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The Common Sense Show Investigates the Growing Ex-Pat Phenomenon

The Common Sense Show Investigates the Growing Ex-Pat Phenomenon: "This Sunday, on the July 3rd edition of The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges, we explore why 3 to 4 million Americans each year, are choosing to make their new homes abroad in this growing phenomenon. What would cause you and your family to foresake American and move abroad?"

Private Prisons and the American Police State

Private Prisons and the American Police State: "The population of our National Prisons has nearly tripled. This is an orchestrated event! 1 in 18 American men are now incarcerated or being monitored. America leads the world in per capita imprisonment and the privatization of the our corrections system calls into question the motives behind tougher sentencing and the ever increasing police state in this country.

Since 1980, the increase of population in prisons or under surveillance by the judicial system has increased to over 7 million persons. This increase is said to be attributable to the following factors:
Increased federalization of crime - The federal government has expanded its control into areas that have historically fallen under state jurisdiction. Mandatory sentencing policy - Mandatory minimum sentencing policies adopted by Congress beginning in 1984 have contributed substantially to the number of drug offenders in federal prison, both by removing discretion from sentencing judges and increasing the length of sentence for many offenders. Federal sentencing guidelines - An examination of sentencing changes in the first years of the guidelines' implementation found that the proportion of offenders sentenced to prison rose from 52% in pre-guideline cases in 1986 to 74% in guideline cases by 1990.

What is interesting is"

When the Public Rises, We’ll Want an Ally in Congress | Veterans Today

When the Public Rises, We’ll Want an Ally in Congress | Veterans Today: "For the majority of people in the United States — a majority does not vote, a majority believes the government is broken, a majority thinks our public policy is headed in the wrong direction — the fact that we call this place a democracy is apparently outweighed by the fact that our national government almost never does what a majority of us want done. Some of the things we don’t want done include the destruction of the planet’s environment, the mass slaughter of war, the spreading of violence, and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a tiny aristocracy while millions at home and billions abroad suffer horrifically for lack of readily available resources.

When the peopl"

Ridicule Is All They Have| The Post & Email

Ridicule Is All They Have| The Post & Email: "* � 2009-2011
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Ridicule Is All They Have
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by Dean C. Haskins, �2011

Is there any evidence that this document is authentic?

(Jun. 27, 2011) — “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.” –Saul Alinsky

My friend"
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Do Citizens Now Have Standing to Challenge Obama’s Eligibility?| The Post & Email

Do Citizens Now Have Standing to Challenge Obama’s Eligibility?| The Post & Email: "A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling stated that a defendant who claimed that a federal law had rendered her injured due to “disregard of the federal structure of the Government” was justified. The Supreme Court remanded the appellant’s case back to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, declaring that the appellant, Carol Anne Bond, had standing under the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights and individually.

Page 2 of the unanimous decision, written by Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, states, in part:"
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Spitfire diaries: The strange life in Dublin's PoW camp

Spitfire diaries: The strange life in Dublin's PoW camp: "An attempt to recover a Spitfire from a peat bog in Donegal will highlight the peculiar story of the men - both British and German - who spent much of World War II in relative comfort in neighbouring prisoner of war camps in Dublin, writes historian Dan Snow.


The pilot was 23-year-old Roland 'Bud' Wolfe, an RAF officer from 133 'Eagle' Squadron, a unit entirely composed of Americans.


On 13 December 1941 he walked straight out of camp and after a meal in a hotel, which he did not pay for, he headed into nearby Dublin and caught the train the next day to Belfast.


The decision was made to send Wolfe back to The Curragh and internment.


Finally in 1943, with the US in the war, and the tide slowly turning, The Curragh was closed and the internees returned. Wolfe joined the US Army Air Force and served once again on the front line.

So great was his love of flying that he also served in Korea and even Vietnam. He eventually died in 1994.


(Excerpt) Read more at bbc.co.uk ..."

3 Gay Airmen Seek Discharge Before DADT Ends(yippee!)

3 Gay Airmen Seek Discharge Before DADT Ends(yippee!): "WASHINGTON -- Three members of the Air Force have asked to be discharged because they are gay, moving quickly to get out of the military under the ban on openly gay service before its expected repeal later this year.

Pentagon officials said the other military services have not seen any similar effort this year under the so-called 'don't ask, don't tell' law that prohibits gays from serving openly. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said there are no roadblocks to ending the 17-year-old ban, but it probably won't happen until mid-summer. Gates leaves office this week.

According to the Air Force, during the past month two female staff sergeants and a male second lieutenant made statements identifying themselves as gay and asked to be separated quickly from the service. Only one other person, an airman first class, has been discharged under the law since last October.

Air Force Secretary Michael Donley approved the discharges of the two women, and accepted the resignation of the Airman who requested separation from the service. Gates issued an order last October that said no one could be discharged under the gay ban unless it was approved by the secretary of the military service involved.

(Excerpt) Read more at military.com ..."

Kelleigh Nelson -- American Citizens as Guinea Pigs, Part 9

Kelleigh Nelson -- American Citizens as Guinea Pigs, Part 9: "When they later looked into the frequency of medical errors, they learned that U.S. hospitals (and probably around the world) are not required to publically report errors, and that caregivers often conceal mistakes to avoid malpractice lawsuits.

Cal Sheridan, now 15, was insufficiently treated for jaundice as an infant and now suffers from a plethora of illnesses -- cerebral palsy and auditory and vision impairment. Four years after Cal failed to be properly treated, his father, Patrick, was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor; a follow-up pathology report indicating that the tumor was malignant was misfiled and Patrick, late to begin treatment, lost his battle with cancer in 2002. Cal's mother, Sue Sheridan now heads up two non-profit organizations to address medical errors.

But back to the Quaid children. After launching an investigation in how the overdose to the twins happened, Quaid learned that the nurses had twice mistakenly given each infant a 10,000 unit dose of heparin, used to treat illnesses in adults, instead of the similarly packaged 10 unit dose called"

Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq. -- Obama's rats flee the sinking ship of state

Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq. -- Obama's rats flee the sinking ship of state: "Sensing the impending electoral cataclysm, Obama's toadies are fast fleeing the sinking ship of state. A few weeks ago, Tammy Duckworth, an Obama political patronage hack from Illinois, resigned as assistant secretary for public and governmental affairs at the Veterans Administration, and her boss, Secretary Eric Shinseki is also apparently poised to leave as well. Shinseki wants to run for Senate, and is apparently headed for California to do just that quite soon. Duckworth, according to local media reports in Chicago, at Obama's request, had a Congressional district created for her in Illinois in one of the most imaginative acts of gerrymandering in U.S. history.

Look for more failed, and aspiring Democratic pols, political apparatchiks of Barack Hussein Obama II, who've been keeping their upscale lifestyles on $100K plus per year bureaucrat salaries for the last two plus years, try to dupe the American public too in the coming months. It seems these"

Edwin Vieira Jr. -- Tripping up the TSA

Edwin Vieira Jr. -- Tripping up the TSA: "It seems as if every day someone posts on the Internet a new video documenting the ever-escalating level of oppressive police-state behavior from the TSA. In many of these instances, TSA officials explicitly are heard making the claim that, because flying on a commercial air carrier is supposedly a “privilege”, rather than a “right”, passengers can be required to surrender their constitutional rights under the Fourth Amendment (and, presumably, under all other provisions of the Constitution as well) in order to be allowed to enter the supposedly “secured” areas of a terminal or to board a flight. Passengers are told that they have no justifiable complaint against the ill treatment they receive at the blue-gloved hands of the Blueshirts, because by entering the terminal they have implicitly agreed to “conditions” that are imposed on all airline travelers. This rationalization has been put forward on numerous occasions by various higher-ups in the TSA, and by their apologists in the big media, as well.

Unfortunately, as with most pronouncements on constitutional matters emanating from public officials and their shills these days, this claim is more than simply lame. It is an affront to the intelligence of every American.

The Supreme Court has long"

Secretary Gates’ Legacy: A Nuclear-Armed Iran

Secretary Gates’ Legacy: A Nuclear-Armed Iran: "As Secretary of Defense Robert Gates prepares to retire to private life — after five years as the head of the Department of Defense in both the Bush and Obama administrations — praise is being heaped on him by Democrats and Republicans alike. Herein a dissenting view.

History will not be kind to Gates. Despite some noteworthy accomplishments, he will be remembered as the single most important facilitator of an Iranian regime with nuclear weapons. Future historians will compare him to Neville Chamberlain’s military advisers who opposed all forms of military intervention against the greatest potential danger of the era: an aggressively armed Nazi Germany in the 20th century. Gates' legacy will be a nuclear-armed Iran in the 21st century.

- - - GIANT SNIP - - -"

95-year-old Leukemia Patient Story Shows What The "S" in TSA Stands For.

95-year-old Leukemia Patient Story Shows What The "S" in TSA Stands For.: "Now we know what the “S” in TSA stands for. All the (ahem) “stuff” they can’t handle.

You’ve heard about the 95-year-old, wheelchair-bound leukemia patient who had her adult diaper searched by the TSA. She required additional screening because her diaper had — according to media reports — something “wet” in it.

You’ll be stunned to learn it wasn’t nitroglycerin.

According to her daughter, the woman was flying from Florida to Michigan to move into an assisted living facility. “It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Jean Weber told the Panama City News-Herald. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”

As bad as that sounds".........................

BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984( ): Private Property and the American Heritage by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

BLOGGER.GUNNY.G.1984( ): Private Property and the American Heritage by Thomas J. DiLorenzo:

"Private Property and the American Heritage by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
Private Property and the American Heritage by Thomas J. DiLorenzo:

'The Confederate battle flag has become a worldwide symbol of opposition to state tyranny. It has been flown in the former Soviet republics and in many other places where there are opposition movements to centralized state oppression.
(Click Link @ Top)
King Lincoln Archive
That is why self-described communists like Vanderbilt University Professor Jonathan Farley are so opposed to it to the point of hysteria.'
Click The Flag!

Canada Free Press: Online conservative newspaper, News, Politics, Editorials

Canada Free Press: Online conservative newspaper, News, Politics, Editorials:

"imageI no longer see how it can be averted. Politics has replaced the rule of law.

The Founding Fathers warned us to preserve a government of laws, and not of men.

Arrogant, lawless and lusting for power, government officials have abrogated their responsibility to the Constitution, the country and its citizens."

Look who's launching anti-tea-party group

Look who's launching anti-tea-party group: "A new movement led by communist revolutionary group founder Van Jones seeks to counter the tea party while petitioning for a progressive agenda that includes 'making Wall Street and the super-rich pay their fair share.'

The organization, dubbed 'The American Dream Movement,' is partnered with a slew of radical groups funded by billionaire George Soros.

As WND first reported, the movement was introduced using subversive tactics, particularly a hoax Youtube video in which it appeared the ticker outside News Corporation's Manhattan headquarters had been hacked and reprogrammed with an anti-Fox News script calling for revolution."

Obama Gun-Sting Breakthrough

Obama Gun-Sting Breakthrough: "Thanks to a clever bipartisan deal, embattled ATF chief Kenneth Melson will testify before Congress about his role in the bungled Fast and Furious gun sting—possibly revealing who on Obama’s team was in on the scheme. The head of the embattled federal agency that combats gun trafficking has agreed to talk with Senate investigators, a potentially important breakthrough as Congress tries to determine whether higher-ups in the Obama administration knew about a controversial sting that let assault weapons flow across the border into Mexico’s drug wars. The testimony—expected next month from Kenneth Melson, the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives—was brokered as part of a deal between Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and the committee’s top Republican, Iowa's Charles Grassley. Grassley and his fellow Republicans were given full access to ATF"

Does the NRA Support Gun Owners?

Does the NRA Support Gun Owners?: "'We have proposed two amendments that we will have votes on today. One of them concerns the Second Amendment. I think it's very important that we protect the rights of gun owners in our country, not only for hunting, but for self-protection. And that the records of those in our country who own guns should be secret.'

— Senator Rand Paul, speech before the U.S. Senate, May 26, 2011

You would think that"
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Give Us Liberty

Report: Obama Films Campaign Ad In White House, Possibly Violating FEC Laws?"

32 people shot in 3 days of violence (Summer in the City of Brotherly Love)

32 people shot in 3 days of violence (Summer in the City of Brotherly Love): "It was a weekend of violence and mayhem - brutal even by Philadelphia standards. From Friday through Sunday, 32 people were wounded, six fatally, in about 20 shootings across the city, police said, and a seventh person died in a stabbing."

Day by Day Cartoon on Project Gunwalker

Day by Day Cartoon on Project Gunwalker: "This may be the best cartoon yet on project gunwalker. It is Day by Day, a popular web cartoon by Chris Muir. You can see it at the link.

(Excerpt) Read more at daybydaycartoon.com ..."

McDonald's as the Paradigm�of�Progress by Jeffrey A. Tucker

McDonald's as the Paradigm�of�Progress by Jeffrey A. Tucker: "The nice folks at the local McDonald's know me well, but even they were puzzled when I snapped a dozen images of their newly restored interior, which is absolutely beautiful. Like most fast-food places, the management is used to customers but still a bit surprised by dedicated fans like me.

I feel vindicated by recent data on this company's hiring in the midst of terrible economic times.

The national labor-participation rate has"

Where It All Began… by Eric Peters

Where It All Began… by Eric Peters: "It’s not hard to pinpoint the exact moments when the Constitution was explicitly disavowed by the robed shysters charged (by themselves) with “interpreting” it.

Once such moment was 21 years ago, in 1991, when the robed shysters of the Supreme Court “interpreted” the plain meaning of the Fourth Amendment to mean its opposite.

This was the year of Michigan State Police v. Sitz, the case that decided the legality of random roadside sobriety checkpoints on the basis of “compelling state interest,” as lead shyster and Badge Licker in Chief William Rehnquist put it.

Basically, the ends justify the means. “Getting drunks off the road”"

The Rise and Fall of the American Empire by Justin Raimondo

The Rise and Fall of the American Empire by Justin Raimondo: "In the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President George W. Bush launched two major wars – and a worldwide covert 'shadow war' – that represented a Great Leap Forward for the American Empire. We invaded Iraq, and occupied it: we invaded Afghanistan, and set up the conditions for the longest war in our history. The Bush presidency also set the stage for future interventions, ratcheting up tensions with Iran, and extending our reach into the former Soviet republics of Central Asia and the Caucasus, taking on Russia in the bargain.

President Obama took office as the 'antiwar' candidate, criticizing the Iraq invasion while advocating an escalation of the 'neglected' Afghan front. Iraq, he argued, was a 'diversion' away from our central task, which was fighting terrorism (and al-Qaeda) in Afghanistan – and in Pakistan, as well. This last was an important addition to our enemies list, one that went little noticed at the time but has since loomed large in this administration's sights, as the stealthy but steady expansionism of the frontiers of empire pushes forward."

Politics Is a Scam – Why I Will Never Vote Again by James Altucher

Politics Is a Scam – Why I Will Never Vote Again by James Altucher: "I had five seconds to make the secretive most powerful man in the world like me so I could potentially make millions. “James,” Bill McCluskey said to me, “this is Alan Quasha.” Bill was CEO of Brean Murray, one of the mini-banks I considered selling my fund of hedge funds to in 2006. We had a deal on the table and I was desperate at the time to make it work. The table was circular, there were papers on it with numbers, I was bullshitting every which way I could about “synergies.” Whatever. That was months later. But first I had to meet Alan Quasha, the owner of Brean Murray, at an event they were throwing, and he had to like me. Because…"

Ignorance, Stupidity or Manipulation by Walter E. Williams

Ignorance, Stupidity or Manipulation by Walter E. Williams: "Northern delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention and those opposed to slavery wished to count only free people of each state for the purpose of representation in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College. Southerners wanted to count slaves just as any other person. By counting slaves, who didn't have a right to vote, slave states would have had greater representation in the House and the Electoral College. If slaveholding states could not have counted slaves, the Constitution would not have been ratified and there would not be a union. The compromise was for slaves to be counted as three-fifths of a person in deciding representation in the House and Electoral College. The compromise reduced the power of slave states relative to the South's original proposal but increased it over the North's original proposal.

My questions for those who condemn the three-fifths compromise are: Would blacks have been better off if slaves had been counted as a whole person? Should the North not have compromised at all and a union not have come into being? Would Rangel and Sharpton have agreed with Southerners at the Constitutional Convention, who argued slaves should 'stand on an equality with whites' in determining congressional representation and Electoral College votes?"

Former Marine Running for U.S. Senate from Ohio

Former Marine Running for U.S. Senate from Ohio

Billionaire Jim Rogers calls for Obama's resignation over economy (Predicts violence & rioting)

Billionaire Jim Rogers calls for Obama's resignation over economy (Predicts violence & rioting): "Billionaire and investor Jim Rogers late this week called for the resignation of President Obama on the grounds that the administrations failure to cut spending, and halt skyrocketing inflation, will lead to violence and rioting in America, similar to what has been taking place in Greece, and other parts of Europe.

Investment guru Jim Rogers says President Barack Obama should resign — and warns that inflation will only continue to soar, putting the United States at risk of the same civil unrest that has struck Greece.

Rogers says that what Obama “should do is take an ax — no, not an ax — take a chain saw to spending in the U.S.”

Rogers tells Bloomberg Business Week that “we have got to balance the budget. We have got to pay off the debt, somehow, someday.” – Money News

This radical stance pointed towards"

Reporter arrested for filming public meeting

Reporter arrested for filming public meeting: "Two journalists were led out of a public meeting in handcuffs in Washington DC this week after using their cell phones to report on the hearing of the DC Taxicab Commission.

Peter Tucker of TheFightBack.org says two US Park Police officers cuffed him and dragged him away after he used his phone to take photos at the Commission meeting. Tucker has long been an advocate of independent taxi drivers and Washington Post columnist John Kelly reports that one taxi driver yelled, “We need the reporter here!” while the journalist was hauled off.

“You can’t arrest me for reporting,” demands Tucker.

“I can arrest you for not obeying an order,” replies an officer.

As he was led out of the room, the packed house of drivers quickly emptied the room in protest."

Military Retirement on Chopping Block?

Military Retirement on Chopping Block?

How About Thanking Us, You Miserable----

How About Thanking Us, You Miserable----: "There are quite a few reasons not to like Chairman Obama. He's arrogant. He's dismissive. (Yeah, I'm still carrying that grudge two years later.) He bows to foreign monarchs. (Nope, I'm not forgetting that either.) He's a Marxist AND---

He's a rude cuss who doesn't know how to say thank you. After all, We the People helped pay for his campaign in the '08 Poularity Contest, whether we supported 'fundamentally changing' America or not. No, you read that right. Here, let me say that again. In fact, I'm going to use all caps so this way everyone can see what I'm saying and there's no misunderstanding what-so-damn-ever. Ready ? Here we go:


(Excerpt) Read more at demsareweenies.blogtownhall.com ..."

Today's Toons 6/28/11

Today's Toons 6/28/11: "Today's Toons 6/28/11
GOP Briefing Room ^ | 6/28/11 | pookie18

Posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 4:56:42 AM by pookie18

Click on link."

We Need a Slick Candidate to Beat Barack Obama the Gaffe Machine?

We Need a Slick Candidate to Beat Barack Obama the Gaffe Machine?: "RUSH: 'What's Up With All the Presidential Gaffes, Anyway?' writes Michael Ledeen. 'Big Media doesn't pay much attention to them, even though Obama makes an amazing number of errors in his public statements. And I think it's easy enough to understand why the BM largely ignores them: to report them all would totally undermine the image of the president to which a surprising number of 'reporters' and pundits are wedded: that of an unusually intelligent and well educated man.

Yet someone who tells a crowd in Vienna that his 'Austrian' isn't very good, who tells Marines that he's pleased to speak to the 'Marine Corpse,' and who, just [yesterday], said he'd given the Medal of Honor to a survivor from the 10th Mountain Division, when in fact the award was given posthumously, doesn't fit my definition of a brilliant and cultured man.'

I don't know if you are aware of this, but this is a mistake that is pretty bad. This is bad. Obama did visit the 10th Mountain Division, and he congratulated them on their service, and he told the soldiers that were all gathered there that he had given the Medal of Honor to Jared Monti. President said: I've given this Medal of Honor to Jared Monti, who came back from Iraq alive. But he didn't. Jared Monti died in Afghansitan. He was killed in 2006."