Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Giving one's self a haircut (vanity)

Giving one's self a haircut (vanity):

Hello FRiends. Lately I've noticed that whenever I have a question about something, my first impulse is to look it up on FR. Anyway, that explains this vanity.

Do any FReepers (guys) have experience giving themselves a haircut? My hair grows faster'n a weed and I don't care to waste time and money constantly running to the barber. Plus my hair is thick, coarse, and wavy, so once it gets even moderately long I end up looking either like the 'Hall' in Hall and Oates, or else a 1950's greaser. Not pretty.

I have an electric clipper with a few attachments. I'm not shooting for anything spectacular, just looking for tips on how to get the back, avoid gouging clumps out, etc.

Thanks in advance...........................

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