mass murder against their own citizens. The millions of deaths catalogued by such researchers as R.J. Rummel, author of Power Kills and Death by Government, and by the authors of The Black Book of Communism, are not deaths caused by foreign armies, but by all those unfortunate souls' own governments. 

The reason for all the killing, whether it is called genocide or "democide," to use Rummel's term, was to eliminate all opposition to the ruling regime and its ideology. In Russia, the kulaks "who resisted collectivization [of land] were shot, and the others deported," according to The Black Book of Communism (p. 9). When the rural population of the Ukraine resisted, Stalin created a famine that killed 6 million in a few months. "Virtually identical crimes" were committed "by the regimes of Mao Zedong, Kim Il Sung, and Pol Pot," according to The Black Book (p. 10). 

In Power Kills, R. J. Rummel writes that "democidal" regimes tend to become even more vicious toward their own people when their political power "is conjoined with an absolutist ideology" (p. 93). And, "when the rulers of such regimes find for whatever reason that the continued existence of a social group is incompatible with their beliefs or goals, totalitarian power enables them to destroy that group" (p. 93). "War or rebellion" have often provided "an excuse and cover for a regime to eliminate those social groups it finds objectionable."
Armed with this understanding, the authors of The Black Book present the following statistics regarding how various communist governments killed their own citizens by the millions (p. 4):
  • U.S.S.R.: 20 million deaths
  • China: 65 million deaths
  • Vietnam: 1 million deaths
  • North Korea: 2 million deaths
  • Cambodia: 2 million deaths
  • Eastern Europe: 1 million deaths
  • Latin America: 150,000 deaths
  • Africa: 1.7 million deaths
  • Afghanistan: 1.5 million deaths
Rummel has studied more than just the former communist regimes, and includes Nazi Germany's 21 million civilian murders, among others. 

After familiarizing myself with this stomach-turning literature (you cannot really understand the essence of socialism without it), it struck me that there is a glaring omission. According to this scholarship, "democide" occurs because of a desire on the part of a ruling regime to eliminate its opposition; to eliminate all challenges to its "absolutist ideology"; to exterminate a social group whose very existence is incompatible with the regime's goals or ideology; and often occurs disguised by a war or a rebellion that provides a convenient excuse. 

The glaring omission is the 300,000 Americans who were killed by the Lincoln regime from 1861—1865. According to some conservative estimates, some 50,000 Southern civilians were also killed. The southern secessionists certainly were a significant opposition to the ruling regime; they absolutely denied the validity of the regime's absolutist ideology — nationalism and a "mystical" union (as Lincoln called it) that must be held together at all cost; they were certainly dissenting to the Lincoln regime's goals and its nationalistic ideology; and Lincoln did refer to the original, peaceful acts of secession as a "rebellion." Indeed, the "official" U.S. government title for the War to Prevent Southern Independence is "The War of the Rebellion." 

More than half of the 300,000 or so southerners (one out of four adult men) who died, perished from disease. Nevertheless, it was the war, which forced those men to live in conditions where they would be subjected to being exposed to epidemics, that was the root cause of their death.......................


Palin To Obama: "You Bow And Kowtow To Our Enemies And Snub Our Allies" (video)

Palin To Obama: "You Bow And Kowtow To Our Enemies And Snub Our Allies" (video)
RealClearPolitics ^ | April 16, 2011 | RealClearPolitics

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 5:08:29 PM by i88schwartz

Palin To Obama: You Kowtow to our enemies and snub our allies "Well, Mr. President we're never going to get used to it. Not now. Never. You ignored us in 2012, but you can not ignore us in 2012!," fmr. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) said a Tea Party rally on Saturday. "Mr. Obama, Mr. President, you ignore it when you apologize for America while you bow and kowtow to our enemies and snub our allies like Israel.

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Food Production to Ensure One World Order

Food Production to Ensure One World Order | 4/14/2011 | David DeGerolamo

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 3:40:53 PM by David DeGerolamo

The mission statement below for Institute for Environmental Security represents a prelude for one world order under the guise of "environmental security". It is associated with the Club of Rome and Agenda 21. This article is the first of a series detailing the activities of this organization. Part 1 will outline the "Potentially catastrophic climate impacts on food production over the long-term". Part 2 will cover energy will show a correlation between the geography of the Jasmine Revolution of North Africa and this group's plans.

"The Institute for Environmental Security (IES) is an international non-profit non-governmental organisation established in 2002 in The Hague, in order to increase political attention to environmental security as a means to help safeguard essential conditions for peace and sustainable development."
Food and energy: everything hinges on these two items. The government excludes both of them from our inflation rate but we are all feeling its effects as their prices increase daily in our country. Control food and energy and you control countries, economies and people. As the following quotes from the article outline, climate change will be used to respond to the issue of "food security":

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security

TSA security looks at people who complain about ... TSA security ^ | April 15, 2011 | Mike M. Ahlers and Jeanne Meserve

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 3:30:17 PM by E. Pluribus Unum

Washington (CNN) -- Don't like the way airport screeners are doing their job? You might not want to complain too much while standing in line.

Arrogant complaining about airport security is one indicator Transportation Security Administration officers consider when looking for possible criminals and terrorists, CNN has learned exclusively. And, when combined with other behavioral indicators, it could result in a traveler facing additional scrutiny.

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Why Trump is leading and what it really means

Why Trump is leading and what it really means
The Daily Caller ^ | April 16, 2011 | John Ziegler, director of Media Malpractice

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 3:17:45 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

After the 2008 election, I spent an enormous amount of time and money documenting the media-induced ignorance of Obama voters for my documentary film, “Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.” The video I shot of Obama voters on Election Day has been seen by over 2.5 million people (not including millions more via television coverage) on YouTube.

The two scientific polls I commissioned to back up the video proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that Obama voters were frighteningly misinformed about basic facts like which party controlled Congress. While McCain voters weren’t exactly “A” social studies students, at least they fared significantly better.
I have always believed that, in general, Republicans are far more informed than Democrats. I thought this was true mostly because very few people are born “conservative” and therefore some sort of education process has to take place for one to emerge from the natural human state of being a liberal.
However, the emergence of Donald Trump as the sudden “frontrunner” for the Republican presidential nomination has made me question just about everything I thought I knew about GOPers.

How in the world a soulless self-promoter who has declared bankruptcy several times, defaulted on huge loans, claimed that George W. Bush was “evil” and the worst president of all time, had a pro-life conversion that makes Mitt Romney’s seem credible, praised Obama in 2008, recently donated to liberal Democrats, once supported universal healthcare, possesses no apparent knowledge of basic civics, already threatened to run as an independent and ensure Obama’s reelection, and probably doesn’t even have the money to self-finance a legitimate campaign, got to this position literally overnight is one of the most depressing developments in the history of the party.
While I am not yet panicked that somehow Trump will be the eventual nominee (though after watching Obama win in 2008, my view of what is politically possible has expanded enough to at least include that among the theoretically possible outcomes), there is no doubt that even if Trump never actually gets in the race, he has already had a profound and permanent impact on it.

Before I get into what Trump’s rocketing to the top of the polls really means, I wish to examine how this has happened.
Obviously, the primary reason that this has occurred is that we have become such a bizarrely celebrity-obsessed culture (and therefore our ratings-driven media is totally celebrity-driven) that if one is well known enough, then literally nothing is off the table. It is almost as if we have created an unofficial class of royalty whose members are automatically taken seriously in almost any endeavor simply because they are one of the “chosen people.”
What makes this development particularly offensive is that there isn’t any distinction between fame and infamy anymore. Being well known is just about all that matters, regardless of how or why it happened.

So when Trump approached CPAC with the proposal to speak (for what would become an episode of his Golf Channel reality show), he already had at least half of the credentials needed to qualify for a spot on the podium: He was famous enough to “trump” his extremely questionable “conservatism.” While obviously I can’t prove it, based on what I know about how things are done at CPAC (as a former co-sponsor), I would be surprised if some sort of “donation” from Trump didn’t smooth over any lingering doubts that they may have had about handing over the conference to such an obvious fraud.
How Trump caught fire
Instead of being ignored or banished to media Siberia as anyone else who has tried to promote “birtherism” has been, Trump, thanks to his celebrity and the perceived power of his alleged fortune, was able to actually make the issue seem legitimate. This gave him a political base with which to make noise in the polls.

Once the polls started to move in his direction (even though his “supporters” were probably too busy constructing tinfoil hats to know much about the real Trump), this created the perception of a “movement” and “momentum.” This of course was all the media (thanks again to the fact that Trump is famous and therefore ratings friendly) needed to rationalize covering him as if he was legitimate, which of course further increased his standing.
The most stunning example of this phenomenon was when Sean Hannity gave most of two episodes of his Fox News show this week to his “Trump Interview.” The conservative talk show host sat on his hands and watched (no doubt distracted by thoughts of how good his ratings would be those nights without having to do much work at all) as Trump made numerous statements that would have caused someone who truly cares about who will be the Republican presidential nominee to immediately take Trump down. Instead, I have no doubt that Trump, now armed with a seal of at least “no disapproval” from a rock star like Hannity, will continue to rise in the same opinion polls he is already routinely leading.

Trump is now in a position where he could be extremely dangerous. Conservatives are aching for someone with the gonads to take it to Obama and really shake things up in Washington if he happens to win. Many are so fed up that they are willing to jump on almost any bandwagon that even appears to be headed in that direction, even if the driver, like Trump, is totally unreliable. Others have given up to the point where they may be backing Trump simply for the entertainment value (heck, if the ship is sinking you might as well make sure there is some fun music playing on the deck as it goes down).
Trump will now start to attract the non-crazy crowd and will be so formidable in the polls that he is here to stay until/unless he says he isn’t running, or he inevitably/hopefully gets killed off in Iowa (can a guy who doesn’t like to shake hands really compete in Iowa?!). Because he has no substance and his supporters don’t seem to care, Trump will not be vulnerable to the standard political attacks. Only losing big or not running at all can stop him now.

Why Trump has already hurt the nomination prospects of Palin, Romney and Pawlenty
Will he run? Who knows? But he is certainly putting on an extremely convincing act that he is (why else the pro-life conversion and the sudden embrace of Christianity?), and thanks to these poll numbers, he almost seems forced into making a go of it. Regardless, his presence has already had a potentially decisive influence on the race’s outcome.
There is no doubt that, in different ways, Trump has had a deep and negative impact on the nomination prospects of Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty.
No one knows if Palin is even running (for the record, I am still pretty sure she has not yet ruled it out), but Trump has attracted many of the “give me someone with balls and the celebrity to use them” crowd that might naturally be Palin supporters. Whether they would return to her if she were to announce is unknown, but the fact that they have at least temporarily abandoned her in polls saps her cause of energy and leverage.
Obviously Trump also steals the mantle of “successful business guy” that would otherwise go to Romney. Since Mitt’s entire strategy is based on getting to 35 percent and outlasting everyone else with his cash, Trump’s emergence is a deathblow to him.

There is also little doubt that Trump has sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the air which would ordinarily go to Pawlenty. Pawlenty is closest to actually announcing and is most in need of an increase in recognition, which could easily spark a victorious run based on the notion that he possesses a unique biography that can work in both a primary and a general election.
There is an adage that a society tends to get the government it deserves. If the same is true of political parties and their presidential nominees, based on how easily at least a quarter of Republicans have already been duped into supporting Donald Trump, four more years of Obama might actually be better than we deserve.
John Ziegler is currently a documentary filmmaker who most recently released a movie on the 2008 election called, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted.” He has also been in radio talk show host in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Louisville and Nashville. Ziegler has written two books and has appeared live on numerous national television shows including the Today Show, The View, Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC.

Breaking: Senator Grassley Has Damning Documents on Obama’s Stimulus-Funded Gunrunner Project

Breaking: Senator Grassley Has Damning Documents on Obama’s Stimulus-Funded Gunrunner Project
Gateway Pundit ^ | 4-16-11 | Dave Workman

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 1:54:22 PM by Justaham

Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) has damning evidence that US ATF officials sanctioned or allowed the sale of assault weapons to straw purchasers. The agency was doing this on purpose. The government encouraged this. Two of the weapons ended up at the murder scene of a US border patrol agent in Arizona, Brian Terry. Obama says he and Holder knew nothing about Operation Gunrunner.

Senator Grassley spoke out on his investigation yesterday on the floor of the senate.
Between 13 and 1,700 guns got away and that’s just what has turned up so far. Several of the guns have been connected to criminal acts. Obama’s failed stimulus plan helped fund the program.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Whittaker Chambers 1957 Review of Ayn Rand

Whittaker Chambers 1957 Review of Ayn Rand ^ | 1957 | Whittaker Chambers

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 1:49:59 PM by stfassisi

Big Sister is Watching You BY Whittaker Chambers
Miss Ayn Rand wrote The Fountainhead. Despite a generally poor press, it is said to have sold some four hundred thousand copies. Thus, it became a wonder of the book trade of a kind that publishers dream about after taxes. So Atlas Shrugged had a first printing of one hundred thousand copies.

The news about this book seems to me to be that any ordinarily sensible head could possibly take it seriously, and that apparently, a good many do. Somebody has called it: "Excruciatingly awful." I find it a remarkably silly book. It is certainly a bumptious one. Its story is preposterous. It reports the final stages of a final conflict (locale: chiefly the United States, some indefinite years hence) between the harried ranks of free enterprise and the "looters." These are proponents of proscriptive taxes. Government ownership, Labor, etc. etc. The mischief here is that the author, dodging into fiction, nevertheless counts on your reading it as political reality. "This," she is saying in effect, "is how things really are. These are the real issues, the real sides. Only your blindness keeps you from seeing it, which, happily, I have come to rescue you from."

Since a great many of us dislike much that Miss Rand dislikes, quite as heartily as she does, many incline to take her at her word...........................

Scalise says Obama violates Constitution over 'czars'

Scalise says Obama violates Constitution over 'czars'
The Hill ^ | 4-16-11 | Erik Wasson

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 1:42:56 PM by Justaham

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the chief sponsor of the effort to defund administration-appointed advisers known as "czars," reacted angrily Saturday to a signing statement from Obama saying he plans to keep them. In a statement emailed to The Hill, Scalise accused Obama of acting like a “dictator.”
"President Obama should know that it is the courts, not the executive branch, that has the authority to determine the constitutionality of laws passed by Congress, especially considering that he agreed to this provision and signed the law himself," Scalise said in an emailed statement. 

"The President does not have the option of choosing which laws he will follow and which he will ignore,” he continued.
Scalise said that Obama's backtracking on the czar issue will make future talks on spending and the budget more difficult.
“The president knew that the czar amendment was part of the overall budget deal he agreed to, and if he cannot be trusted to keep his word on this, then how can he be trusted as we negotiate on larger issues like federal spending and the economy,” he said. 

“A bipartisan coalition in Congress agreed that President Obama was circumventing the constitution by appointing these czars without the scrutiny of Senate confirmation. The United States is not a kingdom run by a political dictator, and President Obama needs to quickly reverse course and abide by the law eliminating the czars that were part of the budget resolution agreed to by Speaker Boehner, Senator Reid, and President Obama himself,” Scalise continued.

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Wanted, Stand Up Patriotic Americans

Wanted, Stand Up Patriotic Americans

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 - Jim O'Neill  Friday, April 15, 2011 
“Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”—Patrick Henry (1736-1799)
A reader sent me the following poem by Josiah Holland.  I had never seen it before, and found it to be very apropos for our troubled times.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Mr. Holland penned his lines long before women had the right to vote in America, let alone the introduction of gender-neutral English. 
Please take that into account, and know that what he wrote applies every bit as much to women as to men. 

HIV-negative AIDS” is just “AIDS-phobia,” says the Chinese Health Ministry. "There is no such ‘HIV-negative AIDS’ virus.”

HIV-negative AIDS” is just “AIDS-phobia,” says the Chinese Health
Ministry. "There is no such ‘HIV-negative AIDS’ virus.”

But Chinese suffering from a variety of odd immune system-related
ailments disagree, and say a cover-up campaign is afoot.

Want to know more? Read here:

Chinese State Media Says Aids-Like Disease Is In the Head
Sufferers say propaganda and cover-up campaign afoot

The Epoch Times

PBS Host Advocates Repeal of the 'Natural Born' Clause ( Nervous much ?)

PBS Host Advocates Repeal of the 'Natural Born' Clause ( Nervous much ?) ^ | April 16 2011 | James Baker

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 12:10:43 PM by Para-Ord.45

While channel-surfing Friday evening, I happened upon the end of this week's installment of PBS's Need To Know program. Pulitzer Prize-winning former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham began his piece as follows:
Donald Trump made me do it. Those are not words I ever expected to say, but, as Margaret Thatcher once observed, it's a funny old world. For several years, I -- like, I suspect, many of you -- have watched the nativist and irrational obsession with Barack Obama's birth certificate with disdain, horror, bemusement -- and then back to horror.
Apparently, in Meacham's world, it is irrational (and horrifying) to expect transparency from this particular president. As expected, he refers to the matter as the "birther issue" instead of an issue of transparency, and insults those who consider the matter important by equating them to "crying children."

Next, Meacham shared his "long-delayed" homework with us. In consultation with one Akhil Reed Amar of Yale, Meacham discovered that the clause is founded on fears of European noblemen being president. To show need for the clause, Meacham cites a letter to a Prussian prince from an American in 1787 expressing interest to have the prince be a constitutional monarch.
Meacham informs that he is willing today to "roll the dice on a Prussian takeover", and concludes by advocating for repeal of the "natural born" clause for the office of president.
If we were to repeal the clause, we would open the doors to the children of the new America, a nation that began to take shape when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Immigration Act of 1965. Orrin Hatch suggested this almost seven years ago -- he was thinking then of a possible Schwarzenegger bid -- and you can imagine how far the initiative got. Amendments take time, but this one is worth the effort.

So, according to Meacham, since there are no longer any Prussian noblemen, there must not be any more risk to having an immigrant with loyalties to a foreign power in charge of our military. Now that is some deep critical thinking worthy of a failing grade on that homework assignment.
It is curious that Meacham admits that this transparency issue is horrifying to him, and by extension to his leftist audience. It is as if he can see the writing on the wall. Oh, and in the etymology of that idiom (Daniel 5) it is not "crying children" doing the writing.

Obama sending tax dollars overseas to refurbish Mosques and provide them with internet.

Obama sending tax dollars overseas to refurbish Mosques and provide them with internet.
youtube ^ | 4/16/11 | freemike

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 12:14:42 PM by freemike

Here's the direct link. It's pretty amazing.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

One-Hundred & Fifty Years and a Day ~ ",,,the fulfillment of Lincoln’s promise, officially declared that proposition is now dead."

One-Hundred & Fifty Years and a Day

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 - Otis A. Glazebrook, IV  Saturday, April 16, 2011 
imageOne hundred and fifty years ago, April 12th, 1861, the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter, this event marked the “official” beginning” of the U.S. Civil War.
The War that began as an argument as to whether or not States had the right to withdraw from the Union and evolved into a fight over Abraham Lincoln’s emphasis on this Nation’s founding proposition that:
“All men are entitled to the fruits of their labor.”

One-hundred and fifty years and a day later, April 13th, 2011, the current president of the United States, who two years earlier, strode into the White House as Lincoln’s heir apparent – the fulfillment of Lincoln’s promise, officially declared that proposition is now dead.

All money is now the Government’s

Speaker Boehner's office not surprised Obama keeps 'czars' (Obama: I won't follow budget provision)

Speaker Boehner's office not surprised Obama keeps 'czars' (Obama: I won't follow budget provision)
The Hill ^ | 04/16/11 | Erik Wasson

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 12:03:57 PM by Qbert

In selling this week's spending cut vote to his members, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) touted the fact that he was able to get the White House to agree to a rider defunding four “czars.” 

Obama pulled the rug out from under that provision on Friday by issuing a signing statement that said in accordance with the separation of powers he will continue to employ advisers as he sees fit.
Boehner's office is not surprised Obama found a way to circumvent Congress, according to a staffer. 

"It's not surprising that the White House, having bypassed Congress to empower these 'Czars' is objecting to eliminating them," Michael Steel, spokesman for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said.
The rider in the 2011 spending bill, which cut non-defense appropriations by $39.9 billion compared to 2010, forbids funding for the healthcare, auto, climate change and urban affiars advisers known as 'czars.'

In an April 12 “Speaker Alert” Boehner's office cited the rider as one of 17 reasons to support the deal.

Trump: I wanted Bush impeached [The Donald in 2008]

Trump: I wanted Bush impeached [The Donald in 2008]
CNN ^ | October 15, 2008 | CNN

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 11:59:59 AM by ejdrapes

Trump: I wanted Bush impeached

(CNN) – Business mogul Donald Trump told CNN Wednesday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have sought to impeach President Bush when she had the chance.
In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Trump said the president and his administration deliberately lied about the Iraq war, and congressional Democrats missed an opportunity to impeach him when the party took control of Congress in 2006. 

"I was surprised that she didn't do more in terms of Bush and going after Bush," Trump said. "It was almost - it just seemed like she was going to really look to impeach Bush and get him out of office, which personally I think would have been a wonderful thing."
Pressed why he feels Bush deserved the punishment faced by only two other commanders-in-chief, Trump said the president misled the country in the run-up to the Iraq war, and that his actions were considerably more objectionable than those which led to the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton. 

"He lied. He got us into the war with lies," Trump said. And I mean - look at the trouble Bill Clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant. And they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense. And yet Bush got us into this horrible war with lies, by lying, by saying they had weapons of mass destruction, by saying all sorts of things that turned out not to be true."

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Disrespect for the president or taking a stand

Disrespect for the president or taking a stand | 4/15/11 | David DeGerolamo

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:22:25 AM by David DeGerolamo

Randy Dye gave a heartfelt speech at the Raleigh Tea Party on April 15th, 2011. Although Randy’s speech included a controversial portion involving an Obama mask covered ball, his message contains points that should give all of us pause to consider the state of this country.

The attendees who were offended by pouring water over the mask argued that Randy showed a lack of respect toward the office of the President. I feel that any man who would use blackmail of active military personel in order to achieve a political goal has already showed what kind of respect he has for his office, his country and his morality.

Flashback: Candidate Obama Promises Not to Use Presidential Signage Statements

Flashback: Candidate Obama Promises Not to Use Presidential Signage Statements ^

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 11:27:15 AM by macquire

President Obama signed into law on Friday the hard-fought legislation to fund government and keep it running through the end of September.

But Obama took the key step of issuing a signing statement, a declaration of constitutional interpretation by a president of legislation he or she might sign into law. It essentially notified lawmakers that he would not abide by the section of the law defunding the establishment of so-called “czars.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Birthers v Truthers

Birthers v Truthers
self ^ | 4/16/11 | bray

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:38:41 AM by bray

In this same way, husbands ought to LOVE their wives as their own bodies. He who LOVES his wife LOVES himself. Eph 5:28
Calling your opponents, Birthers is the classic Saul Alynski tactic of making people turn away from the truth for fear of becoming labeled. These are patriotic Americans who love the truth and simply want it to be displayed so there are not doubts to the validity of Present Obama’s birthplace. Most agree that there is a 90% chance he was born in Hawaii, but that isn’t enough in a free and open society. After watching his latest screed about Repubs killing Granny many of us would like to see his transcripts and ask how such a simple person got into Harvard? The speech as well as his labeling tactic for his past are simply the old commie lib attack machine to take the attention off the real issue and put the questioner on defense through wild accusations.

Social Security claim vanishes from O'Reilly podcast

Social Security claim vanishes from O'Reilly podcast
WND ^ | April 16,2011 | Bed_Zeppelin

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 10:40:58 AM by Bed_Zeppelin

Since Fox News host Bill O'Reilly erroneously claimed President Obama's Connecticut-issued Social Security number was likely the result of his father having "lived in Connecticut for several years," the cable news giant has apparently scrubbed the audio of the statement from its website.

In his viewer email segment Wednesday night, O'Reilly was asked by viewer John Knox of Arlington, Va.: "What about Obama having a Connecticut Social Security number? He never lived there."
"His father lived in Connecticut for several years," O'Reilly answered, adding that "babies sometimes get numbers based on addresses provided by their parents."
Another letter from Fox viewer Ken McFadden of LaGrange, Ga., asked: "O'Reilly, will you stake your professional reputation that Mr. Obama is constitutionally eligible to be president?"
"I will, Ken," answered O'Reilly. 

But those questions and answers did not appear on a Fox News website podcast of the episode purchased, downloaded and audited by WND. In addition, a printed version of the question-and-answer exchange, above, on, a separate site, also left out the key question about Connecticut.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Pennsylvania Democrat uses Violent Rhetoric in Floor Debate

Pennsylvania Democrat uses Violent Rhetoric in Floor Debate ^ | 04/16/2011 | n/a

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 9:54:27 AM by massmike

Yes, it’s that new age of Democrat political civility rearing its ugly head yet again. During an April 12 debate on gun control Pennsylvania State Representative Margo Davidson of Philadelphia wondered aloud on the House floor if it might be OK for her to blow the brains out of one of Pennsylvania’s Republican Representatives.

Before we even go on with this story, imagine if a white, male, and Republican politician had asked during a debate on policy if it would be OK if he blew the brains out of a black, female, Democrat. Just imagine what would be happening to such a man should he have done this.

Have We Reconciled

Have We Reconciled
Old Virginia Blog ^ | April 13, 2011 | Richard Williams

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 9:27:28 AM by Davy Buck

This is a perplexing question, as it relates to the WBTS. In some ways, yes. In others, no. I, like many of you, recently (and for the 3rd or 4th time), watched Ken Burns' PBS documentary, The Civil War. Even though I have several criticisms of the Burns' film, I still find it a fascinating piece of work and very educational. I've always thoroughly enjoyed watching the film, despite its shortcomings.

One of the more moving parts of this film comes near the end, as shown below. Pay close attention at about 30 seconds in and listen as historian David McCullough narrates the moving "reenactment" of Pickett's charge at the 50th anniversary reunion at Gettysburg.

I believe one can detect the emotion in McCullough's voice as it sounds like he almost chokes up in recounting the emotional event. I don't think he's acting. I don't mind admitting that I too was moved with emotion in hearing McCullough recount the story . . .
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Barack Obama's Internet Kill Switch

To view today's Daily Bell, please click here.
Saturday, April 16, 2011 – by Anthony Wile

Anthony Wile
What are the chances of a US Internet Kill Switch? Could it happen? Is it practical? The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT) and The Daily Bell are pleased to bring you a short video presentation titled, Internet Kill Switch.
The video features hard-to-believe yet true events unfolding right now in Washington D.C. to try and suppress the Internet's ability to support the freedom of the press. Will the power elite be victorious in squelching Internet freedom? We surely hope not and will continue to support freedom of the press and the Internet-spawned advance of liberty and free-market thinking. We hope you enjoy the video and look forward to reading your feedback. Click here to watch.

Viewers, as well, are invited to add their financial support to our Foundation's efforts to spread the word on this and other critical freedom issues. The time to act is now. Educational efforts like those being led by FAFMT via publishing efforts like the Daily Bell and outside free-market organizations it supports are critical to the expansion of freedom-awareness supported by sites and outlets on the World Wide Web.
Today there is substantive Internet freedom. But if Barack Obama and the power elite standing behind him get their way, the authoritarian nightmare planned for all citizens suppressed under the control of a New World Order will move closer reality.
Read More
We look forward to hearing your feedback on today's Daily Bell.


Anthony Wile
Chief Editor, The Daily Bell
Executive Director, The Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT)

“Outraged and Disgusted” Congressman Introduces Legislation To Bar TSA From Groping Children

“Outraged and Disgusted” Congressman Introduces Legislation To Bar TSA From Groping Children

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“I am so furious with them I can’t even see straight”
Steve Watson
April 15, 2011

A US Congressman says he is furious at the treatment of minors by the TSA and has introduced legislation to completely outlaw any form of pat-down on a child by security personnel without the express consent and presence of a parent.
In a letter to TSA head John Pistole this week, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah described the treatment of six year old Anna Drexel at the hands of a TSA officer in New Orleans as a “shocking violation” of TSA protocol.

In a video that quickly went viral on the internet, the confused and tearful young girl was subject to an enhanced pat down, which included an officer putting her hands inside the child’s pants.

Chaffetz, who is the chairman of an Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee that watches over the TSA, introduced the bill on Wednesday, noting “I am personally outraged and disgusted by yet another example of mistreatment of an innocent American at the hands of TSA.”

“This conduct is in clear violation of TSA’s explicit policy not to conduct thorough pat-downs on children under the age of 13.” Chaffetz added.
The Congressman also spoke of a recent incident involving his own children and the TSA, describing how his wife and two daughters were separated and given enhanced pat downs after refusing to go through radiation firing naked body scanners when flying to Utah from Washington.

“I am so furious with them I can’t even see straight,” Chaffetz said Thursday. “They should not be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Obama’s new plan may actually rely 60 percent on tax increases

Obama’s new plan may actually rely 60 percent on tax increases
Reuters ^ | April 15, 2011 | by James Pethokoukis

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 8:59:01 AM by library user


In his budget speech earlier this week, President Obama described his budget plan this way:
It’s an approach that achieves about $2 trillion in spending cuts across the budget. It will lower our interest payments on the debt by $1 trillion. It calls for tax reform to cut about $1 trillion in tax expenditures — spending in the tax code. And it achieves these goals while protecting the middle class, protecting our commitment to seniors and protecting our investments in the future.
Now with all these plans floating around — the debt commission, Paul Ryan’s — Goldman Sachs has tried to do an apples-to-apples comparison over 10 years (not 12 as White House tried to pull off). And here is what it found:

So of the 3.4 percentage points of savings, more than half — 1.9 points — comes from taxes. That’s 56 percent, not the one-third or one-quarter that Obama was talking about. And I am assuming that Goldman is using the White House’s rosier economic forecasts when evaluating Obama’s plan. (Ryan uses the gloomier ones from the Congressional Budget Office.) I think the Republicans will be pointing this out.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

The Sunshine Patriot: When it becomes personal

The Sunshine Patriot: When it becomes personal
Conservative Hideout ^ | 4-14-11 | John Carey

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 8:58:00 AM by Wanderer659

How many of you know conservatives or people who claim they want to do the necessary things to save the republic? They spout off about reining in the government and cutting spending. They demand entitlement reform and a government that functions within the scope of its constitutional parameters. 

They slam politicians who tax and spend and wave Gadsden Flags to show their patriotic spirit. Yes that’s right they talk the talk that is until it becomes personal or in some way impacts them. These are the modern day “sunshine patriots” that Thomas Paine spoke of back during that difficult winter of 1776.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

White House unveils cyber ID proposal

White House unveils cyber ID proposal
google/AFP ^ | 4/15/2011 | Chris Lefkow

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 8:22:20 AM by lowbridge

The White House unveiled a plan on Friday designed to boost confidence and business in cyberspace through the creation of a single, secure online credential.
"By making online transactions more trustworthy and better protecting privacy, we will prevent costly crime, we will give businesses and consumers new confidence, and we will foster growth and untold innovation," President Barack Obama said in a statement.
"That's why this initiative is so important for our economy," Obama said.
The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) proposes the creation of secure and reliable online credentials that would be available to consumers who want to use them.

It would be private-sector driven and participation would be voluntary.
The "identity ecosystem" would involve the use of a single credential -- unique software on a smartphone, a smart card or a token that generates a one-time digital password, for example, -- and would eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Trump's Plan to Ride the Birther Issue Right to the US Presidency

Trump's Plan to Ride the Birther Issue Right to the US Presidency
Reaganite Republican ^ | April 16, 2011 | Reaganite Republican

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 6:45:20 AM by Reaganite Republican

Can you imagine the utter humiliation of the GOP, Romney, MSM, and much of the American public when Trump proves Obama wasn't born here

After these fools all gave Obama a free pass!

It seems abundantly clear that Donald Trump plans to ride this issue and resulting constitutional crisis right to the White House in 2012... just you watch, he's spending millions and finding PLENTY in Hawaii, precisely as he told Fox's Neil Cavuto three days ago. 

While he's at it, might as well have a good look at Obama family comrade and Hawaii's hippy governor, Neil Abercrombie... his part in the Obama BC cover-up should be enlightening, my own research found he had Soviet ties.

I sure don't understand why many are so anxious to attack the man -unless they've got another (lame) favorite in the nomination race- we ought to be grateful to Trump

A friend of mine who knows and dislikes him personally told me that he is indeed very happy to have Trump around, getting in Obama's face...and that he's "doing the country a great service" on the Obama birth certificate and other issues. This friend is an accomplished NYC attorney and serious man... but one who has always harbored deep suspicions re. Obama's opaque past himself.

What unabashed capitalist Trump saw was a massive 'unfulfilled demand' by TEA partiers and birthers with whom he sympathized- and is moving posthaste to fill. In other words, a gaping hole in the market big enough to drive a truck through. Trump's putting the hammer down as we speak. 

And let's face it: Donald Trump is only here because the Newts, Mittens, and T-Paws of the world don't have a full set. And when Palin showed up and tried to tackle these same issues, they helped the MSM tear her to bits. But Trump knows well how to deal with the press and politicians... and he's not afraid of them, Obama, or anybody else.

Like him or not, Trump is planning to unveil Obama's frightening past, make everybody look like naive idiots, then roll into DC a conquering hero... I'm serious.

But hey, you don't have to give Trump your vote...
he won't need it by then.

Dispatch the War Department by Becky Akers

Dispatch the War Department

by Becky Akers
by Becky Akers
Recently by Becky Akers: Ganging Up on Grandma
However small or large a government you consider ideal, whether you're left, right or center, you probably agree that the military is indispensable and legitimate. You may quibble about its size and purpose (defensive versus policing the world), but almost no one wonders whether we need an army.
It's time we did.

Questioning the military's necessity puts us in good company, specifically that of the Founders. Many of them vehemently opposed a "standing" army (i.e. one that is professionally, permanently established and remains intact rather than disbanding after beating off an attack. That definition encompasses cops as well: the Founders would never have drawn the artificial distinction we do between a force that fights overseas and one that wars on its own citizens. Indeed, the Redcoats patrolling Boston in the 1760's and '70's fulfilled the functions of modern police).
So Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts articulated popular wisdom when he damned standing armies as "the bane of liberty" during Congressional debate in 1789. The heroic Patrick Henry, too, denounced bellicose professionals because they "execute the execrable commands of tyranny."
Even James Madison, among the most Federalistic of the Founders, listed the horrors that "proceed" from armies: "debts and taxes; … [which] are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few." At the Constitutional Convention, he cautioned, "A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive, will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved, the people."
Despite these warnings, the Constitution assumes that the Feds will maintain not only an Army but a Navy, too. Why? Perhaps partly because of a debate then ongoing — and one that still rages among historians and military buffs: could the militia, which simply means armed citizens as opposed to professional soldiers, have prevailed against the British Army by itself? After all, Patriot militia won several battles, including the essential one at Saratoga. Or was the United States' victory in the Revolution impossible without the professional, full-time Continental Army?

Then, too, during the years that a Convention debated and states ratified the Constitution, Americans fretted about the precarious peace the Treaty of Paris brought in 1783. England refused to withdraw its troops from the Northwest Territory (modern Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin) despite the Treaty's stipulations to do so — to say nothing of Britain's vast beachhead, Canada. And France might demand more than mere amity for..........................

Judge strikes Righthaven website domain demand

Judge strikes Righthaven website domain demand
Las Vegas Sun ^ | 16 apr 2011 | Steve Green

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 7:11:06 AM by rellimpank

Things went from bad to worse on Friday for Las Vegas copyright enforcement company Righthaven LLC when a judge rejected Righthaven’s standard copyright infringement lawsuit demand that defendants forfeit their website domain names to Righthaven.
Chief U.S. District Judge for Nevada Roger Hunt also found merit in arguments that Righthaven can’t demand attorney’s fees in its lawsuits, though he didn’t issue a final ruling on that issue.

Hunt’s ruling on those two issues came in a Righthaven lawsuit against former federal prosecutor Thomas DiBiase, who has a website covering “no body” murder investigations nationwide — cases in which a murder is suspected but no body has been located

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Complaining About TSA Molestation Will Get You Profiled as a Terrorist

Complaining About TSA Molestation Will Get You Profiled as a Terrorist

According to CNN, the government considers “arrogant complaining” about TSA Gestapo tactics at the nation’s airports to be an indication of terrorist behavior.

No comments yet; your thoughts are welcome.

Click on the Banner to learn more The Secret Cabal, Part 8 by Dr. Stanley Monteith

Click on the Banner to learn more The Secret Cabal, Part 8

Are you prepared for the difficult period that lies ahead? If you want to survive the coming turmoil, you must understand the origin of the bloody conflicts of the twentieth century because "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Why is the information important today?

It's important because the covert movement that precipitated the Boer War, World War I, the Russian Revolution, World War II, the Communist takeover of China, the Korean War, the Communist takeover in.......
by Dr. Stanley Monteith

Obama Hosts Boss of Terror Channel Al-Jazeera by Cliff Kincaid by Cliff Kincaid

Obama Hosts Boss of Terror Channel Al-Jazeera

President Obama on Thursday hosted Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar, otherwise known as the Boss of Al-Jazeera, for a meeting in the Oval Office.

Obama called him “Your Highness” and “His Highness,” even though the Emir dropped his robes of royalty for a business suit. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani financially sponsors Al-Jazeera and its most famous personality, anti-American and anti-Semitic cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has just returned to.....
by Cliff Kincaid


...To put all of the pieces of this massive puzzle together would require scores of shelf-straining volumes. Although the roots of this agenda go back more than a hundred years, what is happening today started during one of the most radical decades of the 20th century, the 1960’s. 
The Sixties brought rampant hedonism, radical social change, and political upheaval, all of which unleashed irreversible havoc and destruction on a very unprepared nation. Many of the agitators of that turbulent decade tossed out the traditional values, morals and beliefs of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations and chose instead to pursue the radical, extreme ideas of socialism and communism. 
After decades of cold war with what President Ronald Reagan later called the “Evil Empire,” it is now graphically obvious that communism and other leftist ideologies did not die with the fall of the Soviet Union. This ideology has silently spread like a cancer to America.
Cloward and Piven
By now, most people who are at all interested in what is happening in America have heard of the “Cloward and Piven Strategy. The strategy has been accepted as the bible of the progressive left movement and is at the heart of this cancer.” Birthed by sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven, the strategy was published in an article entitled The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty in the May 2, 1966 issue of The Nation, an ultra left leaning magazine which strongly supported the Communist bloc during the cold war. 
The purpose of the Cloward and Piven Strategy “seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.” It also called for “cadres of aggressive organizers” to use “demonstrations to create a climate of militancy…. Carefully orchestrated media campaigns, carried out by friendly, leftwing journalists, would float the idea of "a federal program of income redistribution.”.....................