Saturday, October 22, 2011

Obama Fancies New Role as Terminator of Bad Eggs

Obama Fancies New Role as Terminator of Bad Eggs: Surprisingly, Obama failed to mention that the policies and technology which bagged bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki were ‘inherited’ from W.

He did, however, crow with pride that ridding the world of another terrorist was a significant victory for progressive values; albeit, blemished, ever so slightly, by the on-going ‘Fast and Furious Scandal’ in which he may be complicit in the death of a US border patrol agent.

Obama’s winning streak continued on Thursday when Muammar Qaddafi was sent to Allah in a bloody state of disrepair and certainly in no shape to take on 72 virgins!

After several hours of coaxing by the mainstream media and members of his administration, Obama finally shed his cloak of modesty in order to claim credit for the Qaddafi death.

So, what’s next for America’s Nobel Peace Prize winner turned Terminator?

White House insiders, speaking on strict conditions of anonymity, revealed that the President is looking for a run of good news that does NOT involve a bloody corpse!

Good luck with THAT, BHO!

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