Saturday, October 08, 2011

Congressman to Holder: We're not interested in 'Kumbayah,' drop your 'rhetoric,' resign immediately

Congressman to Holder: We're not interested in 'Kumbayah,' drop your 'rhetoric,' resign immediately:

Rep. Paul Gosar jabbed back at Attorney General Eric Holder after he swiped at him and other congressional Operation Fast and Furious investigators in a late Friday letter. Gosar also added his name to the short but growing list of those in Congress calling for the attorney general’s immediate resignation.

“It [Holder’s letter] is rhetoric. I think it’s funny that that’s the heat we take now when we’re in the focus of hearings and the focus of calls for his resignation,” Gosar told The Daily Caller.

“[He says] ‘ooh, we want to sing Kumbayah and bring everybody together so that we can diffuse that.’ It’s also interesting that he and leadership in the Justice Department didn’t really exercise that in Arizona by reaching out and really trying to work on issues – they just continue to dictate accordingly.”

“We’ve seen this over and over again – accused of political posturing that the administration is really guilty of,” Gosar added. “It’s false rhetoric.”

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