Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Surrogate Smack-Down by Brian Wilson ~ "Rush Limbaugh Sets His Attack Dogs on Ron Paul" l Brian Wilson on El Limbo's "guest hosts."

Surrogate Smack-Down by Brian Wilson:

You just want me to say something bad about Ron Paul, don’t you? Well alright – well, let me just say:

Ron Paul…he can’t win…he can’t get elected…he’ll never get the nomination. Ron Paul means 4 more years of Obama. Ron Paul is the wacky uncle who shows up at the family picnic and everyone tries to ignore. I mean, I love the guy’s passion for the Constitution but his wacky foreign policy ideas, wanting Iran to have nukes! Well, that’s just insane.

Tell ya what – he should just drop out of the race and when whichever true GOP candidate wins the White House appoint Ron Paul to head the Fed! Then he can audit the Fed all he wants! That’s it! Or make him Secretary of the Treasury!

Yeah. That’s the ticket!

Lew Rockwell himself will tell you: I am an unabashed, unrepentant, unexpurgated, unadulterated, unJabberwocked supporter of Ron Paul and the Doctor’s prescription for what ails America. Mega-Dittos: the US Constitution. (Granted, it has its flaws – but it’s the Rule Book we have for now unless/until something better – or worse! – comes along).

Against this background, I was more appalled than amazed how 2 of the 3 Marks made this special effort to debase, ridicule and marginalize the Ron Paul candidacy........................

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