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Coulter Reveals Visit to Sen. McCarthy's Grave

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Joe McCarthy died in 1957, long before Ann Coulter was born, and like most Americans her age, she grew up in an era where the widely accepted image of the Wisconsin senator was that of a man dedicated to the destruction of civil liberties and the slandering of the innocent.

But her careful research in preparation for her book "Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism" taught her that this image was not only false but also defamed a man who sacrificed his career, and ultimately his life, in a courageous campaign to protect his nation from the treasonous activities of people acting solely in the interests of the Soviet Union, and against those of the United States.

In an upcoming exclusive interview with Phil Brennan for NewsMax magazine, Ann told Phil that in late May she journeyed to McCarthy's hometown of Appleton, Wisc., to pay honor to the memory of Sen. McCarthy by visiting his burial place.

She recalled her visit to the cemetery where the senator, a World War II Marine veteran, is buried.

"I was out in Appleton laying flowers on McCarthy's grave," she told not long after returning from the trip.

"He was quite a man and the grave was fabulous. I was wondering how I'd find it, but as soon as I stepped out of the car at St. Mary's cemetery, McCarthy's gravestone was the first thing I laid eyes on.

"It's an imposing gravestone at the edge of the cemetery overlooking a lake. Apparently, his wife Jean is buried with her second husband - so there is Joe McCarthy, standing tall and brave, all alone still today.

"Now here's the interesting thing: As I drew closer, I saw something lying on top of his gravestone. From a distance it looked like an old horseshoe crab, and given the poppycock about McCarthy, at first I thought someone had defaced his grave.

"But when I was right on top of it, I saw that some appreciative American had left a cast image of the U.S. Marine's Eagle, Globe and Anchor [symbol] on top of Joe's grave."
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