Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama Selects Psalm at Ground Zero Enabling Him to Proclaim ‘I am God’

Obama Selects Psalm at Ground Zero Enabling Him to Proclaim ‘I am God’:

People should remember forever yesterday’s 10th anniversary of 9/11. The tenth anniversary was the first one that saw banned from Ground Zero, clerics and first responders; authorities who controlled the event ordered all speakers to refrain from the use of the name “al Qaeda”.

Without Aaron I. Reichel Esq., a member of the Federal and State Bars in New York and New Jersey, author of Fahrenheit 9-12—rebuttal to Fahrenheit 9/11, and CFP columnist who was watching the anniversary events on television, we may have never known that yesterday was the day when President Barack Obama seized the opportunity through the reading of Psalm 46 to proclaim, as many as his followers seem to believe, “I am God”.

These are the immortal words of Psalm 46 that Obama used to project on the world screen that he is God:.........................


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