Monday, October 27, 2003


For: All Hands and the Ship's Cook.

We've added a short story regarding another old friend of mine, 1stLt Frank Mitchell, MOH. You'll find this by going to my web site at, clicking on, "Menu," "Writers and Stories," "Sully," and finally "Frank Mitchell." Frank's MOH Citation is included in the story, as well as one of the most unusual pictures that I've ever seen emerge from a combat situation. I've included a story about how the latter picture was preserved for all these years which may be worth your time to read.

I know you'll recall when about a week ago I provided an email address for Mike Tank that was erroneous. I've decided that this was all Mike's fault because his email address says "michaeltank@..." rather than "miketank@..." Obviously, it should have been "mike" all along. That's what happens when you suffer from delusions of grandeur. (VBSEG). Further, that will teach Mike that he can't just willy-nilly refer to "Old Guys" and escape scot free. But enough of Mike....until he writes his next poem. At that time I'll do my best not to mess up his email address.

Many of you wrote that you thought that flogging and keel-hauling might be too good for me, given the circumstances of my foul-up of Mike's address. And I do want to thank those of you who wrote offering to lend your slightly used cat-of-nine-tails. That was thoughtful of you. But the best of the bunch of totally ribald suggestions were these submissions:

From Buddha Doc:

LOL Sully I have a keel but no mast, so it be keel haul for you.

(Now, the foregoing is obviously deeply Freudian. Wonder what it means?)

From Ted Gittinger:

....I raised six children, and as a consequence have most implements of torture/punishment ready to hand.

grinning fiendishly

Anyone who thinks Ted is kidding doesn't know Ted.

And last, but far from being least, from Ron Cashman, my good friend from the "other side of the world," where 'roos and koalas thrive:

avast ye swab!!! mine bounced too!!!

Do ya think Ron was referring to his email to Mike, or his 'Roos? Him being a secretive type, we'll probably never know.

Enough for now.

"Keep Warm," " Maintain A Ten Pace Interval," and for cryin-out-loud, "Stay Off the !@#$%^&* Skyline," Semper Fidelis, Sully
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