Thursday, September 22, 2011

Could It Be Happening?� Are the Negative Signs Building to a Crescendo?

Could It Be Happening?� Are the Negative Signs Building to a Crescendo?:

On Tuesday, September 20, 2011, Dick Morris, a well known political commentator on TV, press and Internet threw a small bomb on to the world stage of political punditry with the heading “Obama Might Pull Out”.

It caught my eye because it was what I had been wondering what Obama would do since the unflattering poll numbers he has been garnering must surely be wounding his narcissism to the point of distraction. A man with an ego like his is bound to break and run from any diversity that he can’t control. His intelligence is obviously not in line with his egocentricities and he has to be suffering from great wounds to his pride.

Over this past weekend, I, for the first time ever, agreed with James Carville when he advised Obama to ‘PANIC’ but I agreed even more with another pundit who altered Carville’s statement with the word ‘RESIGN’ replacing the word ‘PANIC’....................

Obama has to be trembling over the possibility of facing a tribunal that would finally address and get to the bottom of his illegal position of being Constitutionally unqualified to sit in the office of President of the United States. His every move or action is a violation of our laws and rules due to his ‘non-natural born status’ that he still refuses to furnish “original” certified documentation of proof.

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