Thursday, September 22, 2011

America is Being Attacked From Within| The Post & Email

America is Being Attacked From Within| The Post & Email:


September 22, 2011

Why will the media not discuss Obama's questionable eligibility for the presidency?

Dear Editor,

I do not understand how many news people and politicians in this country can claim that Obama is not disqualified to be President of the USA. It is so patently obvious that he has never been a Natural-Born American.

There are several famous personalities that are speaking out against Obama’s fraud: the star of Texas Rangers Chuck Norris, himself an honorary Texas Ranger; Gospel singer Pat Boone; and Victoria Johnson of Saturday Night live fame.

Then there are the Hollywood stars such as Jane Fonda and Sean Penn on the other side of the issue. Ironically, Fonda’s brother Peter is not on Jane’s side................

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