Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Controlling the Economy Marxist-Leninist style

Controlling the Economy Marxist-Leninist style:

At a Cincinnati, Ohio, concrete plant – the same one used by President Obama to promote his economic plan last month – jobs are in jeopardy by new federal regulations proposed by the Obama Administration. The vice president of the plant, Brad Slabaugh, spoke out. The VP of Hilltop Basic Resources, traveled to Washington, DC, to share his story with lawmakers.

“This is the side of the story the President didn’t tell when he traveled to our community last month,” said Speaker Boehner, “And I commend Brad for traveling to the Capitol to share it. It’s about jobs – jobs in the Tri-State area, and jobs across this country.”

The Republican Plan for America’s Job Creators focuses on removing government barriers to private-sector job growth like the “cement MACT” rule. “Everyone agrees some government regulations are needed; it’s part of the federal government’s constitutional mandate,” said Speaker Boehner. “But some federal regulations, like this one, do more harm than good, and they’re making it very difficult for small businesses in our economy to add jobs and expand.”...............

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