Thursday, September 22, 2011

Obama Committed To America's Decline

Obama Committed To America's Decline:

No matter what the polls say, no matter how many elections fellow Democrats lose, no matter what his opposition says, or his allies for that matter, President Obama is committed to America's decline.

From his recycled speeches on jobs, to failed and suspect green energy policies, the man is committed to his ideology.

The schizophrenic once stated that the voices in his head told him he was sane and everyone else in the world is crazy. Obama is not schizophrenic, but he has the same delusional beliefs. America needs to be the next banana republic. He is convinced of his beliefs being right in spite of opposition to them. He feels that he can live like king, act like a prince, golf anytime he wants, and enjoy the most luxurious things in life, all while making sure the rest of us are treated differently. Rich or poor, upper, middle or lower class, we are all the bourgeois and proletariat to Obama.

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