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Bank Of America Analyst Advocates The "Unthinkable" -- An Intentional Default On US Debt

Bank Of America Analyst Advocates The "Unthinkable" -- An Intentional Default On US Debt
Business Insider ^ | 04/17/2011 | Joe Weisenthal

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:34:43 PM by The Magical Mischief Tour

We continue to be astounded by the emergence of the pro-default meme within financial circles.
Previously it was Chris Whalen and Dean Baker taking the stance that the US could default with minimal negative ramifications.
Now it's someone at a major bank: BofA's credit strategist Jeffrey Rosenberg, whose note from Friday is titled The Case For Default (via @dutch_book).
He explicitly rejects the doom camp, and thinks temporary default could be managed without significant market interruption.

We don't find his argument to be all that convincing.
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Bachmann: Obama has neglected to prove eligibility

Bachmann: Obama has neglected to prove eligibility
WND ^ | April 17, 2011 | Joe Kovacs

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:32:49 PM by RobinMasters

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., says President Obama has neglected to clearly demonstrate he's eligible to hold his office, and says it would be simple for him to do so.
"It's an interesting issue that has gone on for so long and it's one that the president could have solved very early on," Bachmann told Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro last night.
"All he had to do is just answer some questions and show his [long-form birth] document and then have people do an attestation that this in fact is a legal document and it's over, it's done. And I think the president has neglected to focus on answering that question for people, and that's why a lot of people still have it lingering in their minds. None of us can prove, none of us can do attestation. Only the president and someone who is legally tasked with attesting to the validity of that document can do that, and I think that's what the president should do."

Bachmann, who is considering her own run for president next year, said, "One thing I know is that people have weighed President Obama in the balance, and he's been found wanting. I think we have a real opportunity to win back the White House. And again, it's not about a political party winning, it's about taking the country back. That's the bigger issue, and I think it's really gonna happen in 2012."

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In Wake of Massive Tornadoes, Media Avoids Reporting on Obama's 64th Round of Golf Today

In Wake of Massive Tornadoes, Media Avoids Reporting on Obama's 64th Round of Golf Today
Sunday, April 17, 2011 | Kristinn

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:36:34 PM by kristinn

While Southern states reeled from a massive tornado outbreak that killed several dozen people, Barack Obama played his 64th round of golf as president today. The White House pool reporter filed reports on Obama's departure for the links at Andrews Air Force Base and on his return to the White House. However there are no reports by the media informing the public about Obama's golf outing.
The closest to a news report is a post on Twitter by CBS News Radio White House correspondent Mark Knoller. Keith Koffler at the blog White House Dossier also did a post based on the pool report.

Knoller also tweeted that Obama spent four hours on the golf course today.
The South got ripped by tornadoes this weekend, gas prices are hitting $4 per gallon, unemployment claims are up, the budget deficit is still out of control, the war in Libya is a cluster as is Afghanistan where our troops are still getting killed.
Yet the media gives Obama a pass by not doing its basic job of telling the American people how Obama spent his day.

THIS JUST IN! North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue says she spoke with Obama today and that he pledged "whatever it takes to rebuild North Carolina." The governor did not say whether Obama was golfing when they spoke today.

Media hesitate on Trump's authorship charge

Media hesitate on Trump's authorship charge
WND ^ | April 17, 2011 | Jack Cashill

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 8:13:11 PM by RobinMasters

On "The Sean Hannity Show" Friday night and at a Florida tea-party rally Saturday, Donald Trump elaborated on the charge that he has been making the past two weeks, namely that Bill Ayers helped write Barack Obama's acclaimed 1995 memoir, "Dreams From My Father."

Yet despite what Obama-friendly biographer David Remnick had previously called the "diabolical potency" of the charge, the mainstream media have resolutely failed to investigate its accuracy.
Trump all but dares them. At both stops, he emphasized the point that I make in "Deconstructing Obama": As Trump put it to Hannity, "Without that book, [Obama] is not president."

"Dreams" was essential to Obama's ascendancy as "Profiles in Courage" was to John F. Kennedy's. It served as the foundation of the genius myth on which Obama's campaign was based.
"[Obama's] whole aura was caused by the genius of the first book," Trump said accurately on Saturday, "which was written by Bill Ayers."
Trump also told Hannity that "the guy who wrote the first book didn't write the second book ['Audacity of Hope']."

This is a point that Ayers had himself implied a few weeks back at Montclair State University when he praised "Dreams" – and claimed credit for writing it, albeit with a wink – but dismissed "Audacity" as a "political hack book."
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Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in AmericaThis is a featured page

Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in AmericaThis is a featured page

White Paper July 17, 2006

Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America

by Radley Balko
Radley Balko is a policy analyst specializing in civil liberties issues and is the author of the Cato study, "Back Door to Prohibition: The New War on Social Drinking." Executive Summary Americans have long maintained that a man's home is his castle and that he has the right to defend it from unlawful intruders. Unfortunately, that right may be disappearing. Over the last 25 years, America has seen a disturbing militarization of its civilian law enforcement, along with a dramatic and unsettling rise in the use of paramilitary police units (most commonly called Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT) for routine police work.
The most common use of SWAT teams today is to serve narcotics warrants, usually with forced, unannounced entry into the home. These increasingly frequent raids, 40,000 per year by one estimate, are needlessly subjecting nonviolent drug offenders, bystanders, and wrongly targeted civilians to the terror of having their homes invaded while they're sleeping, usually by teams of heavily armed paramilitary units dressed not as police officers but as soldiers. These raids bring unnecessary violence and provocation to nonviolent drug offenders, many of whom were guilty of only misdemeanors. The raids terrorize innocents when police mistakenly target the wrong residence. And they have resulted in dozens of needless deaths and injuries, not only of drug offenders, but also of police officers, children, bystanders, and innocent suspects. This paper presents a history and overview of the issue of paramilitary drug raids, provides an extensive catalogue of abuses and mistaken raids, and offers recommendations for reform. Botched Paramilitary Police Raids: An Interactive Map Overkill
Purchase a copy from the Cato Bookstore

Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America - COPS OUT OF CONTROL Full Text (PDF, 2 MB)

Back to White Papers and Miscellaneous Reports © 2007 The Cato Institute
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White House releases trusted Internet ID plan

White House releases trusted Internet ID plan
Computerworld ^ | 16 April, 2011 03:20 | Grant Gross (IDG News Service)

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 7:08:47 PM by newzjunkey

The U.S. government will coordinate private-sector efforts to create trusted identification systems for the Internet, with the goal of giving consumers and businesses multiple options for authenticating identity online, according to a plan released by President Barack Obama's administration.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will work with private companies to drive development and adoption of trusted ID technologies, White House officials said. The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), released by the Department of Commerce on Friday, aims to protect the privacy and security of Internet users by encouraging a broad online authentication market in the U.S.

"The fact is that the old password and username combination we often use to verify people is no longer good enough," Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said at an NSTIC release event hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. "It leaves too many consumers, government agencies and businesses vulnerable to ID and data theft."...
The trusted ID technologies described in NSTIC would allow online users to dump passwords in favor of credentials that can be used on multiple websites. The Obama administration hopes that multiple trusted ID technologies will emerge, officials said.
Consumer participation in trusted ID technologies will be voluntary, they added.
NIST will host three workshops starting in June to focus on problems with development and adoption of online ID authentication technologies, Obama administration officials said...

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ON THE BEACH...(Ending Scene)...

ON THE BEACH...(Ending Scene)...
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Just got back from seeing Atlas Shrugs in MN

Just got back from seeing Atlas Shrugs in MN

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 5:48:13 PM by macquire
Only movie I have been to in my life in which the audience clapped and cheered at the end!
1:30 PM show with about a 1/3 full theater. Pretty good I figure for an afternoon movie in MN.

The case for betting on Obama in 2012

The case for betting on Obama in 2012 ^

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 5:25:51 PM by wendy1946
The following item is being passed around in email and, apparently falsely, is being attributed to Dr. Walter Williams of George Mason University, sometimes heard filling in on Limbaugh's radio program.
It is scary stuff nonetheless regardless of who wrote it:

Can President Obama be defeated in 2012? No. He can’t. I am going on record as saying that President Barak Obama will win a second term. The media won’t tell you this because a good election campaign means hundreds of millions (or in Obama’s case billions) of dollars to them in advertising. But the truth is, there simply are no conditions under which Barak Obama can be defeated in 2012.

The quality of the Republican candidate doesn’t matter. Obama gets reelected. Nine percent unemployment? No problem. Obama will win. Gas prices moving toward five dollars a gallon? He still wins. The economy soars or goes into the gutter. Obama wins. War in the Middle East? He wins a second term. America’s role as the leading Superpower disappears? Hurrah for Barak

Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl
Legal Insurrection ^ | April 17, 2011 | William A. Jacobson,

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 5:18:39 PM by onyx

Fight Like A Girl

In using that term, Sarah Palin issued a political call to action directed at the men who rule the Republican Party:
"We didn’t elect you just to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic," Palin said during a rally in front of the Wisconsin statehouse in Madison. "What we need from you, GOP, is to fight." Pointing to the national champion University of Wisconsin women's hockey team, Palin said the GOP could learn from its resolve and “needs to learn how to fight like a girl."
But the phrase signaled far more.  Palin acknowledged what those of us who have followed the Tea Party movement have known for a long time:  Women have been the driving force and energy behind the Tea Party movement.

But even more than that, Palin took a phrase usually considered an insult and turned it into a compliment.

In one sentence, Palin did more to advance the cause of women in politics than all the Women's Studies Ph.D's in all the universities in this country combined.

Update: Sissy Willis reminds us of the day.  Be sure to watch the video of pre-nominee "drill baby drill" talk. I just paid $68 to fill my car this morning. How much longer until they come out with one of those automobile windmills?

Ask George III if Demonizing the Tea Party Works

Ask George III if Demonizing the Tea Party Works
American Thinker ^ | April 17, 2011 | Lee Cary

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 5:08:39 PM by neverdem

Future historians will describe the Democratic Party's demonization of the Tea Party movement as a major political blunder that put them squarely on the wrong side of America's 21st Century financial crisis.

When Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on a conference call that he'd been instructed by "the caucus" to use the word "extreme" when referring to the Tea Party, he carelessly revealed the previously obvious but unacknowledged truth.  Democrats have a coordinated plan to demonize the Tea Party movement (TPM) via their oft-repeated meme that implicitly characterizes law-abiding citizens as terrorists -- as with fundamentalist Islam or domestic militias, contemporary lone gunman or historical mass murderers (recall Nancy Pelosi's comment about Nazis in conjunction with TPM gatherings).

Using "extreme" is an extreme tactic on the part of Democrats.  And a dumb one, guaranteed to galvanize the TPM into a stronger and more determined effort.  One might ask: How could Democrats be so brazenly stupid as to think the tactic will be widely successful, particularly with independents?  Even with the support of the legacy liberal media?   

Maybe they just don't know much about early American history.  They should, since many of them have law degrees.  And all of them can read...or, at least, most of them.

They should know that the historical precedent for the TPM wasn't the Tea Party event in Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773.  Significant for American history as that was, and still is, it isn't the precursor of today's TPM.  Something else was.

The Continental Association, established on October 20, 1774, was the first Tea Party-like movement in American history.  On that date, Peyton Randolph, President of the First Continental Congress, signed a document on behalf of those self-identified therein as "We, his majesty's most loyal subjects."  The document came in response to the so-called Intolerable Acts passed by the British parliament.

The Intolerable Acts were a set of four acts: The first was the Boston Port Act, which closed the port of Boston to all colonists until damages from the Boston Tea Party were paid. The second, the Massachusetts Government Act, gave the British government total control of town meetings, taking all decisions out of the hands of the colonists. The third, the Administration of Justice Act, made British officials immune to criminal prosecution in America and the fourth, the Quartering Act, required colonists to house and quarter British troops on demand, including in private homes as a last resort.

When Lord North became Prime Minister of the British Parliament in 1770, he embodied the hard line King George III took toward the Colonies.  With regard to the Boston Port Act, North said, "Now is the time to proceed with firmness and without fear. They will never reform until we take a measure of this kind."  Parliament crammed the Intolerable Acts down the Colonists' throats just as Democrats stuffed ObamaCare down ours.  Mistakes on both their parts.

Today's Democrats think that to "take the measure" of the Tea Partiers also means calling them "extremists."  Parliament's response had the same impact on the Colonies that the Democrats' extreme language is having on the TPM -- it stiffened resistance.  

The document that came from the First Continental Congress, less than a year after the Boston Tea Party, was a collective nose-thumbing (or, perhaps, another crude hand gesture deploying a finger specially chosen for the occasion).  It established a network of locally-based committees designed to facilitate the boycott of British-made goods.  The goal was:.......................

Donald Trump on Obama: Investigate Rezco!

Donald Trump on Obama: Investigate Rezco!
Conservative Spotlight ^ | April 17, 2011 | Fred Dardick

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 4:48:38 PM by FredDardick

I highly doubt Donald Trump is presidential material, but he sure makes for one great Republican attack dog. Finally a celebrity big enough to get the attention of Americans outside of the conservative community is speaking out against Obama’s shady past. After once again raising legitimate concerns over Obama’s sham “birth certificate” during an appearance on the Fax News program Hannity, Trump expressed alarm over Obama’s real estate dealings with convicted Chicago influence peddler Antoin “Tony” Rezco.
For those of you who still haven’t heard, Obama’s Chicago home that he bought in 2005 was located on a property split into 2 parcels; one with the house and the other an adjacent side yard. The owner was willing to sell the properties separately, but only if they were purchased at the same time. Since Obama couldn’t afford to buy both, he had to find a sugar daddy to back him or he could kiss his dream home goodbye.

Obama did exactly what you would expect out of a sleazy Chicago politician, he turned to his biggest campaign contributor, Tony Rezco, to purchase the side yard for him. On the same day that Obama closed on his home for $1.65 million, $300,000 less than list price, Rezco’s wife bought the adjacent parcel for the full asking price of $625,000. A year later Rezco sold a 10 ft. strip of the land to Obama for $104,500, which rendered the remainder of Rezco’s property too small to be developed and, for all intents and purposes, worthless. To this day the land remains empty.
Obama would have us believe these transactions, made with a man who later went to jail for fraud and bribery, were some sort of cosmic coincidence that had nothing to do with Rezco’s purchase of influence in an up and coming State Senator. Common sense indicates otherwise. As Trump pointed out on Hannity, other politicians have had their careers destroyed for far less an indication of impropriety.

Trump has done a great job breaking through the MSM iron curtain to publicize the facts surrounding Obama’s birth certificate, or more accurately the lack thereof, and I can only hope he will do the same with Rezco. While liberals may be able to chuckle away the “was he born in Hawaii or wasn’t he” deal, a convicted slumlord’s involvement in Obama’s purchase of multi-million dollar home is no laughing matter.

Sen. Paul to DOE : My Toilets Don't Work 'And I Blame You'

Sen. Paul to DOE : My Toilets Don't Work 'And I Blame You' ^ | April 15, 2011 | Eric Scheiner

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 4:48:40 PM by PROCON

( - Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) continues his lambasting of Energy Department regulations on consumer products. Blaming a Department of Energy (DOE) secretary for his non-functioning toilet a month ago and comparing new government regulations on efficiency standards to actions of “the collective” from Ayn Rand’s 1937 novel ‘Anthem’.

“You restrict my purchases, you don’t care about my choices, you don’t care about the consumer frankly, you raise the cost of the all the items with all your rules, all your notions that you know what’s best for me,” Paul said to DOE Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hogan at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on March 10th.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Flushing Out RINOs, Neo-cons, Faux Conservatives, Controlled Opposition, and the Clueless

Flushing Out RINOs, Neo-cons, Faux Conservatives, Controlled Opposition, and the Clueless
Canada Free Press ^ | 04/17/2011 | Jim O'Neill

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 4:26:10 PM by johnsmom

The existence of the United States as a free republic under the rule of Constitutional law, hinges on how “we the people” deal with the the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS. Remolding the US Constitution into a “living” constitution, a “plastic” constitution, a changeable constitution, is to destroy the Constitution, and the United States as a free republic.

Make no mistake, the question of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS is of vital importance, and seeing as Donald Trump is the ONLY figure of national stature to address the issue, it is incumbent on every constitutional conservative (read that as “patriotic American”) to support Trump, until something better comes down the pike—and I don’t see anyone else coming down the road at the moment.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Gaps in White House Visitor Log Explained

Gaps in White House Visitor Log Explained
A Semi-News/Semi-Satire from AzConservative ^ | 16 April 2011 | John Semmens

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 2:37:45 PM by John Semmens

Despite pledges that his Administration would be “the most transparent in history,” logs of who comes and goes to confer with the President and his staff at the White House have glaring omissions.

Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney attributed the incomplete record to “efforts to serve conflicting objectives. On the one hand, we want to be as open as possible. On the other, we want to respect an individual’s right to privacy. So, we tried to compromise by allowing those who preferred that their visits not be acknowledged to opt out of having their names recorded.”
Concerns that the selective reporting of who visits with the President could undermine trust in the Administration was taken in stride by Carney.
“It basically boils down to whether you have faith in the honesty of the President,” Carney said. “If you do, you accept that some things must remain private. If you don’t, you’re going to be demanding documentary proof of everything just like the ‘birthers’ are about where the President was born. Is having to produce papers to verify stuff the kind of country we want to live in? I think not. I believe the American people trust the President to tell them what they need to know for the good of the country.” 


Truth in Media: Independent Journalists "Who Tell the Truth" Need our Support!

Truth in Media: Independent Journalists "Who Tell the Truth" Need our Support!

Global Research, April 21, 2011

So far, 2011 has been a tumultuous year, and we've only just begun. War and militarization are being passed off by mainstream media as "humanitarian intervention"; our environment and health are being compromised to protect investments and corporate interests; poverty is running rampant in every corner of the world, and yet still we are expected to pay for unjust wars and corrupt financial schemes at great expense to us and our families.
The writers who contribute articles to Global Research are dedicated to stopping this tide of disinformation and making real information available. Thanks to their commitment and sacrifice, we can start to change the system through increased awareness.

however, journalists pay a high personal and professional price for telling the truth. Professional journalists committed to truth in media are invariably penalized by their corporate employers. They are pressured into accepting media disinformation as routine, as part of the job. They are encouraged to skim the surface or to convey half truths.

This is a system which rewards mediocrity. Those who lie are promised fame, funding and career advancement. Those
who refuse to abide by the standards of the mainstream media are not only fired, they are blacklisted and their prospects extinguished. Journalists who have the courage to say the truth find themselves marginalized and excluded, and therefore often driven into poverty. Indeed, a considerable number of journalists who contribute to Global Research find themselves in this predicament.
Global Research has therefore initiated a fundraising campaign to assist journalists, researchers and contributors who have either lost their jobs with the mainstream media or who have been excluded from employment opportunities as professional journalists. As part of our mandate to deliver independent news and analysis to the broader public, we believe it is important to support and encourage journalists in their endeavours.
We know that our readers turn to Global Research for independent coverage of world events which is not coloured, created or manipulated by corporate, government or insitutional stakeholders. Therefore, we ask you to support us in supporting the writers who continue to bring you the material you need in order to understand what's happening in the world around you.
Please consider making a donation to Global Research or creating a Membership. Every amount makes a difference, and will be greatly appreciated!

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GM: A loose nut behind the wheel

GM: A loose nut behind the wheel
American Thinker ^ | April 17, 2011 | Ralph Alter

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 2:58:15 PM by jazusamo

There is no more appropriate metaphor to describe the flailing hybrid corporation known as Government Motors than that provided by the report of a Chevy Cruze owner hurtling down the freeway when the steering wheel came off in his hands. At least as much as a 1.4 liter 4 cylinder power plant can be said to hurtle.

The once formidable giant corporation still sadly reflects the popular sentiment, "As GM goes, so goes the nation." America, from all the available reports, rattles down the world's economic, political and cultural freeways like an underpowered compact car, rudderless and apparently incapable of changing direction. It should really be a joke, but when one asks the question: What do you get when you cross the inefficiency of a labor union with the sclerosis of a federal bureaucracy? The answer could be a.) Government Motors or b.) the Obama administration or c.) both of the above.

Now comes t he report from Channel 3 Eyewitness News in Connecticut, of a residential garage destroyed in a fire that may be attributed to the owner's Chevy Volt that was charging inside. The quality control problems that have plagued American automakers since the onset of ridiculous labor union work rules continue to hamper the efforts of U.S. car makers. Despite the giant hand of Big Brother placed firmly on the scale to level the playing filed with the much more efficient Japanese automakers, Government Motors can't get its priorities right.

Or had you forgotten the media circus surrounding the reports of braking problems with Toyota's products? After millions of Toyotas were recalled to study the so-called "unintended acceleration" problem reported by a few drivers, it was found that the problem was caused by driver error. Just like the hysteria in 1986 surrounding the Audi. Only this time, Uncle Sam had some serious skin in the game and turned up the regulatory heat, costing its Japanese competition serious billions and weeks of negative publicity.

Government Motors stock continues to struggle. After what the company called a successful IPO at $33.00 after emerging from bankruptcy reorganization in November, the stock has dropped to about $30.00 per share as of Friday. After the company teamed with the Obama White House to lie about repaying its TARP loans and then paid out an average of $4,000 in bonuses to each of the hourly workers responsible for securing steering wheels and fireproofing Chevy Volt charging systems, that the stock is selling at all is remarkable.

Even in the face of rocketing gasoline costs, General Motors was only able to sell 1,210 Chevy Volts in the first quarter or 2011. A business model dependent upon securing a sufficient number of crack-pots searching for their green badge of courage seems likely to continue to plummet.

“I agree with Clyde Wilson that America can’t be saved or returned to its roots until the Republican Party is destroyed.” –Thomas DiLorenzo

“I agree with Clyde Wilson that America can’t be saved or returned to its roots until the Republican Party is destroyed.”
Thomas DiLorenzo
The Real DiLorenzo

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Arrogance in Office

Arrogance in Office | 4/17/11 | Hans

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 2:15:59 PM by David DeGerolamo

In my last post, I suggested we need to attack the structures that enable the Imperial Presidency (History Repeats Itself).
The keyboard was not yet cool from my fingers when our current president made a public declaration of his arrogance:
In a statement issued Friday night, President Obama took issue with some provisions in the budget bill – and in one case simply says he will not abide by it.
Last week the White House and congressional Democrats and Republicans were involved in intense negotiations over not only the size of the budget for the remainder of the FY2011 budget, and spending cuts within that budget, but also several GOP “riders,” or policy provisions attached to the bill.
One rider – Section 2262 -- de-funds certain White House adviser positions – or “czars.” The president in his signing statement declares that he will not abide by it.
Full Story: ABC News
He simply will not abide by the lawful "will of the people". Just a simple declaration, with nose up in the air: "I will not abide..."
And what of the RINO's in congress assembled who sent this budget 'compromise' to the White House? What have you heard from them regarding this breach of protocol?
Spineless weasels - all of them. They betray us with a bad deal, and then sit on their thumbs while aspects of that deal are ignored.

If the president does not veto the legislation yet clearly states that he will not abide by it, where is the "rule of law" ?
Several RINO friends criticized me for statements I made back in February: WWFMD ? I think my attitude has been vindicated.

Given this sterling example of "leadership", what reason do I have to feel compelled to obey any aspect of the law with which I disagree ?
The comment field is "open for business" ...

Tea Party Trump: Obama's Birth Certificate Scam; Bill Ayers & Tony Rezko - Jerome Corsi Responds...

Tea Party Trump: Obama's Birth Certificate Scam; Bill Ayers & Tony Rezko - Jerome Corsi Responds...
Obama Release Your Records ^ | April 16, 2011 | Obama Release Your Records

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 2:21:23 PM by RobinMasters

Video: Donald Trump at the Florida Tea Party: Slams Obama on all fronts; Obama's unwilling or unable to produce a birth certificate; Ayers & Rezko. Speech given on 4/16...
Via Dr. Jerome Corsi:

Trump pounds Obama on the birth certificate, on Ayers writing Obama's autobiography, on the Rezko deal to buy the Obama mansion in Chicago -- No other candidate is attacking Obama -- the GOP establishment as indicated by Rove is preparing to run another inept campaign -- just like McCain -- in which Obama gets a pass. Trump is dominating the political agenda now - WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Chicago–Communist Paradise of the Midwest ~ By Al Benson Jr.

Chicago–Communist Paradise of the Midwest ~ By Al Benson Jr.

By Al Benson Jr.It seems that the “Windy City” has had a love affair with communism that goes back a long time. Originally, you can trace it back to 1860 when the Republican Party convention was held there–the convention that nominated Abraham Lincoln to run for president on the Republican ticket that year.
There were several “Forty-Eighter” socialists, refugees from the 1848 socialist revolts in Europe, there that year for the convention and some of these socialists, such as Carl Schurz, actually helped to write the Republican Party platform in 1860. In our book Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists Walter Kennedy and I have noted this. On page 61 we stated: “In chapter one we noted the close ties between radical European socialists/communists and Lincoln. 
In that chapter we pointed out that we are not suggesting that Lincoln was a communist, only that for some reason, these early American socialists/communists found the new Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln very attractive.” So Lincoln was nominated, ran, and won, with the help of these Forty-Eighter socialists/communists–and it started in Chicago. How fitting.
You can check out information about Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists on

Unfortunately for Chicago, that was not the last they saw of the communists. A dispatch from Chicago to the New York Times for April 24, 1878 noted: “The Police report that the communist element here already numbers several thousands, and that many drilling places are almost nightly frequented by armed men.
There are three halls on the North Side having facilities for drilling purposes, and the Superintendent of Police reports that about 4000 men drill in them every week…Superintendent of Police Hickey says that the arms used by the organizations are mostly Springfield rifles of the old and new patterns.”
The dispatch also noted that the communists had sent an agent from Chicago to New York to purchase more arms and ammunition. Sounds typically communist–a little intimidation to attempt to dampen potential resistance.  The Russian tanks in the streets of Budapest in 1956 accomplished the same purpose.
There is a new and slightly longer article up on…
*** dealing with the history of communism in the fair city of Chicago. Guess what, communism in this country started in Chicago.
So what else is new?Al




by Alan Stang
February 1, 2008

Many patriots these days lament that the Republican Party has “lost its way” and “gone wrong.” It has “diverged” from the fiscally responsible, small government philosophy of Republican heroes like Robert Taft whom Eisenhower’s handlers finagled out of the nomination for President in 1952. We are told that is why today’s Republican Establishment hates Dr. Ron Paul with such a passion; that they hate him because, like Taft, he is the quintessential Republican. Patriots who say that are mistaken, of course. The reason the Republican Establishment hates Dr. Paul is precisely that he is not a traditional, mainstream Republican, that his platform of freedom is an aberration. The Republican Party didn’t “go wrong,” didn’t “go left.” 
It has been wrong from the beginning, from the day it was founded. From the beginning, the Republican Party has worked without deviation for bigger, more imperial government, for higher taxes, for more wars, for more totalitarianism. From the beginning, the Republican Party has been Red.
Why? In 1848, Communists rose in revolution across Europe, united by a document prepared for the purpose, entitled Manifesto of the Communist Party. Its author was a degenerate parasite named Karl Marx, whom a small gang of wealthy Communists – the League of Just Men – hired for the purpose. The Manifesto told its adherents and its victims what the Communists would do. 
But the Revolution of 1848 failed. The perpetrators escaped, just ahead of the police. And they went, of course, to the united States. In 1856, the Republican Party ran its first candidate for President. By that time, these Communists from Europe had thoroughly infiltrated this country, especially the North. Many became high ranking officers in the Union Army and top government officials.
Down through the decades, Americans have wondered about............................... 

Only Government Can Set You Free

Only Government Can Set You Free
 By Daniel Greenfield Full Story
The word “freedom” nowadays often has a hollow sound because so many people have forgotten what it means. And the worst misconception that people have about freedom is that it is something that they receive from the government.

Descending Into Madness: Beck Says GOP Trying To Politically Assassinate Him, Bachmann & Palin

Descending Into Madness: Beck Says GOP Trying To Politically Assassinate Him, Bachmann & Palin
Fav Stocks ^ | April 17, 2011 | Nicole Belle

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 12:56:54 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

He’s losing it.
It’s only a matter of time before the men with the strait jacket show up. In Beckistan, not only is world controlled by Soros-funded liberals, but the GOP now wants to “politically assassinate” him and his fellow truth tellers, Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.
On his radio show today, Glenn Beck claimed that the Republican Party is out to politically assassinate him, Sarah Palin, and Michele Bachmann. [..]

Beck said, “May I just, I mean they’re going to call me a conspiracy theorist, but let’s go on a little conspiracy here, and I don’t claim to know what it is, and maybe it’s all coincidental, but I don’t believe in coincidence. I think there’s something happening with the Republicans and the right that is disturbing. There was a time when Republicans and the right if you will didn’t mind the Tea Party. They used them as fuel, but if you’ll notice Michele Bachmann is now enemy number one. Michelle Bachmann is being discredited like I haven’t seen before, and they’ve tried for a while, but like I haven’t seen before. Even those in Congress are distancing themselves from the Tea Party and the caucus, and you can make excuses and maybe some of them are valid, maybe. “
He floated his conspiracy theory that the GOP was out to politically assassinate himself, Bachmann and Palin, “Sarah Palin has always been pilloried by the left, but have you noticed the right and how she’s being pilloried? The same with me. The same with CPAC. Are decks being cleared? Is it just a coincidence, or is the 2012 presidential election raising its head now, and anyone who talks about freedom, or is a real wild card that could hurt the party, are they being politically assassinated at this point?”

I’m going to give him the contextual benefit of the doubt that he means “discredit” when he talks about “political assassination”, but it’s a little hard to be absolutely sure with Beck, isn’t it? Should members of the GOP fear the Beck ultra-loyalists, like Byron Williams?

Although he does not mention him by name, Beck is apparently nursing his wounded ego over being summarily dismissed as an unserious conspiracist by William Kristol and lashing out. For someone so eager to paint others in a conspiratorial light, he certainly is thin-skinned, as evidenced by his recent similar attacks on Lawrence O’Donnell.

Earth Day and Environmental Insanity By Alan Caruba

Earth Day and Environmental Insanity
 By Alan Caruba Full Story
imageAnyone who has been paying any attention to the environmental movement has got to have concluded it is insane.
  • While the United States stands poised on defaulting on its ever-growing debt—the highest in the nation’s history;
  • While wars and insurrections are waged in the Middle East, across northern Africa, and in the Ivory Coast;
  • While Japan struggles to deal with a major earthquake and nuclear plant meltdown; 
  • While Islam wages terrorism worldwide, and
  • While European nations attempt to deal with their own financial crisis, the environmentalists—Greens—engage in the most absurd frauds and nonsense since the Dark Ages.

Flushing Out RINOs, Neo-cons, Faux Conservatives, Controlled Opposition, and the Clueless By Jim O'Neill

Flushing Out RINOs, Neo-cons, Faux Conservatives, Controlled Opposition, and the Clueless
 By Jim O'Neill Full Story
“There is something on it that he [Obama] doesn’t like.”—Donald Trump on Obama’s birth certificate           

The existence of the United States as a free republic under the rule of Constitutional law, hinges on how “we the people” deal with the the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS. Remolding the US Constitution into a “living” constitution, a “plastic” constitution, a changeable constitution, is to destroy the Constitution, and the United States as a free republic.

Nullification: Smacking Down Those Who Smack Down The Constitution

Nullification: Smacking Down Those Who Smack Down The Constitution
 By Publius Huldah Full Story
In response to a recent article in the National Review by Allen C. Guelzo, a nullification denier and history professor at Gettysburg College, and two responding letters to the Editor,1 one “Celticreeler” posted an astute rebuttal you can read here.

Why Liberals See Taxes as a Holy Sacrament & How This Destroys America

Why Liberals See Taxes as a Holy Sacrament & How This Destroys America
 By Kelly O'Connell Full Story
imageIs tax revenue really the entire strength of a nation? In the Genesis story of Joseph in Egypt, to save themselves during 7 years of famine, Egyptians sold themselves into Pharaoh’s slavery in exchange for food, till all they owned was themselves. Likewise, today Obama proposes Americans avoid a contrived economic apocalypse by embracing his call for perpetual deficit spending and permanently skyrocketed tax rates. Like ancient Egypt, if Americans follow this vision, we will all end up slaves. Yet, we won’t be saved since the logical outcome is government will again own everything as we morph into default communism.

Is this The Donald’s business deal of a lifetime? By Judi McLeod

Is this The Donald’s business deal of a lifetime?
 By Judi McLeod Full Story
imageSunday S.O.S. to patriots everywhere: Donald Trump is not the saviour on the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama.  In fact for all those working so hard to prove that Obama is the biggest scam ever pulled on America, Trump looks more like Brutus.
Those of us who want antiseptic sunshine on Obama’s missing credentials, including writers of this publication, now see that sunshine as Trump.

They couldn’t possibly be more wrong!
There is no doubt that the massive quest probing Obama’s eligibility is right to never let up on questioning the eligibility of the man who would destroy America.
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they are gems in themselves!

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Ayn Rand’s scary vision of government coming true

Ayn Rand’s scary vision of government coming true ^ | April 17, 2011 | Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 11:28:03 AM by jmaroneps37

While you were sleeping, your industrious federal government was busy establishing new guide lines for 2011 washing machines that, according to my source, cut down on efficiency, deceive the customer into thinking hot is hot, cold is cold, and make her lights flicker.
Doing things on the sneak is a characteristic of the Obama administration that I find especially odious, and this “Energy Efficient Washing Machine” two step is cloying to say the least. My source, who is most reliable, reports she bought a new basic model, and was shocked to discover after doing her first load of laundry, “when set on HOT, the sensor automatically adds COLD along with the hot.” The warm is a mix of both and the COLD SETTING ADDS HOT AS WELL.”

She thought the dealer had installed the machine incorrectly, but upon referring to the manual, learned that “the manual states some cold is added to the hot to conserve energy and hot is added to the cold to activate the detergent”
She also was informed, after she purchased the new 2011 washer, that “it will not fill up with water as much as your previous washer, therefore only allowing a small or medium load, all to conserve energy.”

She noticed the new agitator is so aggressive (to compensate for the lesser amount of water used to clean), that “this causes lights to flicker in my home where the three previous washers never put such a load on the electrical system.”
She feels consumers should be getting the tax break for complying with this new draconian environmental law and not the manufacturer. Sure enough, the new Whirlpool manual on page 2, states “This washer is designed to use less water and energy, and complies with all 2011 energy standards….

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

The 5 Words Used to Control / Enslave You

What are these 5 words that are used to control / enslave you? Person, resident, citizen, driver and passenger (all commercial terms). In my humble opinion, these 5 words are the keys to casting the spell in the attorneys’ legal jargon trickery. All commercial transactions / contracts have been designed to remove the men and women from the equation and replace with a legal fictional entity in the matrix system.

...PERSON is a legal entity – a trust, corporation, partnership, association. Don’t be fooled by the attorney’s statutory word trickery if you see “natural person”. An adverb cannot change the root meaning of a word. Plain and simple, it is impossible to be a “person”. You are either a man or woman – a living being. A “person” is a dead entity and attorneys may only represent persons – commercial legal entities.
RESIDENT is the word term used to establish jurisdiction in a State (a legal entity). To “reside” is a commercial term only used to establish domicile for tax revenue purposes.

CITIZEN is the word term used to establish jurisdiction in a Federal district. It is also a commercial term only used to establish domicile for tax revenue purposes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may only tax those people who have voluntarily deemed themselves internal to the district. Thus only legal entities have tax liability...............................

Do We Just Lie Down and Let Them Fool Us With Trump?

Do We Just Lie Down and Let Them Fool Us With Trump?
tea party member

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 11:09:23 AM by reasonisfaith

One of the oldest tricks in warfare is to distract the enemy. The statists are partly succeeding in fooling us this way, with Donald Trump.
Step back, and redefine the battle. It is not a battle only against Obama.
It's a battle against statism and against socialism.If we lose our focus, we go down.
The marxists/statists know that if they can figure out a way to stage one of their own (Trump) against another of their guys (Obama), it will take our attention away from the target, confuse us and divide us.
Evidence: Trump supported Harry Reid against the heart of the tea party, Sharron Angle. Trump wants Hillary to be Commander in Chief. He gives thousands of dollars to the most virulent leftists like that Weiner guy in Congress.
There's more evidence that Trump could be working directly under Hillary Clinton than there is evidence he might actually care about the birth certificate.
Think of the worst business deal, real estate scam, or stock market scheme. Think of Bernard Madoff.
Think of a liberal who is also a very skilled professional salesman. That's Donald Trump for you.

Judge Reveals Secret Righthaven Copyright Contract [illegal through and through!!!]

Judge Reveals Secret Righthaven Copyright Contract [illegal through and through!!!]
Slashdot ^ | 4/17/11 | timothy

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:50:00 AM by Clint Williams

Hugh Pickens writes
"Judge Roger Hunt has unsealed the confidential agreement between Righthaven and the Las Vegas Review-Journal that has allowed Righthaven to sue over more than 250 charities, impoverished hobby bloggers, reporters, and the newspaper's own sources, for $150,000 each in damages and forfeiture of the sites' domain names, and the contents of the agreement could end up being ruinous for Righthaven's campaign of copyright lawsuits. The problem is that Stephens Media, the company that owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal, didn't actually assign any of the rights related to copyright to Righthaven except the right to sue — and that has been found in Silvers vs. Sony Pictures to be illegal under case law. In other words, none of the important things that come with a copyright — such as the right to make copies of a work, or distribute it, or make 'derivative works' — were handed off to Righthaven. Only the right to sue was given, and that makes the copyright transfer bogus, argue lawyers for the Democratic Underground, which is being sued for one of its website users posting the first four paragraphs of a 34 paragraph story."


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'It is hard to tell where big labor ends and the Obama administration begins'

White House email system carries whose news releases?

'It is hard to tell where big labor ends and the Obama administration begins'

Posted: April 15, 2011
11:55 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

The White House this week transmitted two union promotions through its tax-paid email system, and although both praised the president, they gave no appearance of having any other link to Obama administration operations, prompting a Washington watchdog to wonder where is the dividing line between big labor and the president.

The criticism comes from Judicial Watch, which just one day earlier issued a report that the Obama Health and Human Services agency plans to spend $200 million of taxpayer funds to promote Obamacare, the president's signature law that has been declared unconstitutional by two federal judges.
Stop the Presses!: The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution
The union promotions were from the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, and the American Federation of State, County, Municipal Employees, or AFSCME. While both interact regularly with the government and lobby on behalf of their own interests, they are separate organizations from the government.

The Trump Rebellion

The Trump Rebellion ^ | April 16, 2011 | Doug Giles

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 9:59:16 AM by Kaslin

For this weekend I was originally going to write on five reasons why Obama will be reelected in 2012. Why the gloomy prediction? Well, for me at least, it’s primarily because this current crop of GOP hopefuls gets me about as excited as watching Joy Behar doing an interpretive dance in Borat’s thong to The Doors’ classic hit “Riders on the Storm” (the extended version) while smoking a cigar with spinach in her teeth.
Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like certain—or many—aspects of the various conservative contenders who are starting to jockey for position; it simply means that I think Obama the Swiffer would dust them with his billion dollar Chi-town based voter fraud fueled spin machine. That’s all.

So, what caused me to change the topic for this week’s screed?

Police officers go incognito to get video evidence on… Chief explains in affidavit how he picked target of surveillance

Police officers go incognito to get video evidence on…

Chief explains in affidavit how he picked target of surveillance

Posted: April 16, 2011
8:55 pm Eastern
By Bob Unruh
© 2011 WorldNetDaily

Michael Marcavage

Police in Winchester, Va., have documented in affidavits for a lawsuit how they decided to get evidence on a Christian street preacher then dispatched an officer undercover to take video of the man's faith statements on public streets during a local festival.
"I made a video recording of the individuals using the amplification device, a true and accurate copy of which is attached hereto," Sgt. Robert Bower testified via affidavits in a lawsuit over the city's alleged attempt to silence the street preacher during the May 2010 Apple Blossom Festival.
Police Chief Kevin Sanzenbacher explained he had been contacted by street preacher Michael Marcavage with questions about the city's noise ordinance and discussed the ordinance with him.
Then, the chief said, "Concerned that Mr. Marcavage was intent on accusing my department of violating his constitutional rights in the future, I had Sgt. Robert Bower patrol undercover and record any encounters between my department and Mr. Marcavage so as to confirm that no one in my department violated Mr. Marcavage's rights."
(Story continues below)

Read more: Police officers go incognito to get video evidence on…

How Libertarians Ought To Think About The U.S. Civil War

How Libertarians Ought To Think About The U.S. Civil War
Reason Papers ^ | Spring 2006 | TIMOTHY SANDEFUR

Posted on Monday, September 17, 2007 5:35:27 PM by Delacon

How Libertarians Ought To Think About The U.S. Civil War
By Timothy Sandefur

[Reason Papers vol. 28, pp. 61-83, Spring 2006]
I. Introduction
For decades, outspoken libertarians have seen the Civil War not only as a
historical calamity, but as a political calamity as well. According to many libertarians,
the Union victory in the Civil War, and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln in general,
represented a betrayal of American Constitution and of the fundamental principles of
American political philosophy.

This interpretation rests on two major arguments as well as a variety of more
minor concerns. The more minor concerns include specific critiques of the policies of the
Lincoln Administration, or of the conduct of the War by Union forces. For example,
many libertarians condemn the Union for instituting a military draft, or for suspending
the writ of habeas corpus. There are many of these specific criticisms, which deserve
detailed discussion which cannot be provided here.1 Suffice to say that some of these
criticisms are well-founded; indeed, libertarians deplore war precisely because it tends to
give rise to such evils.

Understanding the Civil War as a matter of political philosophy, however,
requires a systematic, two-step analysis: first, does a state have the legal authority under
the United States Constitution, to secede unilaterally? If the answer to this question is
yes, then the analysis is at an end: if states have the right to secede, the Union was in the
wrong to put down the Confederacy. If, however, the answer is no, then we must proceed
to a second step: even illegal acts, like the American Revolution, are justified by the right
1 For example, it ought to be noted that the Confederacy instituted a military draft as well, and did so before 

the Union did. J. McPherson, Battle Cry of Freedom (New York: Ballantine, 1988) p. 427.
of revolution, so even if the Constitution does prohibit secession, the people of the
southern states had the right to rebel against the Union, if their act was a legitimate act of revolution. It is essential to keep in mind the distinction between secession and

As Lincoln wrote, “It might seem, at first thought, to be of little difference
whether the present movement at the South be called ‘secession’ or ‘rebellion.’ The
movers, however, well understand the [*62] difference.”2 Was, then, the Confederate
rebellion a legitimate act of revolution?........................

Obama's Domestic Imperialism

Obama's Domestic Imperialism ^ | April 17, 2011 | Mark Baisley

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 8:56:48 AM by Kaslin

Is it just me, or did everyone else feel a sudden shift in the tectonic plates of national discourse?  For decades, the American political debate could be summed up as government provision versus private innovation.
While the conservative position seems to remain, “That government is best that governs least,” the liberal priority appears to have advanced from, “That government is best that governs most” to an all-out campaign of domestic imperialism.
The momentum seemed to begin building in October of 2009 when the Secretary of Defense Comptroller issued a decision to reduce contractor funding 13 percent by converting civilians to civil service. 

In other words, a Lockheed Martin engineer could remain in his position supporting base operations at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, but now as a direct employee of the federal government.


Canada Free Press ^

Posted on Sunday, April 17, 2011 8:43:34 AM by mitch77

QUOTE: "The political elite and the MSM are doing everything possible to suppress discussion of Obama’s ineligibility, pretend that we are not in a Constitutional crisis and allow him to contest the 2012 election"...... This sentence is an outright lie.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Is There One Honest Politician in Hawaii?

The Post & Email has posted a new item, ''

Is There One Honest Politician in Hawaii?

by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 16, 2011) — Last week The Post & Email made several calls to Hawaii
officials at the Department of Health, Governor Neil Abercrombie and Lt.
Governor Brian Schatz regarding the Health Department's recent refusal to grant
Hawaiian-born citizens a copy of their original birth record.  We had also sent
an email [...]

Missionary and Former Inmate at the Monroe County Jail Returns to Court on

by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 16, 2011) — A Christian missionary and journalist, George Joseph
Raudenbush, III, who was jailed on December 30, 2011 and released on February
18, 2011 on charges of "aggravated assault, resisting arrest, “frisk,”
driving uninsured, speeding and failure to wear a seat belt" has a hearing