Saturday, October 08, 2011

Obama is Top COP (Community Organizer President) ~ - Judi McLeod

Obama is Top COP (Community Organizer President)

- Judi McLeod  Saturday, October 8, 2011
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Society owes the fast growing OWS (Occupy Wall Street) mob far more than the myriad issues they demand in protest from soiled mattresses on the ground.  In the vortex where millions are trying to pin down who Barack Obama really is, OWS is coming through with the answer loud and clear.

Obama is TOP COP (Community Organizer President).

Barry Soetoro is not only not in any sense that counts the president, he is in fact,  Community Organizer Numero Uno who made it to the Oval Office under false identity and false pretenses.  Obama sees his job not to lead the most powerful country on Earth, but to continue on with what he was born to do best:  uninterrupted community organizing.
For even the many who disdain their dirty tactics OWS is owed forever.

The truth is that.....


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