Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Days Before His Death, JFK Asked CIA About UFOs

Days Before His Death, JFK Asked CIA About UFOs:
.... that he thought it wise to cooperate with the government of the Soviet Union on mutual outer space endeavors.
It is in this context, that of U.S.-Soviet relations, that Lester believes JFK’s interest was piqued.

"One of his concerns was that a lot of these UFOs were being seen over the Soviet Union and he was very concerned that the Soviets might misinterpret these UFOs as U.S. aggression, believing that it was some of our technology," Mr Lester told AOL News.

"I think this is one of the reasons why he wanted to get his hands on this information and get it away from the jurisdiction of NASA so he could say to the Soviets, “Look, that's not us, we're not doing it, we're not being provocative.'"

Despite such a plausible explanation of the president’s interest in outer space, the information revealed by the CIA in these memos has renewed interest in the so called "burned memo" that was allegedly leaked to a UFO hunter in 1999 by a CIA agent.....

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