Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gunny G: We The Sheeple and Congressman Ron Paul

Gunny G: We The Sheeple and Congressman Ron Paul

Since 1776 and The Declaration of Independence, we have gone from being subjects of the King to, appearances aside, actually electing our own kings and willingly serving them well. And not only serving the king, but also the sub-kings in congress and at every level of the ever-growing federal government, and right on down to the lowest local level of government.

This is self-imposed tyranny, we have surrendered our
individual sovereignty to a fictional entity--The State--that permeates every aspect of our daily lives and affairs, and it's getting worse all the time.

Is it too late to come to our senses--should we really choose to do so--and again break the bonds of oppression? How much further can they go? Can we still Take Back America?
No man knows.

Has the time yet come when we, as did those first real Americans in 1776, have it up to here, declaring, again, our independence?
Can we do it in 2008?

Many say yes to the above question, albeit desperate and confused as to how, specifically, to do so. At the same time many more are quite content with a new king every 4-8 years. In fact, they will fight you at every turn at any hint or suggestion that might deprive them of the status quo.

Even if sufficient numbers of us are finally waking up to reality and wish to free ourselves from our self-imposed chains--who will serve as our leader? Who among the legions of potential kings can we turn to, really?
Short answer: None of them!

No, none of them are capable and worthy to lead us. Nor is there any "lesser of evils"--this we should all well know by now.

But there is one among us unlike the others, one who marches to a different drummer, separate, one who knows and thinks for himself. And that one man can be our pivot point.

Again, One, just the one--Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul of Texas.
We can make a change in Election 2008, if we so choose.

Don't take my word for this, nor the word of any other. Find out for yourself, think, and decide.

Best to you,
R. W. Gaines
Click Above For RP Info!

Ron Paul On The Issues

Ron Paul Archives/File

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The True Frontrunner!

Congressman Ron Paul Targeted For 'Destruction' By US War Leaders
(Here is one, above, that first caught my eye back a few months ago--I was surprised to see that not only were Americans beginning to be attracted to and learn of Ron Paul, but also those in other countries as well--perhaps even our enemies.)
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