Saturday, October 22, 2011

Anyone Notice (More Perverted TV) (Rant)

Anyone Notice (More Perverted TV) (Rant): Wasn't sure exactly Where this post belonged so I hope I'm in the right place!?

The other night I turned on the tv and was greeted with an up close shot of a couple kissing. As the camera panned outward, the scene was of two 'guys' sitting on a couch with their arms around each other .. going at it like two boars in heat!

The show is a regular which I've never seen and which I Will Never See again. The show is/was "The Good Wife".

Tonight, I turn to FX (Fox) a few minutes before the movie "District Nine" comes on and what I first thought was a young lady, wearing too much eye-shadow giving an interview, turns out to be a 'Dude', wearing too much eye-shadow giving an interview!

What was so out of place was that FX is a 'regular' station and this 'Dude' was saying things like .. "I like to Fuc* more than one guy at a time.

Or I don't really like more than one F-ing me at a time!

Fuc* this and Fuc* that!

Am I the only LUCKY one to be seeing more and more of this perverted CR@P on 'regular' channels now!?


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