Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is Herman Cain the Next Ronald Reagan?

Is Herman Cain the Next Ronald Reagan?:

Cain possesses the Reaganesque ability to “turn a phrase,” causing people to stop and think. Cain’s “9 - 9 - 9” economic plan, for example, has captured the attention of friend and foe alike. It is the economic piece de resistance plan on the campaign trail. Mitt Romney’s proposal may be more intellectually crafted, but the street-smart Cain captures the public’s attention with “9- 9 - 9.”

Americans have always liked Horatio Alger rags to riches stories as embodied by Abraham Lincoln’s rise from a log cabin to the White House.

Cain, like Reagan, offers such a story. He does not just talk the lingo of conservative economics, which Republicans dearly love, but he has lived it, working his way up by the proverbial boot-straps from an impoverished childhood to significant leadership positions in corporate America.

Reagan, of course, came from a poor family in rural, downstate Illinois, graduating from the little-known Eureka College, and then rising to Hollywood stardom and the California governorship.

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