Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Obama the Marxist “underdog”

Obama the Marxist “underdog”:

Were it not that unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is busy strategizing Flotilla attacks on Israel, President Barry Soetoro would have pressed him into service to ghostwrite the autobiography, Obama the Underdog.

“I don’t mind, I am used to being an underdog,” Obama said in an interview with Yahoo and ABC News.

Ludicrous to think of the charmed life-Obama as an underdog.

A childhood under the protection of doting grandparents; an education allegedly paid for from the deep pockets of a wealthy Saudi; unearned appointments to top posts made possible by friends and supporters in high places. That’s a strange path for someone now laying claim to “underdog” status.

Make that an “underdog” who gets to plot the downfall of a nation, that gave him the best life earth has to offer, from the comfort of many holidays in luxury lavished- places.

Digging down to the bottom of his Marxist bag of tricks, Soetoro-Obama dug up a 26-year-old quote on raising taxes on millionaires by conservative icon former president Ronald Reagan to rebut Republican claims his tax hikes for the rich smacked of class warfare. ()

Almost everything Obama says out on the campaign trail boomerangs back to hypocrisy.................

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