Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trump on Gadhafi death:'Big deal. What do we get out of it?'

Trump on Gadhafi death:'Big deal. What do we get out of it?':

Moammar Gadhafi’s death is not enough for Donald Trump, who says the United States did not get enough for the kill.

On his YouTube page on Thursday, the one-time prospective Republican presidential candidate said, “So the reports are that we caught Gadhafi. Big deal. What do we get out of it? They have the oil. The rebels would have given us everything if we had some leader that knew how to negotiate. The rebels were being routed four months ago — absolutely routed by Gadhafi and his men.”

Trump went on to lament the outcome as a missed opportunity and doubted that the so-called Libyan rebels would give the United States any of the oil for our assistance in unseating the long-time Libyan dictator.

“If we would have said, ‘We want 50 percent of the oil,’ they would have said, ‘Absolutely, you have a deal. Help us, help us. Please, you have a deal,’” Trump said. “What do we get? We get nothing.”

Trump went on to suggest that if President Barack Obama had backed the Iranian protesters in 2009 the same way he has backed the Occupy Wall Street movement, Iran would be in different hands now.

“Instead, he abandoned those people and you know what the result is,” Trump said. “Iran has only gotten stronger. The man doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

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