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Tell the Republican Party to Drop Dead (Col SELLIN) | The Post & Email � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

Tell the Republican Party to Drop Dead (Col SELLIN) | The Post & Email � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

Tell the Republican Party to Drop Dead (Col SELLIN)

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…Like the Democrats, the present Republican Party is unfit to lead our great nation.

As long as the Republican Party ignores Obama’s ineligibility for the Presidency and his crimes, both before and after illegally occupying the Oval Office, I will not vote Republican and endorse permanent political corruption in Washington, D.C.

Voting Republican will simply delay the inevitable. In my opinion, it is better to let Obama win and allow a flawed two-party system to collapse.

It is within the power of the American people to refuse to subsidize the continuation of political corruption.

It is within the power of patriotic Americans to reject an oppressive big government philosophy and rebuild our political system from the bottom up, as the Founding Fathers envisioned and as our Constitution so brilliantly articulates.

The 2012 election can augur an American Renaissance or proffer a pathway to perdition represented by the status quo.

It is time to cast our ballots for “none of the above” and take back our government……


About us| The Post & Email � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

About us| The Post & Email � ~ BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984 ~ (BLOG & EMAIL):

About us| The Post & Email
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Editor’s Note, courtesy of contributor and blog owner Arnie Rosner and adapted for use by The Post & Email:

The Post & Email was born out of the usurpation of the presidency by a foreigner known as Barack Hussein Obama.

Before the attempted “Obomanation” of America, such a posting would not have been necessary. The false and misleading impressions delivered illegally by a person claiming to be a representative of the American people have compelled us to set the worldwide record straight and report on the egregious abuses of the U.S. Constitution by Obama and his supporters.

The Post & Email does not recognize Mr. Obama as the legal president of the United States. There are also many other Americans who express the same sentiments, with the number growing daily.

Further, after extensive experience and direct examination, The Post & Email has reached the conclusion that the 111th Congress has betrayed the trust of the American people and is made up of traitors to the U.S. Constitution who should be tried for the high crime of treason.

The Post & Email is a.....

Stopping Obama – before 2012?

Stopping Obama – before 2012?

WASHINGTON – With the economic crisis worsening and Barack Obama resorting to rule by executive order and the presidential election still a year away, 

Americans from both sides of the political aisle are wondering if there are ways to “stop the bleeding” before January 20, 2013, and a change of administration.
Could Obama be removed for violations of the Constitution?

Could he be removed for still-unresolved issues of constitutional eligibility?

What about a Democratic Party challenge to his nomination?
And is there even a way to ensure he doesn’t win re-election through voter fraud or third-party gimmickry?

“Americans aren’t just whispering about these ideas in darkened rooms,” says Joseph Farah, columnist and editor of WND, America’s independent news network. “They are actually writing thoughtful books, making documentaries and laying out prescriptions for a change in leadership. 

Some of these works have received ‘mainstream’ attention and some haven’t. But all of them are worth the consideration of Americans faced with the gravest challenges to liberty and self-government in the last 230 years.”
Want to know how to stop Obama before 2012? Visit the WND Superstore to survey the plans to ‘halt the bleeding’ before it’s too late

This special report, prepared by Jerome Corsi and Brad O’Leary, is the place to start. “How Obama Can Be Defeated in 2012″ should be required reading by the campaigns of every candidate seeking to unseat Obama. It’s about real numbers crunching, based on insider polling and what it tells us about America’s new demographic realities.