Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Obama's stolen teleprompter recovered, national silence averted

Obama's stolen teleprompter recovered, national silence averted:

First, the bad news: They recovered President Obama's teleprompter.

So, anybody going to his speeches on the current Darth Vader armored bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia is still going to get the full 22-minute monty about how he's there to listen.

The Real Good Talker's top speech aide was in a truck stolen from a Richmond hotel parking lot early Monday morning and recovered in another hotel parking lot about 12 hours later.

The truck, actually belonging to the Defense Department that handles presidential communications, contained the "Now Say This" machine as well as nearly a quarter-million dollars in communications gear and the all-important presidential seal.

Anybody who's ever attended a presidential speech has noticed the seal. It's a big perk of the job. A guy with a large gun under his suit coat walks out onto the stage just before POTUS is introduced and places the seal on the front of the podium.

That way we all know for sure who is going on and on about people in Washington not listening when he isn't in Washington listening either.

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