Saturday, October 08, 2011

My Time Has Come| The Post & Email

My Time Has Come| The Post & Email:

For a country to endure, there are three requirements that must be fulfilled: common language, common purpose, and common laws. The U.S.A. is being destroyed from within because we hand out citizenship to those who don’t speak English; we welcome Socialists and Communists, and we have allowed millions of Muslims within our borders, a known group of people who have no desires, plans, nor inclinations to ever discard Sharia Law for our Constitution.

It goes without saying that Obama is not eligible to hold the office of President. That Obama is a felon is without question, and those who disagree need to define the word “crazy”: when the brain refuses to accept facts, such as Obama’s bogus Social Security number.

Just as disturbing is where the other candidates for president in 2012 want America’s future to look like. No mention of deporting illegal immigrants and Muslims, or not renewing the charter of the Federal Reserve Bank............

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