Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11, the Damage of the Aftermath and the Brightness Ahead by Anthony Wile

9/11, the Damage of the Aftermath and the Brightness Ahead by Anthony Wile:

The FBI has given up trying to explain where phone calls from the planes came from as cell phones were not capable of making calls from fast-moving planes and the planes had no in-flight phones, either. The calls to loved ones from doomed passengers then remain a mystery. The plane that went down in Pennsylvania scattered supposed remains over many miles, even though in a normal crash scene, much of the plane's remains would be located in one place. The Pentagon attack remains questionable as well, with the FBI still withholding, some 10 years later, scores of videos that it confiscated from the area's security cameras and merchants.

There are literally hundreds of anomalous issues regarding the 9/11 narrative; they can be found on the Internet and many of them raise good questions. As we have pointed out many times in the past, it is not the task of citizens who have questions about 9/11 to come up with answers. It is likely impossible for an individual to reconstruct what went on without resources, both legal and monetary.

Some sort of new commission, private or public, should be established to summarize the evidence and create conclusions commensurate with the facts..........................


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