Monday, September 12, 2011

How does Obama's document stack up against genuine BC?

How does Obama's document stack up against genuine BC?:

A professional typographer with 50 years experience in the business has confirmed that the typeface in an authentic Hawaii Department of Health long-form birth certificate issued in 1961 is consistent, and concludes the document released by the White House as Barack Obama's 1961 birth certificate – with its typeface anomalies – is anything but genuine.

For the analysis to be conclusive, however, Irey wanted to see a known-to-be-authentic birth certificate issued by the Hawaii Department of Health from the Obama era to see if the typeface on this comparison birth certificate was consistent in size and shape – a result Irey felt would demonstrate that an authentic Hawaii Department of Health document was typed by the same typewriter.

A comparison birth certificate appears

The breakthrough making comparative analysis possible came only after a WND reader born in Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii within about two weeks of Barack Obama's birth voluntarily submitted to WND her own known-to-be-authentic birth certificate for analysis.

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