Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don't Know Much About History (Republicans and Black Americans - a better story than you've heard)

Don't Know Much About History (Republicans and Black Americans - a better story than you've heard): OK, I get it. White conservatives and Republicans (not entirely coterminous categories) aren't really sore with O'Barnum for ballooning the national debt by $4 trillion and making national bankruptcy a real possibility, or for nationalizing one-sixth of the economy through Obamacare and generally trying to push as much as possible from the private to the public sector. It's not about setting federal agencies on a jobs-killing regulation binge, or for traveling the world apologizing for America's alleged sins and bowing before tyrants. It's not his rejection of American exceptionalism and total ignorance of the importance to world stability of a militarily strong America either.

No, no. These items are just trifles. What conservatives are really sore with our community-organizer-in-chief about is that he's not Caucasian. And isn't that just like those racist Republicans?

[Frantz] Kebreau, whose parents immigrated to America from Haiti, is having none of this. Since 2009 he's been on the news, talk shows, and speaking circuit making the point that, though few Americans know it, the record of the Republican Party for a century and a half has not only been more supportive of Black Americans than that of the Democratic Party has, but much more so.

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