Tuesday, August 30, 2011

US White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to "Minimize References to Al Qaeda"

US White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to "Minimize References to Al Qaeda":

The leftist/Islamic machine is in full throttle now, with the White House strong-arming officials to omit who and why we were attacked. The White House has issued guidelines detailing what the White House has deemed the important themes that must be discussed, as well as the tone the 9/11 observances should take.

the document states that officials should “minimize references to Al Qaeda.” Within the text, Osama bin Laden’s death is the reason given for this request. In what could be interpreted as somewhat of a political call to arms, the guidelines tell officials to place emphasis on the fact that “Al Qaeda and its adherents have become increasingly irrelevant.”

If this is not surrrender, what is?

There will be a real memorial and remembrance at Ground Zero on September 11th. All Americans who love freedom should stand with us on hallowed ground on the tenth anniversary of that horrible day. 911Rally No to Stealth

Honor our war dead in the afternoon of September 11th at West Broadway and Park Place at our 911 Freedom Rally. Stand for freedom and against the deception and lies being used to subdue us.

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