Saturday, October 08, 2011

Games Media Play: Barry Soetoro's Favorite Football Team

Games Media Play: Barry Soetoro's Favorite Football Team:

MSM Obamaball Starting Line-Up


Left Tackle: New York Times Right Tackle: Washington Post Left Guard: Media Matters for America Right Guard: ABC Center: Center for American Progress Fullback: MSNBC Halfback: Newsweek Wide Receiver: San Francisco Chronicle Wide Receiver: CBS Tight End: Keith Olbermann Quarterback: George Soros


Left Defensive Tackle: Los Angeles Times Right Defensive Tackle: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Left Defensive End: NBC Right Defensive End: Houston Chronicle Middle Linebacker: Lawrence O’Donnell Left Linebacker: New York Daily News Right Linebacker: CNN Left Cornerback: Boston Globe Right Cornerback: Time Strong Safety: Al Gore/CurrentTV Free Safety: NPR

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