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The Enemies Within | Veterans Today

The Enemies Within | Veterans Today:

The United States Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis issued a report last week suggesting that current political and economic conditions are energizing right-wing extremist groups, that many of these groups follow extremely conservative ideologies and that some may seek to recruit and “radicalize” veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

True, true and true.

But, conservatives reacted by throwing a knee-jerk hissy fit.

They twisted the report’s meaning to imply that they, and more importantly our war heroes, were being vilified by a partisan document.

Their argument seeks to suppress and subjugate two rather unfortunate facts: while only a tiny number of conservatives and veterans are members of hate groups, nearly all hate groups do indeed follow far-right ideology. And they covet members with military experience."

Wrangling over the War Powers Act

Wrangling over the War Powers Act:

"“President Obama is already in violation of the War Powers Act,” Senator Rand Paul (R-Ken) argued. “The civil war in Libya did not meet the Act’s criteria for allowing the President to take military action. It was not a national emergency nor did the President seek and obtain Congressional authorization as former President Bush did before deploying troops to Afghanistan and Iraq.”

“Even if it were determined that the Libyan situation did constitute a national emergency, the War Powers Act gives the President a limited 60 day window within which he must obtain Congressional approval to continue to use military force,” Paul added."

Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President

Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President:

"Jerome Corsi is a 'fringe figure' he's also a Phd from Harvard. The former political sciences major lays out, in brief, straight to the point paragraphs ALL the reasons Obama's eligibility is in doubt. The birth certificate is just one issue among many.

Dr. Jerome Corsi will soon release details of the key person who helped create Obama’s newly forged birth certificate. Dr. Corsi reports the key person is in the Media. Also, more explosive details revealed during today’s interview on Infowars Radio Show regarding Obama’s destroyed birth records in Kenya and more…

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."



"Again, in my opinion, I believe the D.I. was the most realistic and honest film yet made regarding the experience of Marine Corps recruit training. I expect I am in the minority here, judging by responses to this that I have received across the Internet, but that is my opinion--take it or leave it.

Jack Webb has been dead these many years, and Ermey has gone on to acclaim as an actor and personality. Ermey, having reached the rank of staff sergeant while on active duty, has now been officially appointed/promoted to the 'honorary' rank of gunnery sergeant by the Marine Corps, a title which he uses as a television personality, etc.

This serves to remind me that Benjamin Franklin was the recipient of one or more 'honorary' doctorates. Honorary doctorates are not 'earned' degrees, nor conferred on the basis of work done or academic achievements met, etc..

I have read, that Franklin thereafter went by... 'Doctor Franklin.' Some say he even insisted that members of Congress address him as such. Whether or not anyone ever took him seriously and complied, I don't know. Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors), and others, BTW, have also been promoted to honorary Marine Corps ranks, but of course, Nabors was best known anyway as a comic."

Herald Sun: Alex Jones Was Right About Schwarzenegger’s Megalomania

Herald Sun: Alex Jones Was Right About Schwarzenegger’s Megalomania:

"It wasn’t that long ago that the deluded voters of California so loved their Governor – a womanising, bodybuilding actor, perfect qualifications for West Coast leadership – that 65 per cent of them supported him, and a number of influential Americans were calling for the US Constitution to be hurriedly changed so that Arnie might make a run for the White House.

One of them was his poor wife Maria Shriver. Part of the Kennedy dynasty, she might have known politics, but she didn’t know her man. When some Silicon Valley bigwigs started spending money on the campaign to have her husband for President, Shriver agreed. “Absolutely” there should be an amendment to clear the way for Schwarzenegger to run."

Noam Chomsky: Osama bin Laden's Death: There Is More To Say

Noam Chomsky: Osama bin Laden's Death: There Is More To Say Information Clearing House: ICH:

"Robertson usefully reminds us that 'It was not always thus. When the time came to consider the fate of men much more steeped in wickedness than Osama bin Laden - namely the Nazi leadership - the British government wanted them hanged within six hours of capture.

President Truman demurred, citing the conclusion of Justice Robert Jackson that summary execution 'would not sit easily on the American conscience or be remembered by our children with pride ... the only course is to determine the innocence or guilt of the accused after a hearing as dispassionate as the times will permit and upon a record that will leave our reasons and motives clear'.'

The editors of the Daily Beast comment that 'The joy is understandable, but to many outsiders, unattractive. It endorses what looks increasingly like a cold-blooded assassination as the White House is now forced to admit that Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot twice in the head.'"

POLICE STATE: Tennesee Law Enforcement Stealing Money from innocent motorists

POLICE STATE: Tennesee Law Enforcement Stealing Money from innocent motorists:

"POLICE STATE: Tennesee Law Enforcement Stealing Money from innocent motorists
News Channel 5 ^ | May 18, 2011

Posted on Sunday, May 22, 2011 3:04:27 PM by EternalVigilance

Watch this report here."

Attorney: Tucson man killed by SWAT linked to home invasion case

Attorney: Tucson man killed by SWAT linked to home invasion case:

"The man shot and killed by Pima County SWAT officers was linked to a home-invasion crew, the attorney representing the officers said Thursday.

Michael Storie said authorities found rifles, hand guns, body armor and a portion of a law enforcement uniform inside the house where Jose Guerena was shot by officers serving a search warrant May 5.

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

We Are Exactly Who the Founders Were Trying to Protect Us From � ~ BLOGGER.1984.GUNNY.G ~ (BLOG & EMAIL)

"Their sole and emphatic purpose in imposing a system of checks and balances among the three branches of the federal government was to prevent the accumulation of power; and in imposing a system of federalism between the national and state governments to prevent the usurpation of authority rightfully belonging to the states or to the people.

The genius, then, was not only in proclaiming the natural rights of man, but also in acknowledging the need to protect those rights from man’s natural desire for power.

Man’s desire for power does not always come from those with evil or corrupt motives. It also arises in those who believe they are possessed of beneficent, even magnanimous intentions. There are two simple reasons, however, why our founders were not fooled by the promised good intentions of their fellow man: today’s seemingly good intentions become tomorrow’s despotism; and the price of accepting the good intentions of government is paid for with a loss in liberty and a surrender in self-reliance.

(Excerpt) Read more at …"

America's iconic Marxist historian

America's iconic Marxist historian:

"Like the proverbial frog in a cauldron of water, the distinction separating a warm bath and frog soup is only a difference of a few degrees.

Likewise, people are dumbstruck with how America's academy (i.e., colleges, universities, law schools and, to a degree, public schools) has gradually devolved since the 1860s from vaunted institutions of higher learning to breeding grounds for Marxist socialist groupthink and vast shantytowns of Social Darwinism, postmodernism, education atheism and anti-intellectual propaganda."

The World Today: Exposing the Lies of Mainstream Media

The World Today: Exposing the Lies of Mainstream Media:

"If you are visiting this site, it is because you have realized that things aren't 'adding up', that what world leaders and influential figures are telling us, as conveyed by mainstream media, does not accurately reflect the picture of the world today.

You have seen that the only way to find the 'truth' is to go to independent sources that aren't funded and manipulated by corporate and political interests."

Supreme Court judge [Kagan] suspected of deception during confirmation hearings

Supreme Court judge [Kagan] suspected of deception during confirmation hearings:

"During her confirmation, Kagan claimed she was not involved in the Department of Justice (DOJ) preparations for legal challenges to Obamacare.

Moreover, the Supreme Court justice did not recuse herself from the High Court decision in April 2011 when she and other Justices refused to “fast-track” the Supreme Court review of Virginia’s lawsuit challenging Obamacare.

The following are highlights from the documents obtained by Judicial Watch as a result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on February 24, 2011. (Judicial Watch’s lawsuit has been consolidated with a similar FOIA lawsuit that had been first filed against the DOJ by Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center. The lawsuits are now both before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia...)

According to a memo from former Deputy Solicitor General (and current Acting Solicitor General) to Brian Hauck, Senior Counsel to Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli, Kagan was involved in the strategy to defend Obamacare from the very beginning...

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Are We to Follow in the Footsteps of the Holocaust?| The Post & Email

Are We to Follow in the Footsteps of the Holocaust?| The Post & Email:

"We’re all aware of the similarities between how the Nazi Party took over Germany and how the Hope & Change Communist Party took over the United States.

The infiltration of the news media so only propaganda is reported is old news, and judges lowering themselves on the social ranking status to be on par with a used car salesmen is common knowledge..

The police, from merely being spectators on the sidelines, have been changed into a Gestapo-like force with unlimited powers and have expanded exponentially with every agency overlapping with every other agency: N.S.A., Big SIS, C.I.A., Secret Service, F.B.I., local law enforcement, all of your military police and investigative departments, state troopers, and on and on, ad finitum"...............

Is the US Driving the World Towards World War III: Osama’s Alleged Compound. How Many SEALs Died?

Is the US Driving the World Towards World War III: Osama’s Alleged Compound. How Many SEALs Died?:

"Other than on the Veterans Today and ICH Internet sites, I have not seen any mention of the Pakistani news story.

If the White House press corps is aware of the report, no one has asked President Obama or his press spokesperson about it.
Helen Thomas was the last American reporter sufficiently brave to ask such a question, and she was exterminated by the Israel Lobby.

In America we have reached the point where anyone who tells the truth is dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” and marginalized. Recently, a professor of nano-chemistry from the University of Copenhagen made a lecture tour of major Canadian universities explaining the research, conducted by himself and a team of physicists and engineers, that resulted in finding small particles of unreacted nano-thermite in dust samples from the wreckage of the World Trade Center towers in addition to other evidence that the professor and the research team regard as conclusive scientific proof that the towers were brought down by controlled demolition."

Obama To Stay In Royal Suite With Huge Portrait Of King George III

Obama To Stay In Royal Suite With Huge Portrait Of King George III: "The three principal rooms of the suite are furnished in a style that gives the visiting head of State an idea of how British Royalty lived in previous centuries. Yellow is the predominant colour in the main 18th Century Room, and among the Royal portraits are three-quarter-length paintings of King George III and Queen Charlotte, while works by Canaletto stand alongside one of Gainsborough’s most famous paintings, Diana And Actaeon.

President and Mrs Obama will sleep in the blue Orleans Bedroom, with two canopied beds and no fewer than three pictures of a previous Royal hostess, Queen Victoria."

Pre-1967 Borders for Israel? Why Our President is Dangerous

Pre-1967 Borders for Israel? Why Our President is Dangerous: "And here is the truly distressing news, my friends, I don’t think we can stop it.

Obama will win re-election no matter what we do. Why? Obama Will Use Race To Win in 2012

Because Obama is counting on the inherent racism, self pity and victim mentality of Black Americans and many Mexican Americans. I’m sorry if that statement offends people. But it is sadly true. Whites will vote down the middle as usual- debunking the myth of white racism- and Blacks will vote 96% for a Black Man. Mexican Americans will vote for all ‘free’ services, charity and hand outs they are promised rather than work for it legitimately. They will vote for free citizenship after they scurried over our borders like so many rats. These people have no pride in themselves or their heritage. They are grasping and lazy. Too bad for them and too bad for all of us. For they will become the same as us all when this new American Union comes to be: just shadows of a wonderful dream we used to all home."

How the Princess of San Francisco spent our money and Judicial Watched exposed her

How the Princess of San Francisco spent our money and Judicial Watched exposed her:

"How’s paying millions for former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s booze fueled flights working out for you? Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request for costs of her use of our USAF as her personal taxi, and the results of their investigation just boggle our minds and rape our pocketbooks!

“According to the documents, the Speaker’s military travel cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period–$101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol.”"

CMC Conway Says Marine Corps Becoming Second Land Army!

CMC Conway Says Marine Corps Becoming Second Land Army!


1 Votes

So, CMC Conway says the Marine Corps is becoming another land army, huh?

Funny he (CMC Conway, above) should mention that, I have been posting articles on precisely that topic for quite some time now. In any case, I am happy to see someone finally taking notice of this situation.
I suppose this first most seriously came up about the time of The Great War when the Marines went to France, in regimental strength, to fight beside the U.S. Army. And again later, during WW II when the Marine Corps expanded to 6 Marine Divisions.
“Beginning with the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the Marines had survived eleven serious proposals to disband

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News Link  •  PoliticsBREAKING: FBI Performs Damage Control for Big Pharma
05-20-11  •  Reality Report | The FBI is being called in to do damage control for Big Pharma, by carting out the Unabomber, and the media is happily complying. What you are about to learn will never be told on Network News.  
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News Link  •  New World OrderCertifiably Insane Bankster To Head IMF
05-20-2011  • & EconomicPolicyJournal.c 
What's she saying? Let's put it this way, if you buy that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a new result, then this is it. 
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News Link  •  World NewsRegime Change at the IMF: The Frame-Up of Dominique Strauss-Kahn?
05-20-2011  • 
The arrest of IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn has all the appearances of a frame-up ordered by powerful members of the financial establishment. 
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Opinion  •  IsraelRay McGovern: My Take
Obama, Tell Netanyahu – Don’t Mess With Flotilla to Gaza
Ray McGovern
   The U.S. boat, “The Audacity of Hope,” will depart for Gaza next month with 50 on board, including Ray McGovern, who wrote this open letter to President Barack Obama after watching his speech Thursday on the Middle East.
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News Link  •  Bill of RightsBoycott Indiana For Killing The 4th Amendment of the Bill Of Rights
05-21-2011  • 
In addition the Sheriff of Newton County, encompassing Crown Point, has declared that he will conduct warrantless random house-to-house searches if he believes they would be "helpful", relying on the Indiana Supreme Court decision as his... 
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Ask for Donna Hancock at Brangus Realty
News Link  •  Big BrotherGaga For Cashless: Retailers Gearing Up for Near Field Communications (NFC)
05-21-2011  • 
“This is the first time that customers can use their mobile to pay for goods and services in shops across the UK rather than using cards or cash. They’ll be able to do this, safe in the knowledge that this is a secure technology brought to them by... 
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News Link  •  Obama AdministrationBin Laden's Death Frames War On China's Energy & Logistical Needs In Pakistan
05-21-2011  • 
Obama’s Neoconistic objectives with China as its main target and competitor, and you have China competing for the same strategic area, Pakistan, to fulfill its energy needs and establish a strategic footprint in the Arabian Sea, and in the middle... 
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Give Us Liberty

Give Us Liberty: "Dedicated to the Obots: Actor Peter Fonda Encourages His Grandchildren To Take Up Arms Against The 'Traitor' Obama..."

Gunny G: Maybe We Need To Find Ourselves Our Own Alinsky Devil !!!!!!

 Gunny G: Maybe We Need To Find Ourselves Our Own Alinsky Devil !!!!!!

Everyone pulling in different directions, and the slavemasters know this full well and use it to their advantage to enslave us further.
Alinsky, on the other hand, teaches its devils to all pull together despite their many different specific complaints/goals to the overall advantage.
Maybe patriots?/conservatives?etc? just need to find ourselves an alinsky devil of our own and listen to him/her/it!!!!!

Just Plain Dick

Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!

Gunny G: BLOGGER 1984 +


Hey, See the Reader Responses on each article,
they are gems in themselves!

Gunny G: BLOGGER 1984 +



America's Student Loan Racket: Soaring Default Rates by Stephen Lendman

America's Student Loan Racket: Soaring Default Rates by Stephen Lendman: "An earlier article discussed 'Permanent Debt Bondage from America's Student Loan Racket.'

It explained government/corporate complicity to rip off students for profit, a racket continuing under Obama. His July 2010 Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act perpetuated the scam. It enriches providers, entrapping millions of students permanently in debt, because rising tuition and fee amounts plus interest, service charges, and late payment or collection agency penalties are too onerous to repay.

It's part of the grand scheme, of course, to transfer maximum public wealth to America's super-rich already with too much. Ongoing for over three decades, it accelerated under Obama, a corrupted Wall Street/war profiteer tool, destroying America for power and profit.

Millions of Students Permanently Entrapped in Debt

Many students, whether or not they graduate, have debt burdens approaching or exceeding $100,000. If repaid over 30 years, it's a $500,000 obligation, and if default, much more because debts aren't forgiven. As a result, once entrapped, escape is impossible. Bondage is permanent, and future lives and careers are impaired or ruined."

Israel and Obama’s Radical Past

Israel and Obama’s Radical Past:

"Does President Obama’s radical past tell us anything significant about his stance on Israel today?

Perhaps more important, do the radical alliances of Obama’s Chicago days raise a warning flag about what the president’s position on Israel may be in 2013, should he safely secure reelection?
Many will deny it, but I believe Obama’s radical history speaks volumes about the past, present, and likely future course of his policy on Israel.

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Postal Service – Illusion of American Justice | Veterans Today

Postal Service – Illusion of American Justice | Veterans Today:
"* Latest Posts:
* Postal Service - Illusion of American Justice
* Confessions of an Unrepentant Hood Rat
* The Osama Bin Laden Hoax Theory

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 | Posted by Eric L. Wattree
Postal Service – Illusion of American Justice

Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

Thousands of people have been following the story of Ms. JoAnn Snow’s pursuit of justice within the Los Angeles District of the United States Postal Service. This woman was literally being forced to work for free, as are many others within the postal. Then when clear evidence was revealed to document her abuse, the officials and governmental agencies mandated to protect her interest closed ranks to protect her abusers, and thereby, the agency’s very lucrative status quo.

Prior to deciding to stand up for her rights, Ms. snow was not only coerced into working twelve hours a day and more, but robbed of her compensation. Then when she decided not to take it anymore,"

New Video: To Progressives Disappointed with Obama – It’s Time to Act | Veterans Today

New Video: To Progressives Disappointed with Obama – It’s Time to Act | Veterans Today: "* We will not be silent as Congress and the president continue to squander billions of dollars on foreign wars, causing destruction and hatred overseas while failing to meet the needs of the vast majority of people in our country.

* We will not stand by as people lose their jobs and homes due to Wall Street schemes abetted by both major parties.

* We will not give the Obama administration a pass as it continues many of the same policies that sparked loud protests under the Bush White House.

* We will take action — independent of both party leaderships."

President Harding Sends the Marines to Attack Gettysburg – 1922 | Veterans Today

"The scourge of political correctness had not descended across the land when Warren Harding was president. But the shadow of death was upon Harding as he only had a year to live.

When the July Gettysburg anniversary was coming up for 1922, he sent the Marines on a march to Gettysburg. Why? Well, to do Pickett’s Charge, that’s why…and wait till you see the pictures below as to who all showed up.

I have never seen brass and bigwigs like this at any reenactment I ever filmed. President Harding even invited the old Confederate Veterans and their wives to the White Hou"

Republicans want Georgia to secede | Veterans Today

Republicans want Georgia to secede | Veterans Today:

"In essence, the resolution – available for review online on the
Georgia General Assembly’s Web site – lays out the circumstances under
which the Georgia Senate believes the state might be justified in
ignoring the U.S. Constitution and/or seceding from the Union.

It also contemplates the circumstances under which the United States
itself might be dissolved."

When will Obama crack in public?

When will Obama crack in public?:

"At a time when many Americans can barely afford Burger King and a movie, Obama boasts of spending a billion dollars on his re-election campaign.

Questioned at a recent appearance about the spiraling fuel costs, Obama said, 'Get used to it' – and with an insouciant grin and chortle, he told another person at the event, who complained about the effect high fuel prices were having on his family, to 'get a more fuel-efficient car.'

(Excerpt) Read more at ..."

Has The Media Finally Awakened?

Has The Media Finally Awakened?: "Veteran journalists (many now retired) are starting to speak out about what they are seeing with todays “journalists.”

“If you watch an Obama news conference, and watched a Bush news conference previous to that, where correspondents sit in their seats with their hands folded on their laps, [it's] as if they are in the room with a monarch and they have to wait to be recognized by the president,” says Sid Davis, the former NBC Washington bureau chief who covered nine presidents. “It looks like they are watching a funeral service at [Washington funeral firm] Joseph Gawler’s and it shouldn’t be that way.”"