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Could Weiner's Marriage To Hillary's Muslim Traveling Aide Huma Be A Hillary-Empowering Sham?

Could Weiner's Marriage To Hillary's Muslim Traveling Aide Huma Be A Hillary-Empowering Sham?:

"Is it time to ask the questions no one dares ask?

Every detective since Sherlock Holmes knew that when all logical explanations have been examined and discarded, it's time to reexamine the 'illogical' and even 'impossible' explanations.

Let's look at what we know as fact.

Ms. Huma Abedin (AKA Ms Anthony Weiner) is the daughter of two prominent Muslims. Her mother even published a newspaper in London telling Muslim women how to be subservient to their husbands, follow the restrictive dictates of the Koran, and still have a 'meaningful' life.

As a young staffer, Ms Abedin, who lived in the gay Adams-Morgan section of DC, received much very faltering media attention, including a 2007 Vogue photo-filled article. In a town of 100,000 single women, many wondered why she got all the attention.

She was Hillary Clinton's 'traveling aide,' AKA 'butt girl' and was never far from Hilary's side, especially on long out-of-country trips.

Washington tongues have always wagged that Hillary was at least Bi, if not entirely gay after having her one 'the plumbing works' baby, Chelsea. Abedin was seen by many as Hillary's 'safe' partner after she was elected to the Senate."

Gunny G's Marines History and Traditions: The Relief Of Wake Island 1941

Gunny G's Marines History and Traditions: The Relief Of Wake Island 1941:

The Rescue Attempt

"Finally, as day was breaking over Makalapa, the
decision was reached. At 0811, Hawaiian time,
some two and a half hours before Wake was to
surrender, Task Force 14 was recalled.

Aboard the Astoria, Saratoga, and Tangier,
reactions varied from astonishment to shame and
anger. There were even some staff officers who
counseled Admiral Fletcher to disregard orders
and make a dash in to Wake. They did not know that
at this very moment, some four enemy heavy
cruisers (Cruiser Division 6) were patrolling
east of Wake, separated from any Japanese carrier
air support by hundreds of miles,[14] a sitting
target for the airmen of the Saratoga; nor did
they know that the Japanese attack force was
disposed about Wake with no apparent measures for
security against surface attack. Had all this
been known, the story of Wake might have been
very different.

But it was not known, and Task Force 14, which
might have relieved Wake, spent most of 23
December refueling its cruisers, and that night
retired on Midway.


It's Time To End Hamilton's Curse by Thomas DiLorenzo

It's Time To End Hamilton's Curse by Thomas DiLorenzo:

"What most Americans probably know about Hamilton is that he was a founding father, one of the authors of The Federalist Papers, and that his picture is on the ten-dollar bill. But he was much more than that, as the above-mentioned writers surely know.

As Jeff Taylor remarked in Where Did the Party Go? William Jennings Bryan, Hubert Humphrey, and the Jeffersonian Legacy, 'Hamilton, under the influence of the two political theorists most distasteful to Jefferson, Hobbes and Hume, was frankly the champion of the leviathan state.'

This is why in my forthcoming book, Hamilton's Curse, I discard Ron Chernow's advice about 'repudiating the modern world' and explain why Hamilton's political and economic legacy must be repudiated if America is to ever again be known as the land of the free.

Hamilton's Curse

Hamilton worshipped government power for its own sake, and sought a government that would seek 'imperial glory' (his words). He disrespected people like Jefferson who believed the primary purpose of government should be the protection of natural rights to life, liberty and property. He frequently complained of 'an excessive concern for liberty in public men' and called for a government of 'more energy.'"

What Hamilton Has Wrought by Thomas DiLorenzo

What Hamilton Has Wrought by Thomas DiLorenzo:

"The current economic crisis is the inevitable consequence of what I call Hamilton's Curse in my new book of that name. It is the legacy of Alexander Hamilton and his political, economic, and constitutional philosophy.

As George Will once wrote, Americans are fond of quoting Jefferson, but we live in Hamilton's country.

The great debate between Hamilton and Jefferson over the purpose of government, which animates American politics to this day, was very much about economic policy. Hamilton was a compulsive statist who wanted to bring the corrupt British mercantilist system — the very system the American Revolution was fought to escape from — to America.

He fought fiercely for his program of corporate welfare, protectionist tariffs, public debt, pervasive taxation, and a central bank run by politicians and their appointees out of the nation's capital.

Jefferson and his followers opposed him every step of the way because they understood that Hamilton's agenda was totally destructive of liberty. And unlike Hamilton, they took Adam Smith's warnings against economic interventionism seriously."

Digital deception & the media

Digital deception & the media:

"Our current focus on the salacious versus the historically important is the result of a generation of illiteracy at the hands of a progressive media. Many within this generation receive their news from the intellectually deficient or the deliberately deceptive, from the likes of Jon Stewart to Stephen Colbert and beyond.

Such venues exist as pseudo-news and current event shows for the often factually and morally impaired, and frequently invite equally deficient or deceptive shills as guests to subtly mock issues of substance while pushing matters less taxing to one’s grey matter, all to the cackling delight of an enthusiastic studio audience.

Beyond those popular venues vacant of factual information, we have the actual cable and network news shows engaged in their own methods of deception through their biased depiction or omission. What is reported in these venues is agenda-driven as well. So too is what is not reported, decided at office levels far above the broadcast studios."

Give Us Liberty: WE REPORT...YOU DECIDE...


Part 1. Bill Clinton.

On December 31, 1969 Oxford student and anti-war activist Bill Clinton came to Moscow through Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland for 5-days vacation at expensive 'National' Hotel. His autobiography says the only person he knew in Moscow was Anik “Nikki” Alexis, a daughter of a French diplomat who was now studying at the Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University. Clinton recalls,

“One night I took a bus out to Lumumba University to have dinner with Nikki and some of her friends” On the bus back home, Clinton says, there was only one other passenger, Oleg Rakito, who “spoke better English than I did” and “asked me lots of questions and told me he worked for the government, virtually admitting he was assigned to keep an eye on me”.

The story is all fake."

Georgia Citizen and County Chairperson Contacts Legislators En Masse about Presidential Eligibility| The Post & Email

Georgia Citizen and County Chairperson Contacts Legislators En Masse about Presidential Eligibility| The Post & Email:

"Our founding fathers were very wise when they chose the verbiage “No person except a natural born Citizen..,” shall be eligible to be President. They instinctively new that as a country we could never allow anyone with divided loyalties to be our Commander in Chief. They were men of few words but we know those words were all well chosen and for one specific purpose. To insure the continuity of our form of government.

Many, including myself, realize the envelope of interpretation to that clause has been widened of late to include the people our founders chose to preclude from consideration for that office and many more, in our state, now humbly ask that this new interpretation be struck down as only one state at a time can now do.

Georgia breeds men and women of character with high moral standards. It is to those men and women, you in particular, I address this concern along with a way to resolve the issue in such a fashion as to show your constituents your deep love and appreciation for our sacred document, The Constitution of the United States, from which all of our blessings for freedom and liberty derive."

The American Conservative � I Don’t Like Ike

The American Conservative � I Don’t Like Ike:

"It’s true that his farewell speech warned against “unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex,” and this is the part that people remember.

But Eisenhower himself entrenched this very machinery in American life, virtually inventing the peacetime armaments industry and imposing military regimentation on the country.

His approach was fundamentally un-American; or, another way to put it, he redefined what it meant to be an American. Instead of a free people, he forged a program for the permanent militarization of the country.

The evidence for this militarization begins with massive increases in military spending. As a percent of total budget outlays, military spending went from 30 percent in 1950 to 70 percent in 1957. This was the largest peacetime buildup in American history.

During a dramatic economic expansion, the president worked to maintain a high military spending level as a percentage of the rising GDP—establishing the modern precedent that military socialism is integral to the economic life of the country.

Spending rose in absolute terms every year he was president, from $358 billion in 1952 to $585 billion in the last budget for which he bore responsibility in 1962, a whopping 63.4 percent increase during the Eisenhower years."

I Don’t Like Ike by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

I Don’t Like Ike by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.:

"Indeed, the entire Cold War ideology was invented by Harry Truman and his advisers in 1948 as:

1.) a political trick to keep from losing more congressional backing,

2.) a way to circumvent political pressure for postwar disarmament, and

3.) a method to maintain U.S. industrial dependence on government spending, particularly with regard to American corporations operating overseas.

It was an unprecedented form of peacetime socialism, designed to appeal to big business, and Eisenhower became its spokesman.

Savvy libertarians knew exactly what was going on and supported Cold War opponent Robert Taft for the Republican nomination in 1952.

But the nomination was effectively stolen by Eisenhower, with massive establishment backing. He repaid his backers with his support and expansion of Truman’s program."

American's Two-Party System is a Hoax

American's Two-Party System is a Hoax:

"One of my readers directed me to Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld's 'Why Conservatives Need to Back the Republican Party'. While I don't usually comment on a fellow author's column I thought it appropriate in this case because Blumenfeld brings up several key points that I often hear by my readers in defense of why they stay with the Republican Party.

The most common defense is that 'third' parties are unable to raise the money to win elections and winning elections is what politics is all about. That might be good logic for a non-Christian, but isn't that atheistic logic? Unfortunately there is hardly a one of us who has not been adversely affected in some area of our thinking by our secular humanist culture. We are thinking too much like the world.

Just ask yourself, how often has God worked against evil on the side of the majority or on the side with the most money? Our duty is not to 'win' elections. Like with every other aspect of our lives, even at election time, a Christian's main concern should be to bring glory to God - He will provide the results."....................

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms

U.N. Agreement Should Have All Gun Owners Up In Arms:

"1. Enact tougher licensing requirements, creating additional bureaucratic red tape for legal firearms ownership.
2. Confiscate and destroy all “unauthorized” civilian firearms (exempting those owned by our government of course).
3. Ban the trade, sale and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons (any that have magazines even though they still operate in the same one trigger pull – one single “bang” manner as revolvers, a simple fact the ant-gun media never seem to grasp).
4. Create an international gun registry, clearly setting the stage for full-scale gun confiscation.
5. In short, overriding our national sovereignty, and in the process, providing license for the federal government to assert preemptive powers over state regulatory powers guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment in addition to our Second Amendment rights.

Have no doubt that this plan is very real, with strong Obama administration support. In January 2010 the U.S. joined 152 other countries in endorsing a U.N. Arms Treaty Resolution that w"

How Do You Like Me Now? | ATLAH Media Network

How Do You Like Me Now? | ATLAH Media Network: "How Do You Like Me Now?

Posted on 07 June 2011. Tags: ATLAH, black, business, Cornel, Daddy, David, Election, farrakhan, islam, James, Jeremiah, Legged, Long, Louis, Mack, Malik, Manning, Muslim, Nation, New, panther, Party, Pastor, puppet, Selection, Shabazz,"

Police Now Have Unprecedented Power to Invade Our Home | Nat Hentoff | Cato Institute: Commentary

Police Now Have Unprecedented Power to Invade Our Home | Nat Hentoff |

Cato Institute: Commentary: "Before the American Revolution, when we were King George III's colonists, his customs officers and soldiers, writing general warrants (writes of assistance) all by themselves, barged into offices and private homes in dragnet searches.

'Our houses and even our bed chambers,' reported enraged Bostonians, 'are exposed to be ransacked, our boxes, chests and trunks broke open, ravaged. ... Flagrant instances of the wanton exercise of this power have frequently happened in this and other seaport towns.

'By this we are cut off from that domestic security which renders the lives of the most unhappy in some measure agreeable.' (Linda Monk, The Bill of Rights: A User's Guide).

Nat Hentoff is a nationally renowned authority on the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. He is a member of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and the Cato Institute, where he is a senior fellow.
More by Nat Hentoff

This regal contempt for these new Americans was one of the most precipitating causes of the American Revolution — and for the inclusion of the Fourth Amendment in the Constitution's Bill of Rights:"

Government programs have accomplished what slavery Could not..They’ve destroyed the black family

Government programs have accomplished what slavery Could not..They’ve destroyed the black family:

"Then Walter Williams crystallized my thinking when he made the observation that government programs had accomplished what slavery could not do and what Jim Crow laws could not do… they destroyed the black family.

The numbers are stark. Williams points out that up until the 1940’s between 75 & 90 percent of all black children were being raised in two parent homes while today the number is less than 1/3.

He continued, pointing out that the illegitimacy rate amongst blacks was 18% in 1940 but ballooned to 72.5% in 2008. In a 1985 documentary he suggested that government programs, with their “good intentions” had led America’s black families into Hell.

(Excerpt) Read more at floppingaces.net..."

Read This Book! by Ron Paul

Read This Book! by Ron Paul:

"One of the most important lessons Judge Napolitano teaches is how many shared premises there are by advocates of big government from both the right and the left. For example, Judge Napolitano exposes how both the conservatives' war on marijuana and the liberals' war on tobacco are manifestations of paternalism — the idea that government has the legitimate authority to stop adults from doing bad things, like smoking substances that politicians and bureaucrats do not approve of. Of course, smoking, whether of marijuana or tobacco, does have negative health consequences — but respecting the right of individuals to be wrong, as long as they do not interfere with the rights of others, is one of the pillars of a free society.

Lies the Government Told You also avoids the all-too-common error of drawing a distinction between 'personal' liberty and 'economic' liberty, and focusing on attacks on one type of freedom while ignoring or even supporting attacks on the other category of liberty."

Dr. Manning Interviews Rick Wiles, founder of TruNews | ATLAH Media Network

Dr. Manning Interviews Rick Wiles, founder of TruNews | ATLAH Media Network: "Dr. Manning Interviews Rick Wiles, founder of TruNews"

Would the US Military Stand Down and ‘Empower a Revolution’ If Faced With Riots and Civil Unrest? by Mac Slavo

Would the US Military Stand Down and ‘Empower a Revolution’ If Faced With Riots and Civil Unrest?


The US and Western coalitions pick and choose which innocent civilians are worthy of saving, and many have suggested that this is due to one specific reason. If you haven’t guessed, it’s closely related to the oil and gas reserves in the region, but according to Conn Hallinan, it’s a much broader strategy that boils down to regional energy control. 

The Saudis, being close allies of the US (for today, at least) have a pass to cleanse protesters who would threaten stability. Libya, of course, is lead by a dictator, thus he has to go – just like the Syrian leadership.

Among the many inconsistencies with what’s playing out in the middle east is the question of what our President and Secretary of Defense would ask our own military to do if political protests, riots and violence erupted here in the US. Both seem to suggest that the leaders of these middle eastern countries, as well as their law enforcement and military apparatuses, should stand aside. 

Would the President of the United States, if faced with riots, molotov cocktails, and gun fire outside of the Capitol building or White House allow the military to “empower a revolution driven by unmet political and economic grievances” of the people?

Estimates suggest that Mubarak resigned amid as many as 2 million protesters in the streets. This is about 3% of Egypt’s population.

If the United States saw similar turnouts at Federal and State government buildings, would our leadership resign without a fight as well? Are we to believe that the same logic being used to compel dictators in the middle east to step down would be applied domestically if the people, in a public show of protest, deemed our government to be tyrannical and it’s leaders dictators? 

Moreover, does this mean that any such civil disobedience, riots, and gunfire would be ignored by military and law enforcement, who would be ordered to, as Mr. Gates suggested to Syria, stand on the sidelines?

We’d like to believe it is that easy, except we live in a little place we like to call reality.

Ron Paul On Possible Obama Impeachment Over Libya

Ron Paul On Possible Obama Impeachment Over Libya:

"Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee talk about Obama’s actions with Libya and if It’s an impeachable offense not going to Congress before bombing Libya.

Ron Paul On Possible Obama Impeachment Over Libya 161008pptv3"

Officer 'crushed eyewitness's phone and held gun to his head as he recorded fatal shootout' (VIDEO)

Officer 'crushed eyewitness's phone and held gun to his head as he recorded fatal shootout' (VIDEO): "


• Eyewitness says he removed memory card from phone and put it in his mouth before police took the device

Police officers crushed a man’s phone and held a gun to his head in an effort to destroy a recording he made of a fatal shootout, he claims.

Narces Benoit saw the officers shoot dead Raymond Herisse, 22, in Miami Beach, Florida, last week after the suspect sped off and drove recklessly . Mr Benoit was nearby with girlfriend Ericka Davis when one of the officers allegedly put a gun to his head, handcuffed him and smashed his phone.

(Excerpt) Read more at dailymail.co.uk ..."

Give Us Liberty: WE REPORT...YOU DECIDE...

Give Us Liberty: WE REPORT...YOU DECIDE...:
"Part 4. What's next ?

'Birth certificate' story made Obama very angry, but actually he's in panic. Russians are in panic too - it was a 100% surprise for them. They didn't initially that Obama might get the Oval Office and his enemies would put his fake biography and documents under microscope.

Russians could ask Donald Trump to stop his own investigation (Trump met Russian leader Putin and stated that America needs a president like him), but he will run for president in 2012 and he has to press Obama (Trump says 'no', but polls say 'yes').

Now 'Obama' has to make a choice together with his Russian boss Mikhail Fradkov, SVR Director:

1) resign or just disappear and go back to Russia

2) commit suicide or wait until Hillary Clinton's clan kills him with my help, though I can tell Robert Mueller, Leon Panetta and Mark Sullivan one more time - I'm not coming back, I will not kill 'Barack Obama' or anybody else, stop calling me and sending agents to get me back

3) continue his re-election campaign and presidential activity no matter what 4) fight Hillary Clinton's mafia, cut off any attempts to investigate his biography"

A River of Race Runs Through It

A River of Race Runs Through It:

"We have discovered that just about anything you can say about Obama, besides ‘Messiah’ is some sort of racist code word. Two years it was revealed that calling him a socialist is racist. This week we learned that calling him European is also a slur. Calling him a ‘European Socialist’ might just qualify as a hate crime.

This isn’t really about racism. If it were, much more overtly racist comments made in private by top Democrats like Harry ‘light-skinned with no negro dialect’ Reid or Bill ‘Obama would be getting us coffee’ Clinton, would have lasted for more than a 5 minute news cycle of outrage. It’s about the political uses of race. The bigotry farming that makes racism into a constant part of the political landscape.
To Democrats, racism isn’t a problem. It’s a solution

To Democrats, racism isn’t a problem. It’s a solution. Their speeches about looking forward to the end of racism, are as genuine as oil executives talking about the day when we get all our energy from the sun. Sure it sounds good in theory, but it would also put them out of business. One day we’ll all join hands and sing about brotherhood. But today we’ve got to go on MSNBC and explain how objecting to higher taxes is coded racism."

Glenn Beck launches internet channel (GBTV.com)

Glenn Beck launches internet channel (GBTV.com): "Glenn Beck announced today that he is launching an online TV channel.

Looks like he is supporting all the Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) & Roku.

Will enough people be willing to pay for this?"

GM chief pushing for higher gas taxes. (Obama Motors Shafts Public)

GM chief pushing for higher gas taxes. (Obama Motors Shafts Public):

"Detroit — General Motors Co. CEO Dan Akerson wants the federal gas tax boosted as much as $1 a gallon to nudge consumers toward more fuel-efficient cars, and he's confident the government will soon shed its remaining 26 percent stake in the once-bankrupt automaker.

'I actually think the government will be out this year — within the next 12 months, hopefully within the next six months,' Akerson said in a two-hour interview with The Detroit News last week.

He is grateful for the government's rescue of GM — 'I have nothing but good things to say about them' — but Akerson said the time for that relationship to end is coming because it's wearing on GM.

“It’s kind of like your in-laws: It was a nice long weekend. We didn’t say a week,” Akerson said with a laugh.

And while he is eager to say goodbye to the government as a part owner of GM, Akerson would like to see it step up to the challenge of setting a higher gas tax, as part of a comprehensive energy policy.

A government-imposed tax hike, Akerson believes, will prompt more people to buy small cars and do more good for the environment than forcing automakers to comply with higher gas-mileage standards."

Comic Chris Titus hints at assassinating Palin ‘if she gets elected president’

Comic Chris Titus hints at assassinating Palin ‘if she gets elected president’:

"Sometimes there is a line that is crossed between what appropriate for comedy and what’s likely off limits. But did comic Christopher Titus cross that line?

In an appearance on Monday’s “The Adam Carolla Show” podcast, Titus may have waded into that territory. In responding to a question about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” in which Palin defended her interpretation of what happened during Paul Revere’s pre-Revolutionary War famous ride, Titus launched into a description of what he would do if Palin were elected.

“You know what man?” Titus said. “I am going to literally — if she gets elected president, I am going to hang out on the grassy knoll all the time, just loaded and ready — because you know what? It’s for my country. It’s for my country. If I got to sacrifice myself, it’s for my country.”

(Excerpt) Read more at dailycaller.com ..."

Will Washington Foment War Between China and India? by Paul Craig Roberts

Will Washington Foment War Between China and India? by Paul Craig Roberts:

"What is Washington’s solution for the rising power of China?

The answer might be to involve China in a nuclear war with India.

The staging of the fake death of bin Laden in a commando raid that violated Pakistan’s sovereignty was sold to President Obama by the military/security complex as a way to boost Obama’s standing in the polls.

The raid succeeded in raising Obama’s approval ratings. But its real purpose was to target Pakistan and to show Pakistan that the US was contemplating invading Pakistan in order to make Pakistan pay for allegedly hiding bin Laden next door to Pakistan’s military academy. The neocon, and increasingly the US military position, is that the Taliban can’t be conquered unless NATO widens the war theater to Pakistan, where the Taliban allegedly has sanctuaries protected by the Pakistan government, which takes American money but doesn’t do Washington’s bidding."

Trump's back! Casting doubt on birth certificate

Trump's back! Casting doubt on birth certificate:

"After fanning the flames of doubt that pressured Barack Obama to publicize a purported copy of his official birth certificate, Donald Trump's latest statements suggest the White House-released document may be a fake.

'I don't know exactly what he showed,' Trump told the Faith & Freedom Coalition annual conference in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, ' but you know, someday somebody's gonna figure that one out.'

The famed businessman also intoned, 'Nobody is protected like Barack Hussein Obama,' Politico reports. 'I have never seen press that is so protective of a human being before.'

Get the inside details on what could be the most serious constitutional crisis in modern history, in 'Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President.'

Though Trump's true stance on the document remains muddied, WND reported Jerome Corsi, author of 'Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President,' claims Trump was 'pumping [him] for information' on the birth certificate."

My Comments

My Comments:

"Obama Kills the War Powers Act. The President simply ignores the law.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011 9:59:33 AM � 13 of 13
gunnyg to SeekAndFind

Could it be that the constitution was purposely drafted with flaws to allow for what has happened first with lincoln’s abuse/unconstitutional war against America, and then step-by-step to today’s predicament?????

Constitution Worship Revisited: I’m Still Fed Up!

by Gary D. Barnett

Recently by Gary D. Barnett: Osama bin Laden Causes Yet Another War? After He’s Dead?

Last year I wrote an article titled “I’m Fed Up With Constitution Worship!” Since that time it seems, I hear more and more every day about “getting back to the constitution,” mainly from “conservatives” and those of the Tea Party persuasion.

I always wonder not only have any of these people ever read and studied the constitution, but also do they even understand why it was secretly drafted in the first place? All indications show that they aren’t at all familiar with the enabling power of that document to create a strong central governing system that reduced severely the sovereignty of the states.

I have this contrarian view not because I am cynical or pessimistic, but because".................

Chicago Red Dragon Six-Day Warning | Veterans Today

Chicago Red Dragon Six-Day Warning | Veterans Today:

"Mass casualties will be triaged and mass deaths buried in the Red Dragon disaster drills Wednesday through Friday. This report affirms my Friday article, Chicago Aon Center Alert, and requires a six-day warning, effective Monday, 6/6/11, through Saturday, 6/11/11.

New Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has a reputation as a man-eater who is half Machiavelli and half Mephistopheles. His father was a member of the Israeli Irgun terror organization that blew up Jerusalem’s King David Hotel on July 22, 1946, killing 92, King David Day is still celebrated in Israel."

A Greater Depression

A Greater Depression: "

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt
(via ~ The GUNNY “G” BLOG & E-MAIL ~)

by gunnyg

('A Constitution changed from Freedom, can never be restored; Liberty, once lost, is lost forever...)"

Osama Strikes at the Heart of the U.S. Empire Again by Jack D. Douglas

Osama Strikes at the Heart of the U.S. Empire Again by Jack D. Douglas:

"As usual, the Pakistani outrage has outraged the U.S. which feels that everyone in the world should kowtow to U.S. imperial wishes and murders, so now the U.S. is threatening to ground Pakistan and cut off their CIA allowances, very much as a tyrannical father might do to a disobedient first grader, which will drive the stake and the wedge deeper.

I can't imagine why, but Pakistanis do not seem to enjoy being kicked around as trash in their own nation by the U.S. and its Death Squads. Hey, didn't the U.S. buy and pay for their bodies and souls, just like they would do with whores? How dare they be outraged over U.S. Death Squads in Pakistan! What kinds of whores are they anyway?

Regardless, it seems clear that, If the U.S. actually killed Osama or are merely pretending to have done so, Osama just might have the last laugh in this movie on 'The Killing Of Osama.'"

The Great American Tax Dilemma by Jerome Tuccille

The Great American Tax Dilemma by Jerome Tuccille:

"The media has recently been filled with reports of taxpayer identify theft run amok. According to a Yahoo Finance story, the instances of American taxpayers having their identities ripped off by enterprising thieves, who then file tax returns in the victims’ names using their social security numbers and collect refunds for themselves, is up fivefold in the past two years.

The crisis is now approaching epidemic proportions.

It’s bad enough that our modern-day Caesars have devised a tax system that violates the letter and spirit of the Bill of Rights.

By forcing Americans to bare the intimate details of their financial lives every April 15th, the U.S. government is in direct violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and the very spirit upon which this Republic was founded. As if that weren’t bad enough, it now turns out that every scrap of information that defines who we are – birthdates, social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, income, expenses, stock and bond purchases and sales, property owned and taxes paid on it, we have hardly scratched the surface here – is available to every hacker and criminal with the ability to penetrate IRS’s Maginot line of security.

Not only are we forced to comply with this monstrous system, we are compelled to do so under pain of fines, imprisonment"

The One-Party Police State of the Republicrats by Jack D. Douglas

The One-Party Police State of the Republicrats by Jack D. Douglas:

"As I have said in immense detail in hundreds of essays, the U.S. is trapped by the Party and its vast, closed System by a growing crescendo of booms and busts. Their latest Great Global Bubble produced a Great Global Crash and Great Global Crisis in which we are trapped and oscillating downward toward implosion.

The Party keeps producing the same crises on a more and more immense scale by doing the same things over and over again. They are now totally encapsulated inside their closed Party.

They produced a Great Crisis and then responded by doing more and more of the same things on a more and more immense scale that produced the Bubble that crashed and produced this Great Crisis."

The One-Party Police State of the Republicrats by Jack D. Douglas

The One-Party Police State of the Republicrats by Jack D. Douglas:

"I think they are completely right that they can only retain total power in the U.S. IF they repress all real, serious challenges of Real Reformers from outside and inside the Party.

But what they apparently do not realize is that by creating a vast one party state that is steadily building a totalitarian police state with vast armies of secret police from the NSA to the CIA and DEA and on and on [sixteen visible secret police armies in the U.S.], they are dooming themselves and the u.s. to closure which prevents any effective reforms to adapt to the rapidly changing world situations, so they have doomed the party and the u.s. to implosion very much as the Soviet party rulers doomed themselves to implosion in the same way."

Return of the Anti-Interventionist Right by Patrick J. Buchanan

Return of the Anti-Interventionist Right by Patrick J. Buchanan:

"Last week, House Speaker John Boehner had to scramble to cobble up a substitute resolution to prevent half his GOP caucus from joining with Democrats to denounce President Obama's war in Libya as unconstitutional and to demand a total U.S. pullout in 15 days.

The author of the end-the-war resolution that seemed likely to pass was Dennis Kucinich. That Republicans would vote for a Kucinich resolution testifies to the anger on the Hill that Obama took us to war without congressional authorization and has treated the War Powers Act with manifest contempt.

Boehner's resolution, which gives the president longer to comply with the act and involves no deadline for withdrawal, passed 268 to 145.

But Kucinich's resolution, which would have cut off funds for the Libyan war, still garnered 148 votes, among them 87 Republicans.

More than a third of House Republicans voted to pull out of the NATO coalition attacking Moammar"

Drone surveillance in the US? Alex Jones says ‘the whole world is in danger’

Drone surveillance in the US? Alex Jones says ‘the whole world is in danger’:

"As the US plans to increase drone aircraft usage abroad, now law enforcement in the States is getting ready to adopt robotic planes back home for surveillance purposes. While drone usage is expected to be expanded in America by 2013, Infowar’s Alex Jones says that in some states it has already been happening for years."

The Real DiLorenzo: A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview

The Real DiLorenzo: A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview:

"How did you get on to Lincoln?

I was real interested in the War, and I started thinking about how I could combine my profession with this hobby of mine: the history of the War.

More and more, as I read about Lincoln, I realized he was a tyrant. He was all about money and power. He was the political water-carrier of the Northern big business interests. Of course, he was a centralizer. I'm sort of a libertarian, although Clyde Wilson would say 'Jeffersonian.' Jeffersonian is pretty much the same thing to me. Most people hear the word 'libertarian' and think of people who advocate taking drugs, and that sort of thing. Jeffersonian is more like it.

It really struck me that the War destroyed the Jeffersonian ideal of government. I started writing a few articles about this, and turned it into this book."

The Real DiLorenzo: A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview

The Real DiLorenzo: A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview:

"In a sense, you're not attacking Lincoln, so much as the very foundations of modernAmerican national government.

I call him the Founding Father of big government. It's kind of strange. There are these self-described conservatives who are the big Lincoln idolaters, like the people at the Claremont Institute. But really, when you look at them, they advocate nationalism and executive power. That's one reason why they idolize him so much. That's totally at odds with the Jeffersonian tradition.

On the other side of the coin are the liberal historians. Liberals always have Lincoln and FDR as their number one and number two presidents, because they were the most dictatorial of all our presidents. So, you have this odd mix of liberal and conservative academics, both of whom idolize Lincoln because they really do embrace big government.

Big government conservatives don't mind big government as long as people like themselves are in charge of it. They run the Bush administration, at the moment."

The Real DiLorenzo: A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview

The Real DiLorenzo: A ‘Southern Partisan' Interview:

"What do you think will happen?

It seems to me that the American public has been dumbed down so much by the government schools that they're just going to go along with this until it either bankrupts us all or we make enough enemies out there that September 11 will seem like child's play. You can't do this without making a lot of enemies in the world. That's my biggest fear — that we won't get rid of these Sons of Lincoln who run the Republican Party.

I agree with Clyde Wilson that America can't be saved or returned to its roots until the Republican Party is destroyed."

America’s Civilian National Anarchy Force

America’s Civilian National Anarchy Force:

"Once again, a gunshot got me to thinking—fuming really—about the steadily declining state of morality of the younger black generations in America today, and I’m wondering if it’s just my imagination that the bad behavior by young blacks running in packs has escalated since Obama took office.

Hang on a minute before you jump in and tell me not to “unfairly” single out young blacks, when people of all “makes and models” do bad things. Of course it’s true that bad behavior occurs among all people, but you would have to be blind not to see that in America, black crime is disproportionately high among young black people, especially males.

The murder statistics alone are a staggering example of this lopsided reality. When black people make up only thirteen percent of the U.S. population, yet they account for almost half of murder victims (the vast majority being black on black murders), then you know there’s something awry."

Cliff Kincaid -- Russian Television Host Closes Down Jefferson Memorial

Cliff Kincaid -- Russian Television Host Closes Down Jefferson Memorial:

"An employee of Moscow-funded Russia Today and a camera crew from the channel were part of an effort last Saturday that closed down the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. in the name of free speech. One can guess at the reaction by Moscow authorities if employees of the Voice of America had disrupted access to Lenin’s Tomb in Red Square.

The incident demonstrates that the Cold War is back, and that Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become increasingly aggressive in using a state-funded TV channel as a weapon of the information war. What is unique is Russia Today television’s brazen use of a disgruntled U.S. Marine veteran, Adam Kokesh, as a front man in this assault on America’s history and founding fathers. Caught on camera, Kokesh candidly admitted that he indeed is a Russian agent of influence and a member of the Moscow-funded “resistance” to the U.S. Government on American soil. A camera crew from Russia Today or “RT,” as it now likes to call itself, was there to record his anticipated confrontation with the police."

Holding the President Accountable on Libya by Ron Paul ~ "Obama Is a War Criminal Ron Paul on the assault on Libya."

"Obama Is a War Criminal
Ron Paul on the assault on Libya.

Holding the President Accountable on Libya by Ron Paul:

"Listen to Ron Paul.

Last week, more than 70 days after President Obama sent our military to attack Libya without a congressional declaration of war, the House of Representatives finally voted on two resolutions attempting to rein in the president.

This debate was long overdue, as polls show Americans increasingly are frustrated by congressional inaction. According to a CNN poll last week, 55 percent of the American people believe that Congress, not the president, should have the final authority to decide whether the U.S. should continue its military mission in Libya. Yet for more than 70 days Congress has ignored its constitutional obligations and allowed the president to usurp its authority.

Finally, Congressman Dennis Kucinich was able to bring to the floor a resolution asserting that proper constitutional war power authority resides with Congress. His resolution simply stated that 'Congress directs the President to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya by not later than the date that is 15 days after the date of the adoption of this concurrent resolution.'"
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The 18 Senators Who Approve Breaking The Internet To Protect Hollywood

"The 18 Senators Who Approve Breaking The Internet To Protect Hollywood
from the not-cool dept

Last fall, we noted that the Senate Judiciary Committee had unanimously voted to approve COICA, a bill for censoring the internet as a favor to the entertainment industry. Thankfully, Senator Ron Wyden stepped up and blocked COICA from progressing. This year, COICA has been replaced by the PROTECT IP Act, which fixes some of the problems of COICA, but introduces significant other problems as well. A wide cross section of people who actually understand technology and innovation have come out against PROTECT IP as written -- including librarians, human rights groups, public interest groups (pdf) and various technology groups (pdf), including CEA, CCIA and NetCoalition. Most significantly, a group of internet/DNS specialists have made a strong case that this would break the internet in significant ways:

Exceprt List follows"

Shirts -n- Signs for Us Embittered Clingers

Shirts -n- Signs for Us Embittered Clingers:

"Shirts -n- Signs for Us Embittered Clingers
Reaganite Republican ^ | June 7, 2011 | Reaganite Republican

Posted on Tuesday, June 07, 2011 4:03:58 AM by Reaganite Republican

More at Reaganite Republican"

Baltimore Police Issue 2nd Amendment Decal Warning

Baltimore Police Issue 2nd Amendment Decal Warning:

"Baltimore Police Issue 2nd Amendment Decal Warning
Monday, June 6th, 2011 at 9:20 AM
Tags: 2nd AmendmentAGCAssociated Gun Clubs of BaltimoreMaryland

Baltimore Police Issue 2nd Amendment Decal Warning
2nd Amendment Decal"