Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama – The Most Happy Fella| The Post & Email

Obama – The Most Happy Fella| The Post & Email

And what have our most seasoned commentators and political writers said about all this?

“Obama doesn’t get it….”

“Obama is na�ve…”

“Obama is making mistakes…”

“Obama is following a failed Keynesian philosophy….”

Earth to the tiresome echo chamber – both left and right – that has officially abandoned any semblance of objective, probing, and illuminating journalism:

Obama gets it! Obama is not naive. Obama is following an economic philosophy explicitly designed to bankrupt our country and relegate it to banana-republic status.

Those new expressions you see on his face – the faux pout, the pretend seriousness – are just that, faux and pretend.

Except, that is, when he simply can’t contain his glee, as when he recently walked through hurricane-ravaged Paterson, NJ, with a somber Governor Chris Christie, and beamed with a smile more appropriate for a lottery win than the sight of a submerged, destroyed community with its utterly hopeless populace.............................


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