Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Obama Must Be Criminally Prosecuted, Not Impeached| The Post & Email

Why Obama Must Be Criminally Prosecuted, Not Impeached| The Post & Email: "OBAMA’S INELIGIBILITY RENDERS HIS OATH OF OFFICE A CRIMINAL ACT
by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Why has Obama not addressed the multiple charges of treason which have been brought against him? Why won't the U.S. attorneys?

(Jul. 17, 2011) — A perjured oath is no oath at all.

Persons not eligible to take an oath of office, knowing they are disqualified from legally holding that office, are called infiltrators, or traitors.

Persons who knowingly take an oath, when at the time swearing that oath knowing they never intend to obey their oath, find no comfort or protection from the oath once discovered as infiltrators, or traitors.

Even those who lawfully and in good faith take an oath, who later turn against that oath, then forfeit any protections they may have otherwise enjoyed under their oath.

No one–I SAY AGAIN, NO ONE–is immunized from being held to a criminal consequence having been found guilty in TREASON against the United States of America."

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  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Who has the power to issue the warrant?


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