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Why the media blackout on Obama's citizenship JR Dieckmann

Why the media blackout on Obama's citizenship
Renew America ^ | December 9, 2008 | JR Dieckmann

Posted on Tuesday, December 09, 2008 12:02:22 PM by ckilmer

December 9, 2008
Why the media blackout on Obama's citizenship
By JR Dieckmann

It seems that everyone today is asking why there is no media coverage of the many legal challenges to Obama's eligibility to become president, based upon many valid questions regarding his citizenship. Instead of simply answering these challenges with documented proof of his citizenship, he has chosen instead to conceal from public view, every single legal document he has, and spend a half million dollars in lawyer fees to fight the cases in hopes of getting them dismissed or delayed indefinitely.

The documents he has had sealed that would answer this looming question are his original birth certificate, his passport, his college records from both Columbia and Harvard universities, his health records, and his original Selective Service registration — if it exists at all. Many inconsistencies in the Selective Service registration form, which has appeared on the web indicate it has been forged or altered. Obama seems determined to hide his true identity. Some investigators are even questioning the identity of his paternal father, based on his stronger resemblance to Frank Marshal Davis and Malcolm X than to Barack Obama Sr.

The electronic copy of the document posted on Obama's website, authenticated by the Hawaii Department of Health and FactCheck.org, and being called his birth certificate is not a birth certificate. The Hawaiian "Certification Of Live Birth" is a document available to any child in Hawaii over one year of age, regardless of where the child was born. The Hawaiian "Certificate Of Live Birth" is a Hawaiian birth certificate showing that the child was born in Hawaii, and Obama doesn't seem to have one. At least, not one he is willing to show us.

How could 44 million Americans vote for a man they really know nothing about other than what he has told them? Has any president ever before in history been elected without revealing the most basic of documents like a birth certificate and academic records? Remember how Bush's and Kerry's college and military records were highly scrutinized during their campaigns? For all we really know about Obama, he could be a space alien sent to Earth as a small child. Yet 44 million people voted for him based on nothing more than his campaign rhetoric of undefined "hope" and "change," and anti-American redistribution of wealth.

Two of the cases challenging Obama's citizenship have just been dismissed by the Supreme Court, but several more have already been filed for review. Citizens across the country are signing petitions, blogging, and posting on the Internet. They are demanding that this issue be resolved before Obama is elected by the Electoral College on Dec. 15, or at the latest by Jan. 20 when he is scheduled to be sworn into office. Yet in spite of this nationwide outrage, the media refuses even to mention what is likely to be a major news story of the century — people want to know why.

I suspect that the media aren't covering the story because they are convinced that Obama will become our next president, and they've decided to be safe, rather than sorry. We have all seen what happens to people who publicly challenge Obama or disagree with him — reporters tossed off his campaign plane; investigation of Joe the Plumber, challengers smeared, etc. Obama and his surrogates attempt either to shut them up or shut them down. Any mention of his citizenship status is dismissed as a conspiracy theory or a hoax. Yet we have only his word that he is an American citizen, and that seems to be all the evidence that his supporters have as well on which to base their cynical and arrogant assumptions about his citizenship and our grounds to question it.

Any media outlet that covers this issue will likely be denied a seat in the White House press room as well as any other access to White House staff and the presumed president. They would also be concerned about their broadcast license being threatened by an Obama administration. I suspect what has happened is that media outlet executives have given strict orders to their news directors and editors that this story is not to be mentioned for fear of repercussions by the proposed future administration should it actually become a reality....
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