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All You Need To Know About POWs, MIAs, Politicians, and The US Gubmint!

Received from Mr. Alan Stang. 11 July 2007...

My Dear Gunny,

Here are Parts I and II of my review of the new POW book An Enormous Crime. Go ahead and reprint if you like what you see.

Here is Congressman Billy Hendon's review of my review:

dear mr. stang,

i just read your part 1 piece on the pow issue, and i must tell you it is magnificent - the most well-written, perceptive and on-target analysis of this national tragedy that has ever been written. EVER.

our paths must cross, and must cross soon, sir, so i can thank you in person - and maybe while doing so soak up a little of this very special guy alan stang clearly is.

with respect and thanks,

billy hendon

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Americans Abandoned

Worst Treason in US History (I)

I had thought that by now � after all these years � it would be over, that, although the pain would never leave, it would persist as nothing more than a dull ache. I was wrong, of course. The book that inspires these comments brought it all back as bad as before, worse, because the book contains much I hadn't known. I could only read a few pages at a time. Then I had to wait until the rage and guilt subsided, guilt because despite my puny efforts, the best that I could do, the subjects of the book are still abandoned; rage because of the reason that is true.

This is a book about treason, not a single act of treason, but treason that continues for many years, for decades, treason perpetrated by the highest officials in our government through Republican and Democrat administrations, breathtaking treason on every page, treason that makes Benedict Arnold look like George Washington; that makes Aldrich Ames look like Audie Murphy.

The book is An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWS Abandoned in Southeast Asia (New York, Thomas Dunne Books [St. Martin's], 2007), by former North Carolina Congressman Bill Hendon and Florida lawyer Elizabeth Stewart, whose father is missing in action in North Vietnam.

Yes, it is an enormous crime, so enormous that all the words I know seem insufficient. They don't adequately describe what happened; they don't cover the subject. "Enormous" itself doesn't do the job. The treason I'm talking about is more than mere treason, however long and extensive. It doesn't just betray the country. It is treason that violates the sacred relationship between men in combat, between you and me and the men we send to fight.

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13. But here you will read about men who lay down their friends' lives for love of career and self-protection, men who would deliberately betray Jesus, boast about it and � even worse than Judas � lack the decency to commit suicide. Here is what you will find in An Enormous Crime:

It establishes beyond even a hint of doubt that the Vietnamese Communists kept hundreds of our POWS after the war and that the traitors who ran our government at the time conspired with the Communists to abandon them. The book establishes those facts with a tsunami of evidence of all kinds, literally thousands of reports over many years � totaling 66,000 pages published here for the first time � from eye witnesses, from signal intelligence, from satellite imagery, to such an extent that no one without some other agenda could conclude otherwise.

Many of the reports corroborate each other. The signals could have been made only by downed Americans who know the secret codes. The satellites are of course American and can read the label on your lingerie. They can tell the exact coordinates of the sites. There can be absolutely no doubt that hundreds of Americans were there long after the U.S. government cut and ran in 1973.

Bill Hendon and Elizabeth Stewart pored over these thousands of official documents for twenty five years. The record shows that every Administration starting with Nixon's colluded in the treason. Nixon of course was a Socialist. He said as much when he announced he was a Keynesian, a disciple of Communist favorite and sexual predator John Maynard Keynes.

The treason consisted and still consists of destroying the evidence, of lying about it, of discrediting the witnesses, of doing everything possible to bury the Prisoners Of War alive, of sabotaging every effort to liberate them. Remember, these are men with names we knew were there. Yes, there were periodic investigations; but the purpose of a federal investigation, especially here, is to conceal the subject it is investigating.

All the traitors are here, starting with Nixon and Kissinger. Frank A. Capell, the late intelligence officer, exposed Heinz Kissinger as a member of Odra, a Soviet spy ring in Germany after World War II, code named "Bor." His guttural stench is worse than a week old corpse. Herr Kissinger has committed so much treason over so many years, has betrayed and killed so many that, honestly, I wonder why someone, God forbid, hasn't blown his God damned head off.

What did Heinz do here? He shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Communist Le Duc Tho by accepting the North Vietnamese demands in toto without negotiation, keeping the agreement secret from our loyal ally, the Republic of Vietnam in Saigon, one of the main participants. He said he would go to Hanoi "to pay our respects to the heroic people of North Vietnam," and later reflected that his acceptance of the agreement was "my most thrilling moment in public service."

South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu later said Kissinger "gave me the impression that he was a representative of Hanoi, not America." Yes, that is what he was. In a Nixon letter to the Reds kept secret from Congress for years, Heinz promised Hanoi $4.75 billion in reparations. When Congress balked, Heinz wrote the POWS off. Knowing that the Reds had kept hundreds, Nixon lied and announced that they all had come home.

The treason has continued through every administration and continues today. Jimmy Carter did everything he could to declare the POWS dead � and did so while CIA was sending the White House messages that quoted top Hanoi officials who were saying they did indeed hold American POWS.

Of course Jimmy Carter's treason rivals Kissinger's. It is difficult to find a betrayal of America in the past thirty years, and there have been so many � from the treasonous surrender of our Canal in Panama, to the betrayal of our loyal ally in the Republic of China, to the support of Fidel Castro � in which this dour, humorless skunk has not played a decisive role.

Throughout the administrations, Republican and Democrat, verified sightings of American POWS in Communist hands kept arriving in Washington. It is important to establish not only that the Republicans were as treasonous as the Democrats, but also that the Reagan Administration was as bad as the worst.

One of the reasons was that by the time Reagan took office, the Vietnamese "boat people" had set sail, fleeing the country however they could. Many of these people were friends, even allies, who had served beside us in uniform. They were comrades in arms. And they reported dozens of eyewitness sightings of American POWS in Communist hands to U.S. authorities.

You and I would have thought such sightings were opportunities. But the Reagan Administration treated them as crises the Administration had to overcome. For instance, in 1981, a CIA reconnaissance team crossed the Mekong into Laos, and traveled overland to "Fort Apache," where they observed a tall, dark-haired man who "could have been a Caucasian." CIA officials withheld that information from the Pentagon. William G. Graver, CIA, later testified that his bosses "did not want to put gasoline on the issue." What? Yes, that's what he said.

Again and again, the Reagan Administration denied POW files to Hendon and other sitting Congressmen, even including files Hendon had worked on himself as a civilian employee of the Pentagon. Hendon and the others consulted an attorney about filing suit against DOD. What legitimate reason could there have been to deny Hendon those files? Instead of looking for living men, the Administration focused on the pretext of looking for remains.

A couple of former Green Berets did go to court, accusing the Reagan Administration of burying or discrediting reports of living POWS. A week later, Lee Hamilton, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, issued a report that said in effect there were no living POWS. Recently, Hamilton was a member of the Nine Eleven Commission. He is a media-made "dignitary," who has made a career of burying inconvenient truths.

Major General Colin Powell became "livid" when Congressman Duncan Hunter asked him to help fly to Washington a Vietnamese who had seen live POWS in Hanoi twice. Powell angrily refused, snatching away a letter Hendon tried to hand to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Of course, Colin Powell is no George Patton.

No matter how strong a sighting report was, no matter how credible the source, no matter how well corroborated, the government's POW "investigators" flunked it. Every one. No one was telling the truth. The sighting was a "fabrication," a "mistake," a "Russian," a "Swede"; co-author Hendon reports there was not even a category on the official form to report a verified sighting.

One of the most revealing aspects of this treasonous horror is that while Washington was doing everything it could to suppress the facts and discredit the witnesses, those witnesses again and again volunteered to return to the Vietnamese Communist hell to rescue the American comrades-in-arms they had served with and now had seen there. That's right; these Vietnamese volunteered to do the job Washington should have done. What could they hope to gain by taking such a risk, if no one was there?

One refugee said that he and some other resistance fighters had tried to rescue some Americans they had seen in a camp near Nha Trang in August, 1983, but that the Reds drove them off. A royal Lao sergeant saw twenty six American POWS at the mouth of a cave inside Laos. Back in Thailand, his commander ordered him to return to Laos to rescue the Americans, but, by the time they arrived, the Americans had been moved. Senate intelligence investigators compared his report to what they already knew and concluded he was completely credible.

A Vang Pao militiaman told U.S. authorities he had been imprisoned for nine years, until October, 1985 in a cave in Laos with five American POWS. The militiaman said he would happily go back to rescue them or to take pictures of them. Meanwhile, the Americans did nothing or worse. Of course there were heroes in the matter, like Lieut. General Gene Tighe, Colonel Mike Peck, who quit in disgust citing a "mindset to debunk," and Hendon himself, but they did not run the show.

Ross Perot offered to help. Remember that he had rescued his own men without government help from Teheran. For years, he had done what he could to help the POWS he knew had been left behind in the Nam. Here is An Enormous Crime's version of the meeting on the subject between Reagan and Perot:

"[T]he president, reading from three-by-five index cards he held in his lap and motioning � almost lecturing, really � with his left hand, conveyed to Perot the crystal-clear 'thanks but no thanks' message . . . ." According to one Administration official, the President was "deliberately cool."

What does this tell you? It tells me that Reagan knew perfectly well what was being done in his name. He was not an innocent bystander. Also, notice that he is reading from index cards, but he is holding them in his lap, presumably to pretend that he is not reading from index cards.

What kind of man � what kind of mind � must conduct such a crucial conversation from cards? By the way, I have had a few conversations with Ross "The Boss." I was able to get through them without index cards or lecturing and he understood instantly what I was saying. Of course, I wasn't the President.

In January, 1989, the Reagan Administration issued a final report which said there were no live POWS after 1973. In July, 1990, the Bush I Administration said the same thing. Meanwhile, reports of hundreds of living POWS were arriving, including one about a prison under the Ho Chi Minh Memorial in the center of Hanoi.

So foul did the betrayal become that Hendon and other congressional heroes and private citizens cobbled together a reward of $2.4 million of their own money, payable to anyone who escaped with an American POW and turned him over to U.S. authorities. But those treasonous authorities worked overtime telling people in Southeast Asia not to attempt rescue of those POWS and that there was no reward.

A Thai businessman came forward with information about Bill Milliner, a U.S. Army Warrant Officer missing for eighteen years. The businessman said Milliner was alive in Laos and could be brought to the Lao/Thai border for the reward. But the Joint Casualty Resolution Center (JCRC) told him to stop the rescue and there would be no reward. Hendon tried unsuccessfully to have the responsible officials tried.

An Enormous Crime also records in detail the staggering treason perpetrated by Senators Kerry and McCain. Under Kerry's direction, official POW records were destroyed, a felony. Kerry is not just a gigolo who specializes in marrying rich, obnoxious women. Because of his treasonous behavior and associations after he returned from his suspiciously brief tour in Vietnam, befouled with medals he had awarded himself, it would be no surprise to learn that he was a secret member of the Communist Party.

The aptly named McCain is of course an incredibly obnoxious, little puke himself, who goes out of his way to treat the POW families like garbage. For some reason, the encyclopedic Hendon/Stewart book omits the incident in which McCain actually embraced a North Vietnamese Communist torturer who had come to the District of Criminals to testify at one of McCain's phony hearings. Which again raises the perennial question: did the Communists recruit McCain when he was a POW in Hanoi? What really happened in Hanoi, John? Is McCain the McChurian Candidate?

Along these lines, for many years Ann Mills Griffiths has run the National League of Families. The League started out looking for live POWS. Then Miss Griffiths was put on a government panel and the families rejoiced. Now the League would have an official voice in government. Instead, she was co-opted � which was probably the reason they hired her � and began to spout the government line.

No more live POWS. Now she was looking for remains. In fact, no one has worked harder over the years to bury live POWS than Ann Mills Griffiths. If the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court were to testify that he had seen a live POW still in Communist hands, she would figure out a way to discredit him. But politics makes strange bedfellows, right? Over the years, an eminently reasonable question repeatedly asks itself. With whom is Ann Mills Griffiths in bed? Who is it, Ann? Give us a name and serial number.

End of Part I
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Americans Abandoned

Worst Treason in U.S. History (II)

So where do we stand in the Bush Administration? If Japanese Imperial soldiers in their seventies could be discovered deep in some jungle decades after World War II, living in harsh conditions, awaiting orders from the Emperor for the final assault, equally hardy American POWS could certainly still be alive in Southeast Asia, still waiting for us to bring them home. Indeed, our encyclopedic authors make clear that today � today � today, while you read this, signals from captive Americans are still arriving.

Along these lines, in 1977, a former South Vietnamese navy officer undergoing Communist "reeducation" saw a couple of Americans under guard carrying wood. The Americans smiled and one of them made a V sign with his fingers, a gesture the South Vietnamese officer and other prisoners returned. So, at least in 1977, the American spirit still was alive in Vietnam. Is he still waiting for us to bring him home?

During the first Bush Administration, George H.W. appeared at a meeting of the POW families and rudely told them, "Shut up and I'll tell you what you want to hear." Offended, some of the special ops types present began to filter down the aisles toward the lectern. Thank God the women saw what was getting ready to happen; they surrounded the men, joined hands and herded them back up the aisles and out the doors. The men grumbled but did as they were told.

Had the women not acted so decisively, poor Jorge W. Boosh could have lost his daddy, the Secret Service detail could have gone to the hospital and a lot of good men could have wound up in jail. I wasn't there myself, but my dear friend Mrs. Earl "Patty" Hopper was and told me all about it.

Patty is the wife of Col. Earl Hopper, Sr., an early chairman of the National League of Families, whose son, Earl, Jr., is missing in Southeast Asia. Patty herself is chairman of Task Force Omega. I didn't come across this incident in An Enormous Crime, but you can read a dramatized version of it in my novel, Perestroika Sunset (go to Bush, Sr., a strident advocate of world government � the abolition of our nation � was and is bitterly opposed to rescuing our abandoned men.

So here we are with son Jorge as President. What can we do? First consider who and what Jorge is. Along with fat slob, drunk, sexual predator Ted Kennedy, he is conducting the present invasion of our southern border, an essential step in his daddy's plan to submerge our country in a totalitarian socialist world government.

On March 23rd, 2005, he met with then Mexican President Vicente Fox and then Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. They announced that henceforth the border would not be between the countries, but around the countries, abolishing them in effect. So the reason Boosh does not enforce the border is that he believes it no longer exists.

That is why Border Patrol agents and at least one deputy sheriff are on trial and in jail. Jorge's actions are calculated to reduce Border Patrol morale to zero. Would you aggressively enforce federal law on the border if you thought for doing so you could lose your job, your pension, your house and be thrown into jail? I would not.

Boosh started a war illegally, without the Declaration of War the Constitution requires; worse, as in Vietnam, his rules of engagement forbid our superb military to win. Even worse, far worse, he gives the often fatal edge in combat to the enemy. In combat in Iraq a man's best friend is not the man beside him but his lawyer. That is why we "cannot win." You cannot win a war by making nice.

Boosh routinely puts our best officers on trial. U.S. Marine Lt. Colonel Jeff Chessani � the best of the best � is just the latest example. Before him there were Lieut. Ilario Pantano and Col. Allen West. Other Marines are on trial; the only witnesses against them are Iraqis who may be terrorists. Boosh is trying to destroy the Marine Corps. We could win this phony "war" whenever Boosh lets us. Instead, we have Vietnam all over again. Remember that we won in Vietnam; we lost in Washington.

As I write, the latest example arrives. In a massive operation involving some two hundred agents, the federal government has arrested Vang Pao and many others in California. We have already mentioned Vang Pao. Who is he? He is a 77-year-old legend, the leader of some 100,000 Hmong now in this country. He is a former Royal Lao general, sponsored by CIA, who fought the Communists for years beside the United States in Laos. He is a comrade-in-arms. A school under construction in Wisconsin is being named for him. So why is Vang Pao under arrest?

He is under arrest for organizing an attempt to overthrow the typically bestial Communist government of Laos, which is presently perpetrating genocide against the Hmong people. The Communist dictatorship of Laos has fulsomely praised the arrests and suggests that Vang Pao and the others be tried under the Patriot Act. As always � as always � as always, the U.S. government is taking the Communist side, as it has since Washington helped install the Reds in Russia in the first place.

Why is Boosh doing all this? Because he is a Communist. He is a Communist world government traitor, like his father. That is why, against all reason, against the unusually united, overwhelming will of the American people � against political survival itself � he recently besieged the Senate to pass the illegal alien amnesty bill. He is just the latest President to abandon our men. So, realistically, with Boosh as President should we live with the pain and try to forget about these brothers-in-arms abandoned in Southeast Asia or can anything be done? Here is a realistic program:

1. First, no serious proposal should get anywhere near the government. The government is the enemy. It will betray you. It has always betrayed you. It always betrays our allies. Our authors have proved this better than anyone else. Avoid it. Tell the government nothing. Because the "mainstream media" are a branch of the government, tell the media nothing. Do not cooperate with the government. Whatever you wind up doing, tell only the people who "need to know," and take steps to thwart infiltrators.

2. Revive the reward our authors discuss in the book. It doesn't need to be $2.4 million. Even with today's devalued dollar, a reward of, say, $1 million would be enough. For this purpose, you could probably raise that amount in ten minutes. Plaster word of that reward up and down the Mekong. Because you now understand where the U.S. government stands, the flyers should warn that Washington will lie about the reward. To prove your bona fides, deposit the money in escrow in a prestigious bank, not an American bank � a foreign bank with no American branches. Co-author Beth is a lawyer; she knows how to do that.

3. "There is no military solution." The traitors have dinned that mantra into our minds so long and so incessantly that we almost believe it. No military solution? Really? Friends, there is no other solution. Remember, the war isn't over until the last man � Col. Pete Stewart � sets foot on hallowed American soil and bear hugs lady Beth. The war continues despite the treason. Without a military solution, no one will take you seriously. Boosh & Co. will dismiss you as jokes because the only thing a Communist respects is power. Accept the probability that if we are really serious about getting our men back, someone must die. Are we serious?

As we have seen, Laotians and Vietnamese have volunteered to go back and bring Americans out. South Korean Rangers would probably volunteer. So could Republic of China patriots. Recruit them. They have the advantage of being Asians, who would not stand out in Southeast Asia like blond telephone poles.

Back them up with the deadliest creatures who ever stalked the earth: the Marine Corps sniper, the gunny who can kill at more than a mile, the SEALS, Force Recon, Army Rangers and Green Beanies, leftover SOG types, etc., specialists in violent confrontation lusting to finish the job. Stop making nice. Don't repeat Vang Pao's mistake. Organize all this in another country. Take along some cameras and pretty wives. If anybody asks, laugh it up and say you are making a movie.

4. The make nice word these days is that we must negotiate. Negotiate with what? You don't need Donald Trump to tell you that, to negotiate, you must have something the other side wants. What do we have? We have nothing. The Communists still want the $4.75 billion promised by Nixon und Herr Heinz. Sure, let's negotiate. Let's make nice. But first let's get something to negotiate with, something they want. We can't get $4.75 billion. So what could we get?

I'm just fantasizing, of course, just day dreaming, but what would happen if somewhere in the world, without warning, the staff of a Vietnamese Communist embassy or consulate, including the ambassador, or, more easily, the high ranking members of a Vietnamese Communist delegation at an international conference on the redistribution of your wealth, or something, were suddenly kidnapped and secreted in well prepared bamboo cages, dressed in black rags and fed on slops.

Needless to say, I don't recommend this. H-e-c-k, no! I'm just naively wondering what would happen. Would something like that get Hanoi's attention? Would it give our side something to negotiate with? What would happen if these slimy Communist weasels were afraid to step outside, in fear that they could be cold-conked by a blond telephone pole? Admit it. However crazy you think I am, as you read this, you are smiling.

5. When we get one or more of these men back, hide them. Keep the rescue a secret. Don't even think of letting the DOD debunkers debrief them. Debrief them yourselves. Then, when all is ready, when they have sufficiently recuperated, surface them in a coordinated media blitzkrieg, if they are willing. Or, maybe they will never surface, understandably reluctant to face the predictable, treasonous outrage of the conspiracy for world government. The most important purpose of all this is not to prove some point, but to bring them home, to deliver Col. Pete to Beth.

Of course, these are just a few amateur suggestions. The military types could no doubt come up with many more and better. First, read An Enormous Crime. Let it sink into your pores. Go to the web site,, where you will see an overwhelming avalanche of evidence that buries any doubt. Below are a few excerpts. Shake off the decades of government brainwashing.

Then get mean.


Here are some sickening excerpts from what you will find on the book's web site,

[Robert] Destatte, after digesting the latest news from Kuala Lumpur, composed a memorandum that included the facts of the Lieutenant's sighting and DIA's official interim assessment of the case. In the memorandum, Destatte acknowledged that the MOI Lieutenant was not seeking any money or favors in return for his testimony; acknowledged that the Lieutenant had now passed two polygraph examinations; and acknowledged that Xuan Loc K-4 was a "known camp" and that the Special Office possessed satellite imagery of the camp. Then, without offering any justification, Destatte declared that the Lieutenant was a "probable fabricator with no useful knowledge." 90

This refugee, a newly-arrived Vietnamese man named Dinh, had reported that following a series of interviews with analyst Sedgwick Tourison, Tourison had invited him to his (Tourison's) home in suburban Washington one evening, allegedly for a meal, but that when he had arrived, Tourison had accused him of being a North Vietnamese spy sent by Hanoi to spread disinformation about live POWs. According to Dinh, when he had vigorously denied Tourison's charge, Tourison had threatened to take him to the Pentagon that very evening and have him deported unless he signed a statement declaring that he had not actually seen the prisoners but had only heard about them from someone else. Appalled and frightened, Dinh had refused to sign and instead had bolted from Tourison's house and fled. 116 He had then contacted Madam Anh and, at her insistence, had taken his story to Burch, the Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Coalition. When Burch and other Coalition officers had debriefed Dinh and found him credible, they in turn had taken him to the Hill where he had told his story to selected Members of Congress and their staffs.

Upon having heard Dinh's account, as noted in An Enormous Crime, Chapter 23, Rep. Douglas Applegate, (D-OH), a House Veterans Affairs Committee subcommittee chairman and a highly respected congressional champion of Vietnam veterans, had gone before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee in early August to declare that he was "fearful" the Reagan Administration was covering up evidence of live American POWs. In his testimony, Applegate had said that, "[a]s of July 15, 1984, the Defense Intelligence Agency had over 2,620 reports of Americans in Southeast Asia � 640 of these reports are eyewitnesses," and, after making specific reference to Dinh's sighting, had declared that his (Applegate's) efforts to check out these reports had run into "roadblocks in the name of national security" and that he feared a cover-up may be underway. 117

Though Applegate's charge of cover-up had been greeted with skepticism by the Administration's many supporters on the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee - and had been denied outright later in the hearing by DIA Director Lt. Gen. James Williams, USA � the incendiary charge of "cover-up" had quickly become the battle cry for the activist families, Vietnam vets and others concerned about the fate of the living POWs. In mid-August, Burch and other Coalition leaders�all of whom were Republicans - had traveled to Dallas and, at a press conference held outside the site of the 1984 Republican National Convention, had charged that the Reagan Administration had "covered up the truth" about American servicemen still alive in captivity in Southeast Asia. To bolster their case, Burch and his men had released a number of declassified intelligence reports showing American POWs alive in captivity long after the war and had then brought Dinh to the podium to tell of the POWs he had seen and the mistreatment he had reportedly endured at the hands of Tourison. Following Dinh's remarks, Burch had declared that the rough treatment Dinh and other refugees had received was keeping many refugees from coming forward with information they possessed about living POWs, thus putting the lives of the POWs in jeopardy. Burch had then called on the Administration to form a joint task force with the Coalition to ensure that the abuse of the refugee sources would stop and that the intelligence would no longer be debunked without cause. 118

Knowing that hearsay accounts carried less weight than eyewitness accounts, the analysts would use this tactic time and again to debunk the eyewitness reports. The analysts' standard MO was to telephone the refugee and explain that DIA had determined that he or she was not telling the truth about seeing American POWs and that to avoid further embarrassment and make the whole thing go away he or she need only say that he or she had only heard about American prisoners and not actually seen them. If the refugee failed to get the hint or refused to comply, the analysts would continue to call and harass the refugee until he or she finally "recanted" his or her eyewitness account and "admitted" that he or she had not actually seen the Americans as earlier reported, but had only heard about them from another refugee, a relative, a friend, etc. (Statements made to Hendon during the 1980's by a number of refugees).

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