Friday, June 10, 2011

WTF(wjd)? by Michael Roberts

WTF(wjd)? by Michael Roberts: "Notwithstanding the facts, known and unknown, the word on the street is the Captain – presumed by many accounts to be the angry conservative Christian redneck type – booted the two men off the plane for no better reason than his personal contempt of the peculiar way they were dressed, which clearly identified them as Muslims and hence a de facto terrorist threat. Other versions indicate that it was not the Captain, but some of the passengers who were uncomfortable flying with the two men on board. The Captain supposedly felt that the mass consternation resulting from the clerics’ disruptive presence constituted a legitimate breach of safety sufficient to have them removed to calm the turbulent atmosphere in the cabin.

I say without hesitation that if such rumors prove true, it would indeed be a classic example of your standard, garden variety ignorant discrimination. If it is as it appears in the public eye, the Captain at the very least exhibited a foolish, costly, and hurtful lapse of judgment."

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