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Cliff Kincaid -- American Revolutionary War Museum to Honor Al-Jazeera

Cliff Kincaid -- American Revolutionary War Museum to Honor Al-Jazeera: "The General Henry Knox Museum is honoring a representative of Al-Jazeera, the channel associated with various terrorist organizations, on July 28 on the stage of The Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine. The museum says that an intimate Gala dinner and reception will follow at 7:30 p.m. at Camden National Bank’s historic Spear Block location in Rockland.

Knox played a significant role in the American war for independence from Britain and was close to General George Washington.

The idea of an American museum devoted to patriotism honoring a representative of a foreign-funded channel, described by Middle East experts such as Walid Phares as “Jihad television,” is not going down well in Maine and across the country. The most visible public face of Al-Jazeera Arabic is the anti-Semitic cleric, Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who approved suicide bombings against Israeli civilians and American military personnel in Iraq."

Winning the War (against Satan)

Winning the War (against Satan): "“Now the time has come for the Son of Man to enter into his glory. I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels – a plentiful harvest of new lives.” Furthermore, after Jesus spoke of Satan's pending judgment, he said, “And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself. He said this to indicate how he was going to die.” (John 12:23-24, 32-33)

It is significant that Jesus predicted his death using the metaphor of a kernel of wheat. As a kernel 'dies' in the ground and produces many new kernels, so Jesus intimated his death would effect new life for many more people. His death would also be a gateway “to enter his glory.” It is understandable that the prospect of dying would evoke the feeling of being “deeply troubled.” Jesus was determined not to evade the cross, saying, “Should I pray, 'Father save me from this hour?' But this is the very reason I came! Father bring glory to your name.” (John 12:27-28)

In conclusion I would encourage you to reflect on another prophecy that sheds further light on the conflict between Christ and Satan –"

A Politically Incorrect Perspective On American Exceptionalism

A Politically Incorrect Perspective On American Exceptionalism: "As Americans race off to enjoy this weekend’s Independence Day festivities, whether this was or remains an exceptional country has become a defining question for our times. Dueling worldviews compete to define our past so to steer our future.

Our own president, the manifestation of political correctness, traipses around the world apologizing for the country that so favored him. He famously mocked the idea of American exceptionalism, deriding her as indistinct from Britain or Greece. Before we decline a la Greece, we ought to think back to what made this nation transcendent.

On one side my ancestors helped hack a great nation out of vast, mostly uninhabited wilderness. The other side sailed here fleeing feudal oppression. Both families came seeking better lives. It wasn’t easy. My mother’s ancestors braved rough seas, hostile Indians and the great unknown.

My father’s came to a strange land with a different language, culture and customs. None were promised a Rose Garden. By sweat, blood and tears they made the better lives they sought. Most Americans’ ancestry reveals similar hardships and successes.

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

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Gunny G: Interesting Read: Admiral Fallon; John McCain; Gen Petraeus; USS Liberty, etc.

Interesting Read: Admiral Fallon; John McCain; Gen Petraeus; USS Liberty, etc.
Fallon Calls Petraeus @ss-kissing,,,
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Fallon was born in East Orange

Fallon was born in East Orange: "Fallon's Naval Career

He flew the RA-5C Vigilante, and A-6, in a combat deployment to Vietnam. He has logged more than 1,300 carrier-arrested landings and 4,800 flight hours in tactical jet aircraft.

Fallon commanded Attack Squadron 65 in the 1991 Operation Desert Storm. Next, he was a naval commander of a carrier group in the Balkans conflict. Nominated for his fourth star, he became the 31st Vice Chief of Naval Operations in October of 2000.

He was then nominated and confirmed for assignment as the Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command and U.S. Atlantic Fleet from October 2003 to February 2005."

Admiral Fallon calls David Petraeus “an ass-kissing little chickenshit” � Pissed on Politics

Admiral Fallon calls David Petraeus “an ass-kissing little chickenshit” � Pissed on Politics: "Admiral Fallon calls David Petraeus “an ass-kissing little chickenshit”
Posted by PoliShifter on 14 September 2007, 7:49 pm

Tips: Les, Think Progress
This article has widely circulated among the blogs but I figured I would post it up just on the off chance that some of you missed it…
U.S.-IRAQ: Fallon Derided Petraeus, Opposed the Surge
By Gareth Porter*
WASHINGTON, Sep 12 (IPS) – In sharp contrast to the lionisation of Gen. David Petraeus by members of the U.S. Congress during his testimony this week, Petraeus’s superior, Admiral William Fallon, chief of the Central Command (CENTCOM), derided Petraeus as a sycophant during their first meeting in Baghdad last March, according to Pentagon sources familiar with reports of the meeting."

Obama Opens Dialogue With Muslim Brotherhood & Holds Talks With Taliban…

Obama Opens Dialogue With Muslim Brotherhood & Holds Talks With Taliban…: "Obama Opens Dialogue With Muslim Brotherhood & Holds Talks With Taliban…
Gateway Pundit ^ | June 30, 2011 | Jim Hoft

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2011 5:25:26 PM by Kaslin

It’s an Obama World."

DOJ Orders Protection Of “Language Minority Populations”

DOJ Orders Protection Of “Language Minority Populations”: "DOJ Orders Protection Of “Language Minority Populations”
Judicial Watch ^ | June 30, 2011

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2011 5:33:22 PM by jazusamo

Obama’s Department of Justice has ordered Colorado to protect the interests of “language minority populations” by strengthening a Court Interpreter Oversight Committee that assures immigrants who don’t speak English get free translators."

California tells online retailers to start collecting sales taxes from customers

California tells online retailers to start collecting sales taxes from customers: "Reporting from Sacramento — Shopping at Inc. and other major Internet stores is poised to get more expensive.

Beginning Friday, a new state law will require large out-of-state retailers to collect sales taxes on purchases that their California customers make on the Internet — a prospect eased only slightly by a 1-percentage-point drop in the tax that also takes effect at the same time.

Getting the taxes, which consumers typically don’t pay to the state if online merchants don’t charge them, is “a common-sense idea,” said Gov. Jerry Brown, who signed the legislation into law Wednesday.

The new tax collection requirement — part of budget-related legislation — is expected to raise an estimated $317 million a year in new state and local government revenue.

Full story here."

Most Presidents Ignore the Constitution -

Most Presidents Ignore the Constitution -

"Perhaps the only public agreement that Jefferson and Hamilton had about the Constitution was that the federal Treasury would be raided and the free market would expire if the Treasury became a public trough. If it does, the voters will send to Congress those whom they expect will fleece the Treasury for them. That's why the Founders wrote such strict legislating and spending limitations into the Constitution.

Everyone in government takes an oath to uphold the Constitution. But few do so. Do the people we send to the federal government recognize any limits today on Congress's power to legislate? The answer is: Yes, their own perception of whatever they can get away with.

Mr. Napolitano, who served on the bench of the Superior Court of New Jersey between 1987 and 1995, is the senior judicial analyst at the Fox News Channel. His latest book is 'A Nation of Sheep' (Nelson, 2007)."


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J.B. Williams
Chuck Baldwin
Alan Stang
Devvy Kidd
Sheriff Jim Schwiesow, Ret
Fred Reed
Coach Dave Daubenmire
Greg Evensen, Former Kansas state Trooper
Edwin Vieira
Laurie Roth, PhD

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J.B. Williams Speaks Out For America!

J.B. Williams Speaks Out For America!

Give Us Liberty

Give Us Liberty: "OBAMA pretends that he’s the serious adult at the table.

Krauthammer’s Take

By NRO Staff
From Wednesday night’s Fox News All-Stars.
On President Obama’s attack on the corporate jet tax break to achieve debt reduction:

He himself, as we just heard, said you can’t reduce the deficit to the levels we need without raising revenues. Then he talks about the [tax break for] corporate jets, which he mentioned not once but six times."

Urgent Message To Michele Bachmann | ATLAH Media Network

Urgent Message To Michele Bachmann | ATLAH Media Network: "Urgent Message To Michele Bachmann"

Dr James Manning...

The Ethics of the Police

The Ethics of the Police:

"In an era where legal positivism dominates, when intense state propaganda has tried to eradicate the concepts of justice and natural law – and impose the belief that 'law' is just about anything the state says it is – people still retain some notions about what is right or wrong, just or unjust, criminal or legitimate.

People readily acknowledge that some government action is unjust, although they occur under the cloak of state authority with officers merely 'enforcing the law.' These actions, in practice, occur by the hands of the armed forces of the state and act directly with its vassals: the police. However, people face an aggravating factor that creates even more confusion: the state has a monopoly on judicial services and security, and no one else besides this institution – one that violates countless individual rights – can combat crimes committed by other criminals.

Security, vital to any society, ends up being provided almost exclusively by the state police. Therefore, how can they possibly be ethically evaluated?"

Can TSA's Scanning Machines Give You Cancer? New Fears After Claim Government Is Covering Up 'Clusters' of Disease Among Airport Workers

Can TSA's Scanning Machines Give You Cancer? New Fears After Claim Government Is Covering Up 'Clusters' of Disease Among Airport Workers:

"Claims that the government is covering up 'clusters' of cancer among Transport Security Administration workers have sparked fears the agency's airport scanning machines could pose a risk to travellers.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has gone on the attack against the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security after securing a selection of government emails in a Freedom of Information request.

Executive director Marc Rotenberg told media that documents show that the government 'has not been forthcoming with the public about the true extent of radiation risk with the airport body scanners.'

He claimed union representatives at Boston's Logan airport have already discovered a 'cluster' of cancer cases among TSA workers there.

He said the Department appears to have just 'dismissed' the concerns."

Illegal Aliens Out of the Shadows, Welcomed at Senate Hearing

Illegal Aliens Out of the Shadows, Welcomed at Senate Hearing: "It’s not unusual for politicians on Capitol Hill to recognize citizens during hearings on legislation that would have a positive or negative impact on their lives.

But that tactic took a different turn this week when hundreds of illegal immigrants filled the largest hearing room in the Senate to openly participate in the proceedings.

And they did so without threat of arrest from the nation’s chief immigration law enforcement official who was sitting in the front row: Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Many of the illegal immigrants were recognized by name by Sen. Dick Durbin (D. –Ill.) who led the panel, and commended by Obama administration officials who want to give them legal status under sweeping legislation called the DREAM Act.

Full story here."

Is There Time To Save America? Where are our men and women or honor? �Coach is Right

Is There Time To Save America? Where are our men and women or honor? �Coach is Right:

"Looking at recent events and news is unsettling.

In a recent graduation ceremony, it matters not where it occurred, a principal felt it necessary to translate his graduation speech into Spanish, so his graduating class could understand it. REALLY?

Assuming America is still a viable country, dependent on capitalism as an economic system, does anyone think it is a good idea to be graduating students that can’t communicate in ENGLISH? Have they not just wasted their time, and the money of the citizenry, actively assisting immigrants, (legal or illegal), for four years, to avoid learning the one thing that can help them live and work anywhere in this country? Are they not now relegated to living in anti-American enclaves, continuing to split this country apart? Have the students not been relegated to low-income jobs, (if any jobs, at all), because they can’t speak the language of the United States and the preponderance of the business therein?

Then there are the great American citizens of Eugene, Oregon, who should just change the name of their America-hating town to something more fitting, like “New Moscow.”"

Attack on Heterosexuality is Satanic

 Henry Makow:

Attack on Heterosexuality is Satanic

The promotion of heterophobic acts without labeling them as such is a
veiled assault on heterosexual society. It is an ongoing psy op
designed to destabilize society and weaken its resistance to the NWO.


Obama goes for broke - literally (while blaming REpublicans)

Obama goes for broke - literally (while blaming REpublicans):

"A recipe for disaster:"

Obama Praises Homosexual ‘Spouses’ in Gay Gathering at White House

Obama Praises Homosexual ‘Spouses’ in Gay Gathering at White House: "At the urging of homosexuals gathered at the White House on Wednesday, President Barack Obama praised gay “spouses” in his speech marking lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender “Pride Month.”

“We’ve got community leaders here. We've got grassroots organizers,” Obama told the gathering in the East Room of the White House. “We've got some incredible young people who are just doing great work all across the country -- folks who are standing up against discrimination, and for the rights of parents and children and partners and students.”

At that point, someone in the audience shouted, “and spouses.”

Obama concurred: “And spouses,” the president said, drawing applause."


The Real Cause of Violence in the American West

The real culture of violence in the American West of the latter half of the nineteenth century sprang from the U.S. government's policies toward the Plains Indians. It is untrue that white European settlers were always at war with Indians, as popular folklore contends. 

After all, Indians assisted the Pilgrims and celebrated the first Thanksgiving with them; John Smith married Pocahontas; a white man (mostly Scots, with some Cherokee), John Ross, was the chief of the Cherokees of Tennessee and North Carolina; and there was always a great deal of trade with Indians, as opposed to violence. As Jennifer Roback has written, “Europeans generally acknowledged that the Indians retained possessory rights to their lands. 

More important, the English recognized the advantage of being on friendly terms with the Indians. Trade with the Indians, especially the fur trade, was profitable. War was costly” (1992, 9). Trade and cooperation with the Indians were much more common than conflict and violence during the first half of the nineteenth century.

Terry Anderson and Fred McChesney relate how Thomas Jefferson found that during his time negotiation was the Europeans' predominant means of acquiring land from Indians (1994, 56). By the twentieth century, some $800 million had been paid for Indian lands. 

These authors also argue that various factors can alter the incentives for trade, as opposed to waging a war of conquest as a means of acquiring land. One of the most important factors is the existence of a standing army, as opposed to militias, which were used in the American West prior to the War Between the States. 

On this point, Anderson and McChesney quote Adam Smith, who wrote that “‘[i]n a militia, the character of the labourer, artificer, or tradesman, predominates over that of the soldier: in a standing army, that of the soldier predominates over every other character.'” (1994, 52). 

A standing army, according to Anderson and McChesney, “creates a class of professional soldiers whose personal welfare increases with warfare, even if fighting is a negative-sum act for the population as a whole” (52).

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Should the First Lady pay for her vacations/trips?

Should the First Lady pay for her vacations/trips?: "Do you think there should be a law that allows a First Lady so many vacations/trips per year? Lets say 4. If she wishes to go somewhere then she or her family would need to pay for the Secret Service & all other expenses that the taxpayers are picking up now.

I know this is going to come as a slam to Michelle, but I'm talking about future First Ladies.

I reallly don't think this is a unfair suggestion. It would help eliminate costly, unneeded expenses.

What do you think?"

Obama Administration Puts Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism, Removes North Korea

Obama Administration Puts Israel On List Of Countries That Support Terrorism, Removes North Korea:

"Original article found here

It is only fair that deluded and self-loathing Jews who continue to support the despot in the White House despite his relentless campaign against the Jews should be the first on the Obama trains. And they are coming.

Obama's relentless pounding on the Jews mimics previous dictatorial leaders in recent history who promoted alienation of the Jews in concert with national socialism (another Obama favorite)."

Why Did This Happen? by Thomas DiLorenzo

Why Did This Happen? by Thomas DiLorenzo:

"Having created an economic depression, the same government then threatened the end of the world as we know it unless we all acquiesced in giving trillions of dollars to the financiers of the Democratic and Republican parties, the big Wall Street banks. More than 70 percent of the public opposed this according to opinion polls which, during the presidential campaign, were treated as Holy Gospel by the media and Washington elite.

When billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg sued the Fed to learn who, exactly, the money was given to, the federal courts essentially gave him a great big middle finger and told him to get lost."

Mark Halperin apologizes for Obama gaffe (calling him a d**k)

Mark Halperin apologizes for Obama gaffe (calling him a d**k):

"Mark Halperin, editor-at-large for Time, called President Obama “a dick” on Wednesday on a popular MSNBC morning show and then quickly apologized.

“I thought he was a dick yesterday,” Halperin, who also is a senior political analyst for MSNBC, said on Morning Joe, referring to the President’s conduct during his press conference.

Host Joe Scarborough hoped to prevent the comment from being broadcast, saying, “Delay that. Delay that. What are you doing? I can’t believe… don’t do that. Did we delay that?”

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Obama on Libya: “I Don’t Even Have to Get to the Constitutional Question”

Obama on Libya:

“I Don’t Even Have to Get to the Constitutional Question”: "Arrogant statement betrays hostility to rule of law

Paul Joseph Watson
Thurday, June 30, 2011

During his speech yesterday, Barack Obama delivered probably the most arrogant statement thus far betraying his open hostility to the rule of law as it applies to his administration’s illegal war on Libya, churlishly dismissing criticism from Congress and remarking, “I don’t even have to get to the Constitutional question.”

Speaking to CNN, Congressman Ron Paul reacted to Obama’s disregard for the Constitution by labeling his claim, “A horrible statement.”

“You take an oath of office to obey the Constitution… the Constitution is very clear, you don’t go to war without a declaration,” said Paul."

Today's Toons 6/30/11

Today's Toons 6/30/11: "Today's Toons 6/30/11
GOP Briefing Room ^ | 6/30/11 | pookie18

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2011 7:12:26 AM by pookie18

Click on link."

Justice Alito Was Right by Andrew P. Napolitano

Justice Alito Was Right by Andrew P. Napolitano: "Despite claims made by the president, last week's Supreme Court opinion on campaign finance specifically excludes foreign nationals and foreign-owned corporations from its ruling.

The Supreme Court issued a ruling last week on campaign finance that is still being discussed all over the country. In fact, it was even mentioned by President Obama at Wednesday night's State of the Union address. The high court invalidated its own 20-year-old ruling — which had upheld a one hundred-year-old statute on group political contributions — and it also invalidated a portion of the McCain-Feingold Campaign finance law.

The 20-year-old ruling had forbidden any political spending by groups such as corporations, labor unions, and advocacy organizations (like the NRA and Planned Parenthood, for example). Ruling that all persons, individually and in groups, have the same unfettered free speech rights, the court blasted Congress for suppression of that speech. In effect, the court asked, “What part of 'Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech' does Congress not understand?” Thus, all groups of two or more persons are free to spend their own money on any political campaigns and to mention the names of the candidates in their materials.

The court also threw out the portion of McCain-Feingold law that had prohibited"

Glenn Beck vs. The Mob

Glenn Beck vs. The Mob: "Liberals are not like most Americans. They are the biggest pussies on Earth, city-bred weaklings who didn't play a sport and have never been in a fight in their entire lives. Their mothers made excuses for them when they threw tantrums and spent way too much time praising them during toilet training.

I could draw a mug shot of every one of Beck's tormentors, and I wasn't there."

Rush Limbaugh: U.S. has no chance with Obama

Rush Limbaugh: U.S. has no chance with Obama: "'As long as Obama's in the Oval Office or on the golf course or in some diner eating greasy hamburgers or in charge of the executive branch, as long as his party controls any part of Congress, this nation cannot recover,' Limbaugh said on his program. 'We do not have a chance. This country does not have a chance with Barack Obama remaining in the Oval Office.'"

Top Obama Advisor: Homeland is “Primary” Focus of Counterterrorism

Top Obama Advisor: Homeland is “Primary” Focus of Counterterrorism: "These statements alone seem to indicate that Americans can expect more domestic surveillance, warrantless wiretapping, citizen spy programs and other guilty-until-proven innocent violations of their rights. In a chest-thumping admission, Brennan said they’ll use a “relentless campaign that harnesses every element of American power” to fight the war on terror.

In other words, it seems the full power of the American war machine will be turned inward to monitor and respond to Al Qaeda’s “affiliates and its adherents” on American soil.

Such vague terminology is reminiscent of Bush’s “enemy combatants” abroad and Lieberman/McCain’s proposed domestic “enemy belligerents“. Conveniently, this subtle re-defining of the “broad” enemy Brennan speaks of, basically makes anyone who questions establishment policy as an “adherent” of the enemy."

Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up The Truth At Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun And Fukushima?

Is The Mainstream Media Covering Up The Truth At Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun And Fukushima?: "What in the world is really going on at Los Alamos, Ft. Calhoun and Fukushima? There are millions of Americans that would like the truth about what is happening at these nuclear facilities, but the mainstream media has been strangely quiet. Instead, the mainstream media is running headlines such as “10 Dirtiest U.S. Beaches Named” and “Pole Dance Stops Times Square Cold”. Yes, those are actually headlines that appeared on the front pages of major mainstream news websites in the United States today. Sadly, you really have to dig to find anything about the problems that are currently happening at nuclear facilities in the United States, and the mainstream media seems to have gotten really tired of talking about Fukushima. It is almost as if the mainstream media actually prefers to talk about mindless things rather than focus on the truly important events that are happening all around us."

Obama call for stimulus may complicate debt talks (Obama has no intention to stop spending)

Obama call for stimulus may complicate debt talks (Obama has no intention to stop spending): "'If the United States government, for the first time, cannot pay its bills, if it defaults, then the consequences for the U.S. economy will be significant and unpredictable,' he told a White House news conference, reminding Republican Party backers on Wall Street of the stakes involved.

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Newspeople give Obama free election advertising?

Newspeople give Obama free election advertising?: "Is MSNBC providing free advertising for President Obama?

A network promotional campaign being run this summer on the cable network and in movie theaters is raising eyebrows among some viewers who believe MSNBC is actively campaigning for Obama's re-election, and possibly admitting Obama may not be a natural-born American citizen.

'Sometimes I think the critics of the president are just clearly unfair when they say he doesn't love this country,' says Chris Matthews, anchor of MSNBC's 'Hardball' program in one of the 'Lean Forward' ads directed by Spike Lee.

'And here's a guy of mixed background, and he said 'Only in this country, my country, is this story possible.' I think that was the greatest testament to American exceptionalism. I don't think that you can say that in Japan or in China. You can't go these countries and become Chinese.'

Then while pointing to the White House in the background, Matthews concludes by saying, 'And look where he is.'"

Democrat Senator: Illegal Alien Could Be Our Future President (Durbin Flubs the Constitution)

Democrat Senator: Illegal Alien Could Be Our Future President (Durbin Flubs the Constitution): "Senator Dick Durbin has never been accused of being the brightest man in ANY room. However as a 3-term Senator one would at least expect him to know the basics of the U.S. Constitution that he swore an oath to defend. No such luck, as Durbin led off the first hearing of his pet 'DREAM Act' by asking all the illegals in his audience to stand up (you know, the ones 'hiding in the shadows') and then says he sees in them our future 'doctors, our teachers...our senators, and maybe our president.' Uh, Senator, try reading Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution, which says: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” So not even a LEGAL immigrant can EVER be President. Sigh."

Obama one step closer to his goal of forcing state secession

Obama one step closer to his goal of forcing state secession: "'...This man who was raised by leftists in a disfunctional family, despising every principle upon which this great nation was founded is like a culmination of all our national sins, embodied in one very real individual. He has a plan for America and it makes fictional stories like The Manchurian read like Disney...' (continued)

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Glenn Beck and family encounter hostility in NYC

Glenn Beck and family encounter hostility in NYC: "When Glenn Beck ventured out with his wife and daughter to catch a Hitchcock flick in New York City’s Bryant Park, the event “turned into a hostile free-for-all,” according to his Web site.

He and his family weathered verbal abuses and slurs against conservatives, and an angry moviegoer even kicked a glass of wine onto his wife, Beck said in a video on his site.

“These people were some of the most hateful people I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I swear to you I think, if I had suggested, and I almost did, ‘Wow, does anybody have a rope? Because there’s a tree here. You could just lynch me,’ and I think there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have.”

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

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*Vanity* Anyone using a laptop as a desktop replacement?

*Vanity* Anyone using a laptop as a desktop replacement?: "If anyone has given up the desktop PC for a laptop PC then can you say how that's working out?


Caliphate Conferences Across the Globe Including U.S.

Caliphate Conferences Across the Globe Including U.S.:

"International political group Hizb ut-Tahrir (logo at left) will be hosting a “Khilafah Conference” in the United Kingdom on July 9th, one that will promote the ideas of a world governed by Islamic law. Now the group just announced that it will host yet another one of those conferences in the Netherlands on July 3rd. (Snip) Though many scoffed at the possibility of a caliphate, it seems that there are many radicals pushing for such a thing.

The organization behind the conference, Hizb ut-Tahrir — meaning “Party of Liberation” — is an international political group that seeks to bring about

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

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Devvy's Email Alerts...

Devvy's Email Alerts
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Q. Does not the Constitution give us our rights and liberties?

A. No, it does not, it only guarantees them. The people had all their rights and liberties before they made the Constitution. The Constitution was formed, among other purposes, to make the people's liberties secure-- secure not only as against foreign attack but against oppression by their own government. They set specific limits upon their national government and upon the States, and reserved to themselves all powers that they did not grant. The Ninth Amendment declares: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."


If you missed the column below by Dr. Edwin Vieira, please read it. The dragoons and perverts who work for TSA continue their assault on Americans with the blessing of the US Congress. The Outlaw Congress has the authority to slap TSA down. They are the ones who make the laws which govern all the alphabet soup agencies. Of course, TSA is under the bloated pig, Department of Fatherland Security, another unnecessary behemoth sucking down double digit billions of borrowed dollars all in the name of "fighting the war on terrorism". What a load of crap; it has succeeded based on a mountain of lies, propaganda and scare tactics.

Edwin's column spells out the cure; sue individuals personally, not TSA:

Tripping up the TSA

I brought this very issue up in a column about immunity for municipalities, cities and state governments regarding Americans who are victims of crime committed by illegal aliens. Go after the individuals who refuse to round up illegals, but, instead, allow them to roam our streets and neighborhoods maiming, raping and killing:

Illegal aliens: declaring war on the enablers

Let the war begin

"Jon Christian Ryter is one of those journalists who writes factual material and his research is impeccable. Guess what I learned from one of his columns?

"It was Truman who pushed the Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952 through Congress in the closing days of his administration. Under Section 8 USC 1324(1)(A)(iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. City, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be "Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law. Police officers who ignore officials who violate Section 8 USC 1324(1)(A)(iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. Furthermore, according to Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien."
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Kiss your freedoms goodbye, says Judge Napolitano.
Nullification, Interposition, Secession
They're back! Judge Napolitano interviews Lew Rockwell (podcast).
Obamacare Is Unconstitutional
It is also a raw abuse of power, says Judge Andrew Napolitano.
The States Gave the Federal Government Its Power
And they can take it back, says Andrew Napolitano.
The American Police State
Andrew Napolitano on our former civil liberties.
Government Breaks the Law
Andrew Napolitano on the natural law, the Constitution, and the berserk feds.
Do You Solemnly Swear To Ignore the Constitution?
Faithful LRC reader Andrew P. Napolitano on the presidents.
Civil Liberties in Wartime
Andrew P. Napolitano on our dwindling freedoms.
Franklin Delano Bush
Andrew P. Napolitano on our presidential big spender of tax money and freedom.
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Why Does the Tea Party Avoid the Eligibility Issue?| The Post & Email

Why Does the Tea Party Avoid the Eligibility Issue?| The Post & Email: "Where is the Tea Party in all of this? Granted, a lot of good has been accomplished over the last two years. I give you your props. You have rallied people to the cause, you have organized groups and people and motivated them to step up to the plate. I am totally proud of what you all have done, all of it in a loosely-confederated organization with no (apparent) jockeying for power and no proclaimed “leader.” This last makes for a very hard-to-find target by the enemy. You made a huge impact and the enemy knows it and they are afraid of it.

However, there remains one 800-pound elephant in the room which has not been addressed, and it is the eligibility issue – or, more precisely, the lack thereof. There is overwhelming evidence that Obama is not eligible to be president and the Tea Parties and the RNC, the DNC and both parties in the Congress refuse to address this. As Gordon elaborated on, we the people are fighting this fight every single day. We are tired!!

And, indeed, how does Ms. Bachmann know that Obama"

Obama's Plan: Divide, Demonize And Threaten

Obama's Plan:

Divide, Demonize And Threaten:

"In his press conference today President Barack Obama did what we'd expect more from a terrorist than the leader of the free world. He threatened that if we don't give him more money, the nation's food supply may be compromised. His exact words when answering a question about negotiations to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling:

'If we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires...then that means we've got to cut some kids off from getting a college scholarship. That means we've got to stop funding certain grants for medical research. That means that food safety may be compromised. That means that Medicare has to bear a greater part of the burden.'

So if those stubborn Republicans in Congress don't give in; our nation's children will be stupid, we won't cure cancer, grandma won't get medical care but none of that matters anyway because we'll all drop dead from eating tainted food.

Mr. Obama really is a talented orator. In just a few seconds of speaking he managed to fan the flames of class warfare, demonize more than half of the US Congress and terrorize the American people. Al-Qaida would be proud!

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

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“This is What Treason Looks Like”| The Post & Email

“This is What Treason Looks Like”| The Post & Email:

"“This is What Treason Looks Like”

Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!

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Obama’s ineligibility: Proof that Congress is lying

Obama’s ineligibility: Proof that Congress is lying:

"For patriotic Americans, this is our Cuban Missile Crisis. Make Congress blink.

Congress has always known that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen and has never been eligible to be President, yet they continue to lie to the American people.

They are covering up their disregard for the Constitution and their dereliction of duty.

Congress and federal agencies also refuse to investigate Obama’s alleged felonies: forged birth documents and Selective Service registration and a stolen Social Security Number.

The United States is now at a turning point in history.

Will the country be governed by laws or by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats and their beneficiaries, the wealthy special interests?

If our country no longer has any honest leaders, it will be the responsibility of ordinary citizens to restore the Constitution and the rule of law.

In doing so, patriotic Americans will be viciously opposed, denounced and denigrated by those corrupt politicians, powerful financiers and the main stream media.

Nevertheless, we must now stand our ground in order to save our country.".......................

Why Barack H. Obama Jr. Is Not Eligible To Be President| The Post & Email

Why Barack H. Obama Jr. Is Not Eligible To Be President| The Post & Email: "* � 2009-2011

Why Barack H. Obama Jr. Is Not Eligible To Be President
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by Donald R. Laster Jr., �2011

The lawsuit Purpura v. Sebelius claims that the health care law signed last year violates the U.S. Constitution and that the person having signed it is an imposter president

(Jun. 28, 2011) — Editor’s Note: The following document is part of the appendix in the case Purpura v. Sebelius, which claims that the Patient Protection and Accountability Act is unconstitutional and that Obama is not eligible to serve as president.

The Post & Email covered the case here and here, and it has been covered extensively at Conservative News and Views.

The Jersey Shore Tea Party is a plaintiff in the case, as are many other organizations and individuals.".........................

NWV News -- Is the US Government Preparing to Send Dissenters to Prison Camps?

NWV News -- Is the US Government Preparing to Send Dissenters to Prison Camps?: "While these soldiers are being trained to operate within US borders, another development was discovered by conservative observers: the introduction of a congressional bill that would create de facto detention camps throughout the US.

“Unfortunately, the US has a history of using detention camps,” stated author and investigative journalists Jerome Corsi, best know for his co-authoring Unfit to Command, a work credited with keeping Senator John Kerry out of the White House.

“[This country] used detention camps in Washington, DC during the anti-Vietnam War protests. They were used in World War II to incarcerate Japanese-Americans. We are talking about a slippery slope: camps being prepared to be used in emergencies can easily be used to imprison dissenters,” Corsi told in a telephone interview."


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Gunny G: Good Quote by Ron Paul…

Gunny G: Good Quote by Ron Paul…

In a United States so locked into a ‘march step’ mentality among its War Leaders, and Politicians, in leading their citizens into further expansion of their World War, Congressman Paul ‘crossed the line’, according to Russian Political Scientists, when he recently stated upon the floor of the United Congress:

“Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security. Understanding the magnificent rewards of a free society makes us unbashful in its promotion, fully realizing that maximum wealth is created and the greatest chance for peace comes from a society respectful of individual liberty”.

Read more �


Why Black People Make Good Slaves | ATLAH Media Network

Why Black People Make Good Slaves | ATLAH Media Network: "Why Black People Make Good Slaves"

Dr James Manning...

'Warning to Assad: Attack us, we'll hit you personally'

'Warning to Assad: Attack us, we'll hit you personally': "Israel reportedly sent message through Ankara following intelligence reports of unusual troop, missile movement, Kuwaiti paper reports.

Israel sent a message to Syrian President Bashar Assad in recent days, warning him that if he started a war with the Jewish state in order to divert attention from domestic problems, Israel will target him personally, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, the personal warning was sent through Turkey following intelligence reports of unusual Syrian troop movements, including the moving of long-range ballistic missiles that could be used to target Israel."......................

Over 40% of computer users are still using decade-old Windows XP

Over 40% of computer users are still using decade-old Windows XP: "Microsoft's past operating system woes might have some people living in the past

While many computer lovers eagerly await the arrival of Windows 8 and Mac OS X Lion, a massive segment of users takes a decidedly slower approach when it comes to embracing new operating systems. According to an uber-detailed infographic by blog Manolution, 40.7% of users still run Windows XP on their computers.

XP, which was released way back in October 2001, has since been succeeded by both the not-so-well-received Windows Vista, as well as Windows 7. In that same time frame, a half-dozen new versions of Apple's Mac OS X have seen the light of day. And yet, Windows XP is holding on strong. By comparison, 36.5% of users are up-to-date with Windows 7, while a measly 7.1% have stuck with Windows Vista.

There is likely a multitude of reasons why so many have stood by XP all these years. Many who adopted Vista early on actually went back to XP after the new operating system's many flaws began coming to light, and it's likely that some have seen fit to skip upgrading to Windows 7 for fear of a similar ordeal. Not to mention that after a decade of familiarity, it can be mighty hard to let go, even when the future is so bright."

Say Goodbye to Los Angeles by Patrick J. Buchanan

Say Goodbye to Los Angeles by Patrick J. Buchanan: "We have within our country 12-20 million illegal aliens, with Mexico the primary source, and millions of others who may be U.S. citizens but are not truly Americans. As one fan told Plaschke, 'I was born in Mexico, and that is where my heart will always be.'

Perhaps he should go back there, and let someone take his place who wants to become an American.

By 2050, according to Census figures, thanks to illegals crossing over and legalized mass immigration, the number of Hispanics in the U.S.A. will rise from today's 50 million to 135 million.

Say goodbye to Los Angeles. Say goodbye to California."

The American Police State Is the 'New Normal'

The American Police State Is the 'New Normal': "According to The New York Times, the FBI just raided a data center in Virginia and seized many of its servers, causing websites owned by 'tens of clients' to go offline - including those belonging to people who hadn't broken a law, and were not suspected of any crime.

It may seem silly to get upset about the police taking down websites you don't use. A certain quote may come to mind, though, as we look at other ways that the police in America abuse their power.

Tasering nonviolent people to death

A 72-year-old woman named Kathryn Winkfein got tasered not too long ago after she lost her temper at the cop who pulled her over. Her offense? Shouting at him.

Luckily, she 'learned"