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THE "G" WEBLOG @N54 by R.W. "Dick" Gaines: HOW MANY MORE LIES? ~ By: Devvy

July 6, 2009
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Well, another Independence Day. Another 2,000 tea parties attended by enraged Americans. But, also a display by arrogant politicians and just plain stupid Americans. Sen. John Cornyn of my state, Texas, was booed while he tried to sell more stink. But, he could care less. The ignorant, dumbed down voters (with the help of vote fraud) reelected this RINO in 2008 for another six years. The gutless city fathers of the City of Point St. Lucie put up a sign which read:

"The city of Port St. Lucie does not endorse, support, or condone the views or products of the organizations or individuals in this section. However we are required to make this space available to avoid the cost of litigation in reference to Section B."

Wouldn't want to lose any votes next election by actually supporting the true meaning of Independence Day. Better to stick with barbecue, booze and baseball. How these city fathers shame the memory of all the sacrifices by men, women and children and the blood that ran red rivers to birth a free nation.

Some of the cattle grazing along the sidelines had their cud chewing interrupted: "After voicing their opinions among themselves, the tea partiers then paraded into a nearby section of the city where a traditional Independence Day celebration was taking place with music and fireworks. Some onlookers appeared surprised, as they watched with open jaws as they read the messages on the tea party signs."

Why, Fiddle-dee-dee! Look at those folks talking out against the government!

The prize example of stupidity belongs to this zombie: "One man apparently upset by the demonstration shouted, "Stop politicizing the Fourth of July!"

There's nothing political about Independence Day. Not now and certainly not back in 1776. It was and is about freedom and liberty and stopping the tyranny clubbing us at every turn every day of the week. While time is an issue for Americans, I highly encourage you to read this speech written by Dr. Edwin Vieira for the Committees of Safety Rally at Lexington Green (2009); click here.

The second is a very important video: The Power of the Purse, The Power of the Sword. Unless and until Americans fully understand the monetary issue and how you put teeth into these Tenth Amendment resolutions, we will not move in the right direction as a whole nation.

While America watched fire works, fished rivers and lakes and listened to fiery oratory, tens of millions do not remember (or choose not to remember) the massive lies and cover ups that have affected the lives of tens of thousands of Americans. They don't give more than a passing thought anymore to the victims and their families. Those who birthed this constitutional republic would be repulsed by the lack of interest and cowardice on the part of elected public servants who have turned a blind eye to getting the truth and exposing the murderers. They would be outraged that the American people would simply go about their business while murder and mayhem happens right under their noses.

Each and every one of these "events" remains a cover up while the guilty walk free. I haven't forgotten and neither should every man and woman in this country. Millions refuse to look at the hard facts because they cannot and will not face the truth. These Americans willfully believe lies to protect their comfort zones. So be it. As for the rest of us who have taken the painful road to reality, we will NOT stop until the truth is exposed and the guilty brought to justice.

Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty

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