Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Right to Liberty and the Obligation Incurred| The Post & Email

The Right to Liberty and the Obligation Incurred| The Post & Email:

Rights are conferred, not by man, but by God. Our Founders and Framers recognized that in our Declaration of Independence. What our Founders understood (in the social milieu of the 18th century) was the relationship of rights and obligations. A person, tribe, state or nation cannot have or recognize and exalt the former without the existence of the latter. For every gift from God comes an attendant obligation.

In this instance, we look at the right to Liberty, the second right enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. By endowing us with the right to Liberty, God laid the obligation to honor and support that self-same right in every other person. To constrain our activities when they would impinge on another person’s Liberty, and to support the struggle for Liberty (cf. Thomas Jefferson’s quote on the tree of Liberty).

A nation, state, tribe or any other definition of a group of individuals cannot legislate a right, only recognize a right conferred by God. And the test to see if something is a right is to validate that it is applicable to all and that there is an attendant obligation that likewise is applicable to all. Not an advantage to a special group or subset of the whole, but to all........................................................


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